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Zetsu and Viv would be greeted by the sight of an unconscious, red robed man laid out on a stone slab. His hair could belong to either Jun or Junto, and, without the mask Jun wore, or the accessories Junto tended to carry, it really could be either of them. In the corner of the room was a katana, leaned against the wall.
Zetsubo stopped long enough for the wound to be healed before continuing on. Upon getting to the room, he would look at the Red-clad man and scratch his head. "Is this the guy we're supposed to save?" He would walk around the slab a couple times.
Junto's world flickered again, this time fading to black. His room had been entered. He dropped Jun and smiled. "Whatever it is, I think I've got more than enough to work with copied back to myself, Planeswalker." Jun would find himself feeling chained to the ground that was no longer there as the whole image faded and Junto simply stepped out of sight.

With this, Junto began to wake up, barely able to open his eyes before he shot straight up on the slab to look at the intruders. He got a nice idea, though and fought to keep a grin from crossing his face. "Thank God you're here. Are you with the Order?"
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Vivian's head was spinning. Ugh. That last bit of healing had really taken it out of her more than what she thought it would. Colors swirled around Zetsu like a rainbow. She blinked her eyes. Great. Now she was hallucinating. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Whatever happened to the plans of falling in love with a rich and powerful vampire and being his queen?

As they approached the being on the table she closed her eyes tightly then opened them again. Ew. There was so much muck around him, muddy looking reds and cloudy blacks.

"I'm just working for them," she muttered as she shook her head, feeling sick. "But... are you feeling well?"
"I'm uh... I'm feeling a little odd. I've been hooked in to thins thing for too long..." He lifted his legs over the edge of the slab and stretched. "I'm not sure what happened, but suddenly it was over..."

All he needed to do was keep up the charade long enough to remember...
Zetsubo looked about. "Somewhat... I'm here on a rescue mission." His eyes glanced at the Katana, then back at the man. Course that was not something that told Zetsubo that the man was evil. He raised his eye for a moment, glancing at Vivian then dropping then raising them once more. Vivian did not look well. "Hm..." He dropped his eye back to the red-clad man.
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Vivian's eyes narrowed on him for a second, trying to dispel the nastiness around him and only becoming sicker for it. There was something... off about this fellow.

She looked over at Zetsubo and moved closer to the man known as Jun. Her sickness got worse and she pulled away.

"No," she said shaking her head desperately. "This is wrong. This seems way too easy."
"What do you mean?" He asked the witch, a nervous look crossing his face in an attempt to disguise his intentions. In a flash he was off of the slab, his katana in his hands. "Now both of you listen," he spoke, calmly unsheathing the blade, "I'm going to get out of here. You can either let me out, or I can cut you down." He was running out of options, if he couldn't remember in the next few seconds, he was probably screwed.
Zetsubo lifted the pair of tonfa's, watching Junto. "Huh... It doesn't really matter if I stop you or not, but there is one certainty, the order outside will." Zetsubo said as he stepped up onto the stone slab. The recoil had been let out of his rods already, and he hadn't stopped to reload, so he was almost out of options as well. "My mission is for the captive, so where is he?" Zetsubo crouched low, his eyes never leaving Junto.
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Vivian gave a weak smile and laughed. Ah, of course. This man showed his true colors just from a mere suggestion on her behalf. How weak minded.

The witch took up a defensive position and began to flare up with power. She may have been close to being tapped out but she still had some fight in her.

"I can take down this guy," she said in a chipper tone. "You go find Jun, alright? I'll be following you shortly."
He had an inkling. He was pretty sure he had a handle on what he was looking for now. He glared at the unidentifiable, and surely unclean thing that asked where Jun was and snorted, "He is, as ever, my opposite. You'll find him across the main room." The words brought his crooked smirk back to his face.

Without a word, a tear opened next to him, the air splitting with a slight ripping noise. It wasn't much, but it would do. "Nor do I need to. Not now." Junto stepped into the gap in space time, appearing almost instantly behind Viv and slashing at her with his unsheathed katana. He was out of practice, and the attack came slower than it would from Jun, but he was regaining the hang of using a dimension door. His range seemed limited, though, which disappointed him only slightly. He'd have time to work on it later.
Zetsubo was at a decidedly indecisive. On the one hand, he couldn't just leave Vivian, even if she could handle herself. But on the other, the mission came first. He had to save Jun. He sat there and watched him dimension door behind Vivian. He was no match for someone like that. He'd have to come back after he saved Jun. He'd flip clean over Vivian and Junto before responding. "Are you sure you can handle this?"
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Vivian just barely managed to dodge the blade. A bead of sweat rolled down her cheek. A interesting light was in her eyes. Her first real battle. Yes, she had sparred with War before and gone against Reggie and Amo once or twice, but this was something that was completely different.

"I'll be fine."

She said as she slipped into the Ethereal. It seemed that she was sharper than before. The adrenaline was speeding through her now and she felt invincible.

Stepping out of the veil briefly she fired of a column of fire at Junto, hoping to cause damage.
Not quite nimble enough, yet, his robes caught fire, along with small patches of his skin. He patted the robes off, saving the wounds for later and lashing out at the witch with his blade in the close space of the altar room.

"You were already too late. I have what I needed from him," he said, gritting his teeth. Whoever this woman was, it was clear enough to him that she may not be sure why she was there. "You could leave, right now!"
Zetsubo nodded, "Alright, if you say so." Then headed out for the opposite room. He didn't know why he trusted what Junto said, just that he did. So from that room in the octagonal room, he would head straight. For people coming into the temple that would be immediate left.

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