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The Temple of the Transference

Nestled in the mountains North of Durem, the Iron Dawn has unearthed an ancient temple, once used to transfer the souls of dying priests into the young men trained to replace them. There are around 30 Iron Dawn personnel on site participating in the dig and reactivation of the relics found within the temple grounds.

There is no road leading to the temple, and any paths there may have been have been swallowed by nature. The Iron Dawn has been using the Righteous Intent, a large, armored zeppelin, to move people and supplies to the dig site. They’ve established guard towers around the perimeter of the dig site, as well as forward fighting positions to ensure that Junto’s plan goes off without a hitch. Further defenses may include anti-aircraft weapons and magical defenses place on key areas of the dig site. The zeppelin is armed with a 105mm deck canon, several gattling guns, and is magically warded against people boarding it.

The temple grounds are centered around a gargantuan stone statue placed within a circle of marble pillars. Behind the statue, before the rise of the mountain it was built next to, is the simple stone staircase leading to the temple’s interior. It is safe to assume that both Jun and Junto are inside the temple.

1. No cheating, auto-hitting, or God Moding

2. Follow Gaia ToS, although I'm not sure how you could violate it and stay in character here.

3. If you think I misunderstood your post with one of my responses, please PM me and I'll endeavor to retcon any mistakes made.

4. This event will happen in loosely defined stages, revealing more information at certain points as the participants progress. Please do not pry for in-character information about things I haven't yet addressed. This, of course, excludes details on the things I've already mentioned.

5. Don't kill anyone without their permission. There are plenty of ways out of here besides death. Iron Dawn lackeys are free game, though. Tear them up.

6. I will be using this account to post both in character as Junto, and out of character as the event coordinator. Please exercise caution when responding to either IC posts by Junto or event posts to avoid confusion.
Junto descended from the Righteous Intent for the final time before the transfer, making his way to the interior of the temple and to one of the small libraries they had found sealed in the subterranean chambers below the temple grounds. He ran his hands over the rough, marble walls as he walked, a small smirk on his lips.

He had done it. He'd beaten the Planeswalker, subdued him enough to give him the chance to find a way to recombine their souls and put him in charge of their rejoined body. He'd lost so much power since Jun had separated himself into two personalities. He could already taste it, he was so close to ready.

Jack was inside the small study, his feet resting on an ancient pine desk, humming quietly as he read.

"Jack, is the Planeswalker still unconscious," he asked.

Jack snapped the ancient book he was reading shut and turned to his boss. "Yessir. He's out like a light. My dosage of the sedatives looks to be correct so far," he said with a smile.

It was odd, now that they'd taken off the mask that Jun always wore. It was understandable not wanting to look like someone with the same body as yourself. Looking at Junto's face brought a combined feeling of comedy and intrigue to Jack's mind. Of course, those two feelings were usually in the forefront of his mind.

Junto nodded in satisfaction and stepped behind the bookshelf in the room, removing most of his weaponry, gadgetry, and personal effects. He came out from behind the shelf in a simple red robe and carrying his katana.

"Get the device ready. We shouldn't assume we have unlimited time. I took the liberty of taunting the Holy Order a bit before I came here." He smiled wryly at the thought. He would complete the transfer and rub the loss of the Planeswalker in their faces before long, but the note would surely have the effect of depleting their morale. They would know what was happening, and they wouldn't be able to stop it.
Alexander was already at the temple, with their captive secure he was left to play with his new gift from the reaper, and so had set up a target a short distance from himself, and with a small cut to his palm was sending small blood projectiles towards it, each impacting and hissing as the wood decayed.

His wounds had all easily healed from his fight with the planeswalker, but had neglected to replace his clothing yet, knowing it would be more tattered before the days end.
Flying out on a hoverboard in a clearing near the temple, a young boy clad in gold, black, and blue became apparent. His armor shined in the sun, and he had a vibrant and powerful aura. Spinning in place over the clearing, Aaron drew out several silver stakes and threw them to the ground, each of them impaling the soil, trees, or rock faces... And then he swirled down in a circle to get to the clearing himself.

As he did this, dozens of men arrived seemingly out of the blue. Men in heavy, silver power armor arrived first, holding great guns or chainsaw-swords and towering shields. With them, men in enchanted, golden armor, carrying long blades and polearms. Finally, there were those clad in green - mostly of smaller species, even kobolds could be seen here - including light armor and mostly spears.

They all looked sharp and at-the-ready, if uncertain.

"... Alright, like Felicia said, Topaz first. I'll hold the line. Emerald in the middle, and Diamond takes flank. Every team needs a Topaz and a Diamond at the very least. Once we're inside, Emerald goes solo to search the place and scout it out."

Everyone nodded, though they were surprised that the young boy had that much tactical sense. They were used to the usual hot-headed ham-fistedness with which he operated.


There it was.

Back on his Hoverboard, Aaron flew straight for the temple.
Zetsubo flipped away from the transporter and the multicolored soldiers, shadowing them. It was likely that the small, thin, black-clad male would go unnoticed in comparison to the great hue of soldiers in front of him. He would follow them all the way to the temple, before breaking off in search of his own way in. His eyes took a much more serious tone. He did not want to be seen, as that would cause him to be caught and the man he came to save may never be saved.
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Meanwhile, Vivian's orders were quite different. Instead of attacking head on, the witch had decided it would be best to use the tumultuous battle as a way to cover her movements. She was to sneak in and rescue Jun personally while everyone was distracted.

From the earth she seamlessly appeared in a location close to the temple. The imagery did not give her very many clues on where entrances would be. This close to the actual building there was not much fighting. Guards were posted and troops ran past her but not many paid her any mind. Even outfitted in robes she did not look like one of the Holy Order. A lost prostitute maybe but not someone from the Holy Order.

As she approached one of the entrances to the temple, one of the morose looking guards approached her. Quickly she threw out her ethereal strings and hooked him, tossing him into the ground and having it swallow him silently. It wasn't going to kill him; just spit him out in a random place. With that entrance free she made her way inside.
Too prepared to be caught with their pants down, the Iron Dawn ground teams, alerted by the thunderous cheering in the forest, manned their various forward positions. The mortar teams began firing at their pre-sighted areas within moments. It could only be one thing; the Holy Order had mounted a forward offensive. The Iron Dawn's Gatling guns and rifles choked to life as they began firing at the incoming HO troops.
Junto was already on the stone slab and hooked in to the ancient device within the temple. In the room mirroring his was the sedated Jun. He breathed in and out slowly, readying himself for the transfer shortly before his technicians activated the device and he slipped into a deep trance.
Jack was out of the study and at the base of the stairs heading for the temple's only exit, eager to return to his post on the bridge of the Righteous Intent, moored on the side of the mountain. The sound of gunfire that greeted him upon reaching the stairs was only half as surprising as the woman walking down the stairs in front of him.

He snapped up, raising the cane he carried with him and hitting a small button on the grip. Three needles shot from the base of the cane at the woman on the stairs. "I'm afraid it'll be a bit harder than simply walking in the front door," he shouted, his yelling alerting the guards in the temple's main chamber.
Come sleep, close your eyes.
Come sleep, give me your sorrow.
And I keep watch for you.

Phantasmus staggered from the transporter, unused to such means of transportation. He quickly caught his balance, though, and tried to seek out the young Vivian. Nowhere in his sight, he was afraid. He managed to catch sight of the squads as they made their way to the temple. His attention was caught by the sound of gunfire and he thought it would be best to stay out of sight, if that was possible. For now, he kept to the shadows, his dark clothing helped to conceal him in the shade of the forest and, like Zetsubo, stay unnoticed while he followed the squads.

Come dream, through the night.
Come dream, and then tomorrow
They'll see who, what will know.

~*Dreams are moreprecious than gold*~
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Having tracked his lovely lady, he found himself popping up in the woods, just in sight of a bizarre temple.

Interesting... There were what seemed to be soldiers or something doing some work, but he wasn't close enough to tell. So, he slunk back into the ground. Surveillance came first.
The noise of mortar-fire was the first thing to alert Aaron that it wasn't about to go to plan; His golden-armored arm went in front of himself as if to provide cover, and then his arm suddenly flattened, widened, and heightened all at once, becoming a glorious, golden tower-shield that was much more durable than it seemed. "As many people as possible, behind me! Diamond to the front yesterday!" He shouted, and immediately the men in thick, silver armor rushed to the front. A few casualties were already guaranteed by the sheer speed of gunfire, but the shields of the Diamond Troopers were heavy, and their advanced technology led them to have even more function.

In fact, the bullets would seem to bounce away from the shields before they struck them, if any among the Iron Dawn had good enough eyes to see it.

Meanwhile, Aaron grasped ahold of his sword. After his research in the library, during which he'd taken many tangents, he'd decided to name the sword Rembrandt. But what it was tied to would share the same name.

"RISE! GALLANT ARMOR, REMBRANDT! COME TO ME!" Came the powerful roar, as if from a lion's very chest. As he did, a rumble came from the ground underneath his feet. Slowly, as if by magic, a radiant suit of massive, golden armor arose from underneath him. The suit was incredible. Holy sigils and sun-arrays could be seen dancing across its surface - all in an ancient, dead language. From underneath the back of the golden armor's skirt came a long, black skirt, as if the lower half of a long coat, edged with golden filigree in angelic shapes.

The massive helm subtly implied leonine features without actually being of an animalistic shape, except for the pair of decorative wings it bore. The helm was open, and as it had lifted from the ground, that open helm had seemed to scoop Aaron up, while the soldiers around him had scrambled to avoid the new suit.

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again..." He growled, just before the suit's helmet closed over his body.

"... DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME!!!" The voice reverberated, and there was a sense of unison, two voices speaking out as one. It was as if the massive suit was alive, in its way.

Inside the helmet, Aaron SLAMMED the sword into the recognition sheathe... And the gaps in the armor seemed to light aglow with white light, as a massive golden sword - the blade alone seeming to be as long and wide as the machine itself stood - materialized in front of it, hovering until he grasped hold.

"Diamond soldiers, stay in front, but everyone stay back. I'll clear the path."
As the gunfire started, The hunter kicked over his target, them making his way towards the main door of the temple, he would hold here and let them come to him, slipping in to stand beside the door, only then noticing the woman who had already managed to slip in, though he hung back, letting jack deal with her.
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Vivian did not have time to react to the darts as the struck her legs, just above her stockings. She grunted and pulled them out, looking as some clear serum dripping from them. Why did these robes have to be so revealing?

"Damn it!" she sputtered as she tossed them to the ground. A wooziness started to come over her and she let out a small groan, placing a hand to her forehead.

Desperately she tried throwing a fireball in the direction that the darts came from but she was spinning too much. The fire simply went a few inches before completely vanishing.

A quick gasp and blackness finally took her. She crumpled to the floor, completely unconscious.
Jack wasted no time in scooping the daintily-clad spellcaster up and rushing out of the temple entrance with her. She was leverage against the incoming attack, surely. He stepped onto the lift lowered from the deck of the Righteous Intent and pulled the lever, quickly ascending to the zeppelin even as its guns roared to life.

He could see plenty of the battlefield from here, making it an ideal overwatch position for the area. Once he was on deck, though, he rushed below decks with the unconscious witch, making sure to keep her clear of Alexander back in the temple. He'd flay her on the spot.

He set her in the magically-warded brig, which utilized the same anti-magic field that had helped them capture Jun, and slammed the door shut. He stood and stared at her unconscious form. He knew most of the Holy Order's major league hitters by sight, but this woman was a new sight. He steered his mind away from how much of a sight she was, promising himself some fun later and proceeding to the bridge, where he made an announcement over the ship's loudspeakers.

"Attention, Holy Order troops, you have no business here. I have captured one of your spellcasters and I can see your troops dying from here. You may want to leave us to our own devices, lest you lose more than the Planeswalker before the day is out! Oh, and do note that I'll be keeping the pretty little witch on-board my airship to prevent its destruction while you consider retreating."

Jack knew they wouldn't listen for the most part, but for every yard of terrain they took in the assault, he'd take an inch of her skin off of her. He was in no mood to ******** around and the boss' current task was too important to show his enemies any mercy.

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