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The golem reacted to the blow with much more fluidity than it seemed capable of. While the golem stayed in relatively the same place, it shuddered to one side, dropped to a knee, and attempted to yank the left leg of Aaron's armor out from under it. Zetsu would have to find another way around, or over, or through the thing. It seemed determined not to give the impulsive lad in the mech a single inch of ground.

(Sorry Som, misread your post. Yeah, that's you, lodged in the side of my ship.)
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[ Kay. biggrin ]

He hopped out of his earthen transport device, now inside the ship. He probably should have aimed better. The armor of the ship shook him up a bit. Regardless, he landed on his feet inside, seeing forces coming to his left.

He turned toward them, opening his mouth. A simple blade shot from it, hurtling toward the center of the flank.

Both the sword and the forces stopped right before it stuck the one in front. They were dumbfounded, not bothering to shoot at Som yet, though it would have little effect.

The blade, his tongue, then forked in direction, two blades forming from one, going through the throats of those in front. The the two became four as blood dripped from each blade, severing the necks of more poor souls. The process continued, and was so swift they hadn't time to react anyway.

After he was faced with bodies, he blade retracted into his mouth, and he continued to run forward. He wondered what kind of ward he would be faced with as he ran.
After slamming into the golem, Zetsubo sighed. Figured as much, he would think to himself as he started to climb the golem. He figured it would be the easiest way in, by dropping down to the entrance, rather then try to rush it. However, this was an equally, if not more so, dangerous path, one wrong step and he would be a Zetsu-pancake. and up he would go, hopefully Aaron would not hit him, but he'd be careful nonetheless.
Instead of wasting time trying to rebalance and pull away from the golem's maneuver, however, Aaron in fact rolled with it, attempting to redirect said yanking by slamming its armored knee into the side of the golem's head, even as it attempting to slam the butt of it's sword's hilt into the top of the golem's head.

The armor-piercing round slammed into the energy-shell, but the shell flared to life, stopping the round in mid-air for a moment and then disintegrating it, while the shell remained in place. One of the Paladins within began to chant, and the rest of them followed; They would hopefully be able to raise a more solid barrier before the Diamond Squad's shield failed.
The instant he took a single step forward inside the Righteous Intent, Som would be greeted by the very air around him exploding into a small, but white-hot flame. While the ship seemed impervious to its own defenses, the bodies of the guards Som had stuck burned to ash in the ensuing fire, the others reeling back before focusing their fire on the strange thing that had boarded the ship.

They leveled their pneumatic crossbows, sporting an array of bolts, some magically enchanted with holy fire or elemental damage-based enhancements, others tipped with poisons. They loaded their weapons for cruelty as well as effectiveness. Some would have a hard time dodging the hail of bolts as they filled the hallway, the crossbows hissing and clicking away.
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Slowly Vivian came to, though everything was blurry and her body was not fit to move. Her head moved to the side a few inches and she let out a groan.

She tried to speak but all that came from her lips was an undefinable mess. She did not know how long she rested on the floor until she could finally move.

Slowly she began to sit up. Her sight became clearer and she realized she was behind bars. Oh! What had happened?! The witch tried to sink into the ground but she was denied.

Oh no! She attempted to throw a fireball at the iron but nothing came from it as well.

"Well s**t," she spat.
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He shrugged off the fire before he saw the troops take aim by merely neutralizing the flame with some earth from the crash.

He looked then to the squad as they pulled their triggers. What to do, he thought.

He held up the Deathscythe turned Talwar in an instant, unleashing a fearsome slash toward the crew. Naturally he wasn't close enough himself for the Talwar to strike directly, but a massive wave of Death aura, maximumly concentrated, was flung at the bolts, and naturally the team.

The wave should have deflected most of the bolts, and struck the team resulting in most of their flesh being removed despite any armor they might have on.
Stones chipped and fell away from the golem's head as the knee contacted with it, but it simply bobbed again, somehow deft despite its size, to the other side, swiping an arm out for the mech's other leg and protecting its head from the massive sword with its free arm.
Anticipating a second sweep for his leg, Aaron quickly stepped back - but, still unused to his new tool, not quickly enough. He fell to his back, with a massive crash due to the weight of his fighting machine... But just as quickly, he swung his massive sword up, slicing through the air. Lightning streaked across the blade, heating up the golden metal, and Aaron himself roared once again in a warrior's fury, calling out, "Shining Edge!!!"
As Zetsubo climbed, he got hit by some small stone chips. He looked up and scuttled off to the side, and away from any larger falling debris from hitting him. He sighed and continued climbing, he'd probably have to go through hell when he reached the top.
Jack gritted his teeth and cursed at the ineffective results the guns were yielding. They cut through hundreds of demons in the invasion but they couldn't even dent the armor of one of the prissy fruits down there. He had to do something drastic. He flipped a switch on the radio console on the Intent's bridge, broadcasting the gas-mask order for all Iron Dawn troops.

Wasting no time, he ran back to the armory and brought up the 105mm gas rounds. Contaminating the entire above-ground approach to the temple with nerve gas was his only remaining option. He loaded and fired the first round himself, this time aiming for the ground in front of the phalanx below. Even if that shield stopped the gas, they'd have to move awfully far through it to get out.

Below, the handfull of remaining Iron Dawn troops, clad in frighteningly inhuman gas masks, pulled back from their forward positions to the supply crates near the temple entrance, switching to large rocket launchers packed with air-burst flechette rounds that would fill the air around them with armor-piercing steel spikes upon detonation.


What crew did survive the encounter with Som retreated up the stairway behind them, but not before hitting the alarm switch on the wall. Alarms rang all over the airship, the crew now taking up positions behind the few wizards or clerics not occupied with the transfer. They began working up powerful spells of warding, protection, and sheer destruction as they waited to see if their new guest would join them upstairs.
Raising a hand to protect itself, the golem lost its multi-ton appendage to the sword strike, but deflected the worst of the blow as it stood up. The golem wasted no time now that the large armored warrior was on his a**. It attempted to rumble past him and crush the battle formation still parked at the edge of the woods. The ground shook as it moved toward them, feet barely leaving the ground with clearance enough for a child to stand under its feet. It was going to crush or kick every last one of them into the foothills if it had to.
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His patience was running thin. Very thin. He listened as the blaring alarm went off in his ear.

The mighty vampire lifted his crow foot slightly, only to slam it back down on the ground with great force. In a radius of about 20 meters around him on the floor above, metal spikes shot out from the ground, becoming much taller than 6 feet instantaneously. They were merely spaced a foot apart each, and one would have to be very lucky to completely avoid the spikes. Only after about 20 seconds did the spikes retract.

Removing at least three fourths of the squad upstairs he began to walk up to the stairs as well as up them, at an extremely swift speed. By that time the spikes were gone.
The troops were largely defenseless right now. The gas was keeping them from moving out of the way, even though the forcefield protected them from it, but it wouldn't have the strength to protect them from that golem save maybe once. That wasn't a chance Aaron was about to give it; Twisting where he was, Aaron immediately reached out to clutch the leg with with the golem reared back in an attempt to kick... And, exerting all his strength and willpower, pulled, even finally reaching out to clutch at the golem with his other arm.

He roared.

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Vivian waited at the bars. Tears shone in her eyes. Her first real mission and she gets kidnapped. She grasped the iron and pressed her face against it.

The sounds of the fight echoed to where she was. As soon as she had entered the building, she had been taken down. How useless was she?!

Perhaps it would be better if she died there. At least those at the mansion would be able to protect her children.

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