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Torran Steele
With that the battle was over. The shield around him was an extension of Torran's own power. In effect it destroyed the bonds between the elemental components of molecules. Umbra would dissolve into his bodies composite elements, i.e. carbon, lithium, hydrogen, etc. and pose no threat to any one any longer.

That begin taken care of, Torran sheathed his weapon and etended to shield to wrap around him, once again making it invisable.
"So tell me if you would, jade. Why are you here? If its just to annoy me then please leave. I am plenty annoyed as it is."

Torran might've found it odd that the dissolution of Umbra happens not with the steady break-down of molecules, but a puff of smoke. Then again, his arrogance told him it was over before it began. Maybe he paid it no mind? [Technique: Shadow]

The REAL Umbra drops down from a tree about 50 ft. west of Jade and Torran, without a hint of it ever occuring, perceptually. The advanced AI would not have noticed him before, nor does it perceive him now. [Technique: Non-detection]. Any attempt to pick up his heat signature, his power level, his motion, or even a visual confirmation electronically proves completely fallible, 100%. Outside of one's own sight, they cannot be aware of him. Handy skill for a ninja that secondarily focuses on stealth.

And upon the disipation of his shadow, he gains its knowledge and experience. A smirk on his face, he heads for Torran with a strategy certain to fall the well-armored humanoid.
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((I trust i was not in the line of fire from the super bullet?))
Not wanting to block all the bullets, nor willing to be caught in cross fire, I hurled myself out of the way of much of the auto defense turrets and thickened the air whilst distorting the electromagnetic fields to both slow down and cause refraction for incoming barrages, some rebounded harmlessly into the dirt whilst others bounced back into the sky, some even hitting themselves or neighboring turrets with their own fire, causing minimal damage, but could build to minor malfunctions and chip away at their metal facings. As a counterbalance out of retaliation, I charged my energy into flame and cast an inferno of a fire ball at the nearest turret, this emission of pure flame hit a temperature of over 800 kelven at 20' away, hot by any scale, it burnt the vegetation all about it's focused blaze and turned the rocks into magma.
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((No, you were quite in the line of fire. I interrupted your post with a high velocity ultra-dense slug of ********. While your character was preoccupied speaking Jade attempted to put a bullet through his chest. And no, hurling yourself out of the way would not be fast enough and your trick would not only fail in Jade's energy field (he's already got better control of the electromagnetic spectrum in the area) but not be nearly enough to even phase the bullet.))

((And on that note, everyone nearby should be ******** deaf, if not thrown back by the resultant shockwave.))
Junior's eyes traced upwards, the thick strands of ruby red falling free over his face were blown away. Every article of clothing on his body thrashed about as the large boom escaped the projectile which had been fired. A dim grin took the face of Junior as he slowly gathered to his feet. He was fascinated by this group. Not only had this place just returned to action, but already people tried to defile the lands.

Now it was his turn to play his part. Walking briskly towards the Steele mansion, Junior thought of all the outcomes that could come of this. His ears were still ringing from the blast that probed his rest. The closer he got to the mansion, the more the itching for a fight welled-up inside of him. As so, Junior discarded the large black cloak shrouding his attire. Underneath, the man wore a red button up shirt, top three buttons undone. His legs were covered by black pants, neatly pressed, very gentelmanly. Over his feet were a pair of black dress shoes, and covering his hands were a pair of fingerless gloves with a white skeletal design overlaying the black fabric. At his side, Junior brandished two long daggers, both with curved designs, and each hiding a secret of its own. Dangling at his back from a holster was the perfectly designed .357 modified pistol.

"Torran when your done with him, and Jade when you finish with yours. Let's have some fun. Neither of you probably know me, but Torran you knew my father, and Jade you seem to be protecting these grounds." Kiro (junior) was getting ready to poke the bear.
Though the audio was still a bit fuzzy, Torran,s ability to heal served him well. The trick Digi taught him made the repairs easy enough.
The man in red smelled like Kiro and what he said confirmed it. Great. Another challenger. Torran shurgged, supposing it was par for the course. He had hoped that the idiot ninja would have given up but apparently he was wrong. KAI had informed him that the bastards signature just winked out. That either ment he had left, or much more likely, he had engaged a way to go undetected.
He had been hoping to build up his forces before this kind of thing happened but that was apparently not going to happen. Oh well. It was at the very least entertaining.
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((Ok, glad I wasn't shot, though to place a counter argument against the magnetic fields, Yes he has a whole grid of wires and the like but I am saying that I have generally enough power on my own accord to shift these fields, though you are right in saying that i should be knocked back by your blast, and my diving for cover could have been buffeted a bit further lets just say and that i am temporarily deafened, but i'll heal up.))
The blast of flame hit the Turret, melting through the entire structure and shorting out the wiring in the area, taking a deep breath, he prepared himself to launch another assault and moved along the outskirts of his line of fire to pick out and destroy them one at a time seeing as the huge shock wave from the blast had knocked everything off line for a few moments and i deftly stumbled over, leaving the distorting fields up for good measure.
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((Just a quick question. Nothing major, really. I swear. How do you get "I'm glad I wasn't shot" from "I shot the ******** out of you"?))
Digi watched a smile forming upon her shadowed face. She crouched in the braches of the treeline, having to hold onto the trunk should Jade decide to fire another blast from that damned gun of his. Her control over water allowed her to keep her ears from going completely deaf, but she had an irritating ring in them. She growled a little, her eyes darting to her Father's look alike. She'd seen this person before, back from when she first came to the Steele. She shook her head silently, running the bridge of her nose as the ringing intensified. She mentally checked the Auditory Ossicles, Cochlea, and the Eighth Nerve. She rolled her eyes a little, heaing energy correcting the Eighth Nerve, which had unfortunately been moved. She hissed a little, the nerve making a popping noise as it was forced back into place.
(( rofl Red seems to not be in touch with reality. You need to come up with something quick lol. I cant do anything until this crap with Red is resolved. Tac has you tho. You just took a bullet to the face Im tempted just to say you are dead but thats never the case in the FFA so you get your chance.))
...Five minutes conscious and it was already a hell of a day. Awakened and shortly thereafter deafened by a blast of sound and air that took her from a half sitting position to a full blown prone one. Flat on her back, her shoulder length purple hair sprawled out across the ground Teah (pronounced Tay-ah) stared up at the sky, jigsawed by the canopy of trees behind her, having been asleep for some time nearby she'd come across the Steele Mansion more by mistake than anything else some four days earlier and had been meandering about on a constant basis only now recently aware of the semi-automatic defense system in place that had been keeping a virtual "eye" on her during her entire stay.

Dressed in a fitted black tanktop, canvas navy pants that tucked into knee-high military-style boots a titanium knife was sheathed in her boot, though aside from her boots most of her clothing had been compromised in the passing waves of power back and forth, her tanktop rose fairly high on her torso though still covering the essentials while her pants were more like thigh-length shorts now, tattered around the knees.

Debating getting up or not, she could barely hear, there was a bright light nearby making it hard to see coupled with the now aching muscles in her arms, back shoulders and neck, Teah decided ultimately to simply lay there, realizing that as she woke up her magnetic structuring, mainly a bi-product of her ability to control electricity using her own amplified electromagnetic pulses would have drawn some attention, but figuring that to get up would mean some serious hurting time, Teah realized she was probably in the presence of two or three far superior fighters with power levels exceeding her own several times over. So, making a scene would be foolish... no, closer to moronic, so her decision was made and prone on her back, Teah simply laid there and waited for the craziness to settle down. Hoping to the powers that were that in such a state she wouldn't automatically be targeted as an enemy.
Kai alerted him to yet another entity becoming active. This one had been previously targeted but wasnt doing anything hostile so Torran had kept her from his mind.
With a simple subvocalization, he told Kai to stop targeting Jade and make ready to fire the JOC at any time at the all the non-coded signatures.
Torran was very annoyed. Before Jade showed up with his damn boomstick and distortion fields, he had been tinkering in his lab, happy as could be. Honestly he had just gotten the damn grounds up and running but there was sudden influx of assholes trying to screw things up.
He sighed inwardly.
"Hey Jade. You should work for me. I mean instead of in spite of me. You seem good in a fight. Since you are the only one that doesnt seem to be here to kill me it would at least be a big help. It would save me some time. What do you say?"
(Hey Torran, did you get my Message?)
...Prone but very much conscious of her surroundings, Teah lied athings still as she could without trying to look like she was trying to fool anyone, she was glad she'd been noticed and now focused on posing as little a threat as possible, guns though on every side though weren't helping very much, especially when those guns were bigger than she was. So sighing dejectedly, Teah heard the vocal command, but didn't really know what it meant, though she felt safe assuming it probably wasn't a good thing. "Oi oi oi! Don't shoot, I ain't here to kill nobody." Teah stated loudly, knowing that words were cheap she wasn't about to get up and try to show it by actions with the impressive arsenal around her. From where she lied though she couldn't see anything but the sky above her, she could turn her head from side to side, but that yielded only the sight of underbrush so with another sigh of discontent, Teah remained still and waited for things to quiet down.
Digi moved closer, hating the fact that she cant hear conversations. She moved silently, moving from one tree branch to another. She kept one hand upon her sword, crouching in a tree closer to Torran and Jade. She frowned a little, looking at Jade's limp arm. She wanted to examine him, to make sure that he was ok, but she decided to instead hang back and watch.
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Oddly, Jade's arm was not limp due to a lack of skeletal structure but for the simple fact that he was reforming it into the proper shape. Prismatic light flared from within his arm as all of the shards were reclaimed but it quickly died down as he shaped the energy back into a corporeal form. Despite his fingers going haywire he seemed to somehow retain a grip on the bulky weapon he held which was still spewing a thick green smoke. Suddenly his entire right side jerked but it did so out of time with his left side, which did not move at all. Flesh stretched and strained as he set his arm into the proper alignment and reattached tendons and ligaments.

When he exhaled it came in the form of a fog of emerald crystals that had been carried through his bloodstream and needed to be expelled. Though he did not inhale through his mouth he looked to Torran and spoke with a voice that reverberated across his entire body, "You wish to augment the Pact the failed experiment made with Taimei?" He paused for a moment and nodded, "We will discuss it in detail at a later date." He glanced to Digi, "Can I help you, miss?"
Just before Umbra walks into a line of sight, he stops. One deep breath is sucked in then shoved out of his respirator. A hand reaches under his robe-like top and comes back out with a metallic vial in hand, corked, then uncorked. With the other, he lifts up the respirator slightly and tilts his head back. Down his throat the contents of vial go. Ectoplasm.

Letting the emptied vial drop and his respirator fall back into place, Umbra breathes deeply once more. The change - his skin shifting into powder white. Black pigmentation darkening his eyes, they become predatory with crimson coloration. His form weakens, wavers, and loses substance. And after a few more moments, he is as a ghost, as is his equipment.


The bloodlust takes him. He charges forward, passing through the tree that blocked the sight of those who would've normally seen him; and now they shall.

[Inventory: -1 vial, ectoplasm]

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