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She watched, and sighed softly as Kiro left. "Well darn.." She murmured, and watched as the other man left as well. She glanced at Jr, and smiled sweetly. "You should come to the cove too.." she said, and pushed herself out of his grasp.

She floated to the earth, and stumbled slightly when her feet touched the ground. She finally fell, tripping on the hem of the black kimono she wore. Tears filled her eyes as she sat up, frustration clear on her face. Her attire was a bit to big from the girl, and she struggled to move in it as she stood.

Standing, she glanced around, and frowned.
Ronin saw the little girl and smiled. Reminded him of his little sister when she was that age. Channeling the element of earth he sculpted the ground around her to help her up.
"Careful little one. Strange men about. You could get hurt.."
Iron Ronin
Ronin saw the little girl and smiled. Reminded him of his little sister when she was that age. Channeling the element of earth he sculpted the ground around her to help her up.
"Careful little one. Strange men about. You could get hurt.."

She giggled, as she was lifted up, and dusted herself off. "Thanks!" She said, her eyes wide with curiosity. "Well do what needs to get done I guess." She told whomever, as she turned and began to walk, but then stopped. A puzzled look crossed her face, in reality she was able to get here through a portal, but the portal back to the cove she didn't know where it was. "Mom put one around here..."
Kiro started to sprint towards the Steele Syndicate. As he reached it, he ran up the side, climbing from window to window till he reached the roof. Once on the roof, Kiro closed his eyes. There was a single ability Kiro had and that was to fight. This enemy was not going to make it easy, but rather force Kiro's hands. What he needed was in this area. Kiro closed his eyes, leaning his body forwards and taking a deep breath. "Stupid ******** techie." His eyes peered about till he caught an idea. The wolves appeared in his shadow, one by one entering the area from his shadow.

Kiro looked at each. "Make the call." The wolves nuzzled his hands with there noses.

We can destroy it if you would like. The first wolf circled around Kiro like a predator.

You know that would anger many people. The second laid down, his head resting on his paws. Think about the problems that could cause.

"Don't destroy it. Just watch closely and inform me if anything happens. Be ready to remove this land from existence if anything goes wrong." Kiro's voice trailed as he bowed his head to the shadow wolves. They both grinned with eagerness. They trotted into the darkness, disappearing in the instant. Kiro looked back at the grounds. He sent a message instantly to Echo.

Meet me at the edge of the forest. We will talk before we see the children. Kiro jumped down from the roof, moving to the edge of the forest and waiting against a tree.
She tilted her head slightly, then sighed heavily, and made her way towards the edge of the forest. By the time she got there, she glanced around, her fingers playing with a strand of her hair, a worried look on her face.
Kiro approached Echo slowly. His eyes played over the child, mind remembering her completely. No change in her body could ever make Kiro unable to recognize Echo. He smiled as his eyes laid upon her golden hues. "Echo. It is good to see you. I know you have a lot to say, and I know many things have happened because of me that I cannot take back. Just hear me out." Kiro traced his steps, his eyes moving from Echo. His hands fell to his pockets, and his head bowed in disgrace.

"I should have been there for you, I know that. I won't make excuses. I was hunting down your son. He decided to try his luck in the shadow realm." Kiro strode towards her holding his palm upwards and out to her. "Touch my hand and all shall be seen." His right eye began to glow, the lids parting wide. His purple iris glew the cross shape pupil thinning as he stared into Echo's eyes. If she was to touch Kiro's hand, she would see everything.

Instantly, she would see from a third person view. Kiro moved quickly through the shadows following his son. Cecil ran through the destroyed streets of purple and black. Many shapes moved around behind him, yet Kiro kept behind making sure not to show himself to soon. Cecil entered a huge building, passing through the lobby and towards the elevator. Hanging at either side of the elevator was a shrouded black cloaked guard. Both put their hands up, ceasing Cecil's movement. Cecil was denied, he became upset, but left quickly. As he exited the building, he stepped onto the road. Shadowy figures encroached on his position from every direction. One after another a blade was drawn all blood red. Cecil drew his own daggers and began to fight. There were to many, and Kiro stepped in. As they were defeated, Cecil looked to Kiro. They began a long conversation all of which unheard, then Cecil showed something to Kiro, an insignia. Kiro bowed his head.

The image ended abruptly. "Sorry, I have shown to much. I know this all seems unimportant, but the past can never be forgotten. This you clearly understand." Kiro began to pace. "My father was dead, but I suppose I was wrong to think he would stay that way. I will finish the deed. I will seal him for good. It may not change things, but it will help me."
She started up at him, and inwardly sighed. He was still the same, but he looked broken somehow. Hesitantly she looked at his outstretched hand, and stared at it for a few moments. Finally, she lifted her own small hand and placed it in his.

Silently she watched what played out in her head, her eyes open, and staring at nothing. A distant look was on her face. Finally, when she couldn't take no more she was about to withdraw her hand, but he stopped the images. Her hand dropped from his, and she looked down at her feet, silky strands of blue falling over her shoulders to frame her face.

With a groan, she shook her head and looked up at him once more. "Leave it to Cecil to get into trouble." She said softly, "As for me I hold no grudges Kiro, what happened was no one's fault. But our daughter's mind set is different. She was raised to kill you and Cecil, after my demise I wasn't there to banish those thoughts and lesson's from her head. She was raised to blame you. She is being shown other wise by Terra and I. But its something that will take time." Her eyes followed him as he paced, and finally she stepped forward and grabbed his arm. "Lets go back! I think its time no? Plus I can't be to far from the cove for long, its power helps me keep my sanity intact. Its kinda hard being a 4 year old but having the memories of a grown woman with two children ya know."
Kiro's breath faltered as she grabbed his arm. He stopped dead in his tracks, quivers running down him. The glowing eye shut instantly, and he growled out a thick and lowed groan. Kiro fell to his knees, his head bowing. When she grabbed him he saw everything, felt everything she had gone through. Kiro clenched his arms around his waist, coughing as he growled in anger. She may not hold grudges, but Kiro was a different story. Then her voice entered his mind soothing his pain. His mind slowed, and he held himself together for the moment. "Echo....let's go." Kiro picked her up into his arms and stood upright. Together, they sunk into the shadows off to the cove.
She was about to step back when he fell, startled by his reaction, and thought it was because she stunk or something. A child's thought, but she got those once in awhile. But before she could, he spoke about leaving and she grew excited. Her giggle echoed in the air as they left.
"I got my half. You got yours?" he asked the voice in his ear.

"To much dirt. I need a hole. Even a small on that i can get the subatom flow through. Otherwise there could be a mix up on this end."

"Roger. Ill deploy the digger." Following the way points on his HUD he found the indicated spot and placed a small gem on the ground. It glowed red like a ruby in the sun. In truth it was sending a massive energy pulse, focused into about a quarter of an inch, directly down to its target. After a few moments it stooped then was engulfed in a flare of sapphire energy. Its atomic structure vanished into composite parts and the device was no more.
"Good to know he protected himself. You got his signature?"

"Affirmative. Good flow. Locked. Captured and...got him. I'll set the drone to wrap him up. Mission complete. Get home."

"Roger that. Gotta do something first."
He walked towards the edge of the forest were Kiro and Echo were standing. he kept his distance but made sure he could be seen and heard.
"All finished. Sorry about the hole but i didnt have any dirt left to fill it in. Should auto correct in week at the most." With that he stepped into the woods and vanished beyond the Steele boundries.
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