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Digi shrugged a little, glancing around and feeling the Spirit Pressure of everyone here, commiting them to memory. TOrran's she knew, so her own Spirit Pressure's touch would feel like a caress, to Jr. It would feel like someone was staring a little to long, but to anyone else, it would be like the layers that make their arua had been stripped, then examined. She glanced at Torran uneasily, darting her eyes to Jr., then back to him with the tilt of her own head. She was silently asking who he was.
Torran stood and remained silent but on guard. Saying with his body that the boy should be alowed to explain himself when he finished.
Digi glanced to Jr again, biting her lower lip, making the sign for family. She knew him, but how was a mystery. He was the duplicate of her father, and from that, she guessed that he was Kiro's son, making him her brother. She shook her head roughly, rubbing her temples as her head began to pound. Both Mizzy and the orb that remained hidden began huming thoughts into her mind, giving her an even larger headache then before.
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With gun still strained on the kineticist he grumbled, "We need to establish a mental interface. Speaking in a combat zone is inefficient. I cannot link to you telepathically and require something... different."
Digi rolled her eyes a little. "And that went way over my head.. should I just jump back into my tree and watch while you two talk inside or whatever? There's something that greatly.. interests me out here. Plus, I might be needed with all the fighting. That's been going on since day one. That's increadibly insane and such and that I should learn because of my own crappy skills." Digi shut her mouth, her eyes darkening a little. She looked to the fighting, avoiding both Torran and Jade. She closed herself off mentally, her arms wrapping across her chest tightly. Digi was lost within her own thoughts, closed off to the outside world.
Though still enthralled in this fight against the pitiful beings, Kiro's mind felt the touch of another. His thoughts raced to block out those who would impose, but to his interest, the probe was friendly. Junior kept his wits about the fight, but opened his mouth to express his position clearly.

"Digi, I am Kiro Eleric Hoto II, heir to the Hoto family name. My father was Kiro Eleric Hoto, my mother Athena Hoto. His first....failed marriage."
"You're just gonna have to deal with the inefficiancy bucko. The only person my mind is linked with is KAI."

Torran had decided that his presance here was now only moderatly necessary. Lifting off into the air and settled once again on the ground near the lake on the grounds. Climbing into the sole willow tree, he lay in the boughs and let his mind encompass as much as he could.
Digi frowned a little, then sighed. So it was her brother. She lightly touched his mind again, a comforting aquatic aura caressing his skin. "Then you really are my brother. I am Digi Hoto, adopted daughter of your father, but you already knew that. Didn't you?" Digi bit her lip, hopping back into her tree and retracting her aura, but still waited for an invite into his mind. All she wanted was to see his fight through his own eyes. She had found herself a move visual learner when it came to fighting, and a physical learner when it came to other things.
Kiro listened to her words though still strictly focused on the fight at hand. He took in her feelings, thoughts, and attitude, something was bothering her. Lifting those mental barriers blocking her path, and her's alone, Junior would introduce her into his mind.

Yes I knew of you Digi, you were one of father's proudest successes. On the other hand, I was father's biggest failure. He did everything in his power to push me away from the path he himself walked, yet I refused. I walked the same path as he, and I fused with the shadows as he wished me not. Kiro's mind was at ease with the thought of failure towards his father. Failure was something he became used to.
OoC: Umbra if you would actually gander at my post you would figure out that. OMG WTF IT IS KIRO'S SON!!!! heart Now take the bullets and die? Please so we can be through with you.

Oh and Taigeku, who ever said Kiro Jr was human? Or Kiro at that.

((Your elitist mentality will cost you your character.))

Umbra's charge remains unhindered by the four bullets. Two outcomes possible.

A. 'as a ghost' refers to incorporeality. Said bullets simply pass right through him, regardless of what is contained within them.


B. The bullets are capable of 'striking' incorporeal/ethereal entities. In which case, 50 cal. is not, quite, enough, to pierce Umbra's form. Specially designed attire to thank for that.

In the event of 'A', Umbra changes course for Kiro Jr.. Upon reaching this, now distracted, man-boy-thing, he wills his attack of a double-claw-slash to deal physical damage, as ghosts are known to be capable of, bypassing Kiro's armor.

If 'B', Umbra pauses with the impact, somewhat stunned, then resumes the outcome of 'A'.
OoC: I remember my first beer. heart Lighten up little one, the party is just starting.

Kiro's eyes didn't avert as his bullets passed through the "ghostly" figure. Rather, why not fight fire with shadows. As the ghost gained on him, Kiro simply fell into the ground, seeing as it would take time for the ghost to reach him. Technically, the ground wasn't where he was, rather the shadow realm.

As this ghost moved to the position where Kiro was, he would find nothing, save a pool of black at the feet where Kiro had stood. A shadow was all that remained, but nothing to be overlooked. As the ghost came into range, a barrage of three spikes of shadow energy. {easily able to pierce any ephemeral form} If it was a fight this idiot of a warrior was looking for, then Kiro would give him death.
((lol Kiro. I have to wait 3 years for that, though I am no fan of the smell.. *wrinkles nose*))
Digi watched the fight through Jr's eyes, frowning a bit and feeling great pressure when he fused with the shadows. She would gently awaken his nerves, the brain intrepreting them to make him believe he was being hugged. This would not hinder him at all, seeing as there was nothing hugging him, it was just the firing of the electric impulses to mimic the feeling one recived from a hug. 'He was just trying to protect you from something Jr. It's what dad's do. He didn't want you to suffer the same fate as he did. If anyone was to be a failure, it should be me. I was just a pathetic little girl that knew how to heal, but wanted to fight. I was always getting into trouble, having to have a 'kinght in shining armor' save me from whatever trouble I was in. I hated feeling worthless and weak brother. Don't you ever call yourself a failure, because if I hear it, I will drag you by the ear and wash that mouth of yours out with soap. I don't care if you are my older brother, I don't ever want to hear you degrade yourself. You are a warrior, something I still struggle to be, and you should be proud of that fact. You should hold your head high knowing who you are, and knowing that you have a little squirt sister that's proud of you.'
Sitting in the willow Torran let hsi mind encompass the whole grounds. Junior was trying to fight and talk to Digi at the same time. Digi was radiating happiness. Jade was a blank spot in his perception but that was expected. Umbra was desperatly trying to defend himself. The other two had their own dealings.
Torran was more or less content. he was essentially recharging. Letting the flow of the land give him his full strength and alertness, that Jade's power had taken from him. All in all things were just as expected. It was almost time to organize things.
Digi would chuckle, rubbing her hands together. She was bored and she wanted to cause some kind of mischief. She felt around all the Spirits quickly, Jr. able to know exactly what she was planning. She grinned and flicked her wrist, causing water to bubble up from the ground below Torran. She would giggle a little, making the water into a wave that was designed to make torran fall out of the tree, but also cushion his decent. Should it work, Torran would be out of his perch, drenched in water, and likely pissed.
A grin spread across Torran's countenance. In this medatative state he was aware of quite literally everything that went on around him.
As Digi realeased the water Torran sat still and let it flow around him though never actually touching him. As it crested it would freeze ever so slightly as to produce snow.
Torran was not above mischief of his own. Simply finding the tree Digi was and simply asked it to vibrate the base of its trunk for a few moments. Though hardly noticable at ground level, the spindly branches at the middle would seem to move violently as if in an earthquake. The branches at the top would be like whips as they shot to and fro.
See how you get of that one little girl. Torran thought to himself, the grin getting a little broader.

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