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You enter deep woods on the outskirts of the Durem Reclemation Facility. You walk for what seems like hours untill you come across a clearing. In it, you see a four story mansion of an almost marble-like black color. It has many rooms and is shapped like a U with a courtyard and fountian placed inside.
Around it you see a small garden and a large pond with a single enormous willow tree close by. In the woods behind it are a few smaller buildings and one that only just peaks over the tree-line.

**Technical specs: The walls are made of a composite material that is similar in composition to Adamantium but gives off the apperance of black marble. The walls are extremely sturdy against all kinds of attacks. Just under the surface are small panels that are like solar panels. They collect all types of energy to power the house's many computers and functions along side the generators underneath the mansion. They also make even medium-scale energy weapons useless.
On the grounds are 20, Vulcan-style cannons with 360 degree line of fire as well as 180 degree upward angle of fire. They are fed by an underground generator that provides near limitless ammunition. They are guided by the house A.I.
The small building in the back are the control centers for the Justice Orbital Cannon and are defended by A.I. activated energy sheilds. The sheilds are powered by multipile generators that lay beneath each facility.

House A.I.: Called Kai. Controls all functions of the mansion and defenses. It lays within a closed network that uses direct lines to all the main-defenses and is EMP and wave-sheilded inside a reinforced bunker underground. (Think the AI from Resident Evil)

WASP Drones: Wired Ariel Survelance Patrolers. These drones are robotic attack devices that are about the size of a mans torso. They weild dual laser cannons and fly at about 80mph at full speed. They are armored by the same material as the mansion itself. They have on board thermal/optical/and night vision capabilities.They deploy from a hanger door inside the fountian in the courtyard. The house keeps 10 on alert at all times but can deploy up to 50.

Leviathan mkIII: The ultimate in assault/ protection tech. At just under 40 metric tons this AI driven mecha is pound for pound more powerful than any of its kind. Made from the same material as the mansion Kai based and magic attacks have literally no effect. The right arm is a trio of vulcan rotary cannons, the left a clawed hand capable of crushing most tanks with ease. On each shoulder is a load out of anti infantry wepons as well as long distance anti vehical weapons. It is driven by two legs and a small anti-grav generator. Boosters stationed over the body make it fast and manuverable.

J.O.C.- Justice Orbital Cannon. An orbiting satellite that keeps in Geo-syncrynous orbit over the Steele Mansion. Upon a coded command by Torran Steele or Tanya Steele it will unleash an laser beam roughly equaling the heat intensity of the center of the sun. It is acurate up to a quarter of an inch and will adjust automatically upon firing. The beam is 6 inches in diameter. This is a fail-safe device as well. Upon the right coded command the cannon will rotate the firing device to a wider area blast and obliterate EVERYTHING within a quarter-mile of the Steele Mansion.

Inner Defenses:

Mini-WASPs: Smaller versions of the WASP drones patrol the halls when the system is active.
Adamantuim Door: The main door is molded adamantium and can be bolted from inside.
Lock Down: When the system is alerted all doors in the building lock and seal themselves. They are air tight and are fed oxygen by small vents in the walls connected to Kai's air purification system.
4th floor: Living space
3rd floor: Lving space
2nd floor: Gym, pool, and other amentities.
1st floor: Receiving area, study, kitchen
B1: Training area
B2: War Room
B3: Shelter
B4: Generators, AI hub, water systems, air systems
*Both B3 and B4 are heavily reinforced!
Guild Leader: Torran Steele
Council members:




All members not on this list need to pm me with their info
Other skills:
position requested:

Allies: ((For an alliance send me a PM))

Enemies: None
If you are on this list you are not welcome within this thread at any time.

1. None

Alignment: True Neutral

Aim: Breathe life back into the decaying FFA


Keep OOC to a minimum. To much OOC Traffic (especially the arguing) and i'll bann your a** in a second
No Cybering
Cursing must be kept tasteful
Be poilite and we will do the same to you.
If you attack you may use no more attackers than we have defenders.
You try and overwhelm us with NPCs and we have the right to kill them in one shot. This rule does not apply to an amount of NPCs under 3.
You GM and i will burn you alive.
Torran sat in boughs of the willow in the reconstructed site two and looked about himself. The air was clear, the forrest had regrown, and the mansion gleamed in the sunlight.
Home....it was good to be back.
Soon though....he knew it wouldnt last long. Soon the sound of battle and the scent of blood would permeate the air. Like a depressing cloud it would decend and cover the land in a fog of death.
Let it begin.
OoC: Give me time and I will try to return. ^^;
((So is this going to be linked to the other one?))
((This is the FFA. YOu come here if you are willing to be attacked. Otherwise you use the RP one. techinically we can use both.))
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It knew of this place. The experiment did not have any current logs registering that he had ever physically been in this location but nonetheless it was aware of the surroundings from archives. The first step always seemed to be the hardest of all. The facsimile of muscle tissue, tendons, and ligaments that wrapped around the crystalline frame within seemed highly resistant to new orders after going so long in disuse. The figure was convinced that with the first motion at this juncture he had torn something within but it did not seem to be registering the pain that was ripping through the central nervous system it had created. With heavy black boots it crushed the undergrowth and began to process of advancing on its target destination.

Shades of a dark violet fluttered around his waist, his jacket darkened further to a shade of black by gunpowder and shadows. A pair of opaque rectangular shades etched with a jagged bolt of green lightning on a red field on the right and a white horizontal cross on a black background on the left obscured a pair of incredibly strange eyes. The sclera were not white but a deep jade with a flat black iris and amber pupils. Each step forward seemed to rip something inside but it just as quickly latched onto something else and to the outside viewer it would barely seem as though something were wrong.

Until, of course, his shirt peeled back from his chest to reveal a mass of emerald flesh with veins barely containing a pulsating prismatic light. The shirt quickly knits itself back together as the torso rearranges itself to appear more humanoid in appearance as opposed to the bulky cylindrical look it had been sporting until that moment. With a glance down the figure surveyed the remainder of his appearance to ensure it was human. Sleek black pants may not have matched the deep violet of his jacket but it would have to do. A quick brush of a hand in fingerless white gloves over his scalp caused a flurry of short brown hair to sprout up in its wake, none of it longer than a half inch.

He stepped out into the clearing... and waited.
In less than a second a camoflauged hatch tore itself in two and from the hole beneath produced a defensive turret, twin barrles already twirling and pointing at Tac.Torran was notfar behind.
Torran himself was almost 7 feet tall with deep saphire eyes and a large build of a man that has fought his entire life. He subvocalized to the AI to hold fire until his command then stepped closer to to intruder.
"Identify yourself. You are trespassing on my land."
[My profiles are in my journal, I'd like to join if possible.]
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When the figure turned to gaze upon Torran through his opaque shades the AI would experience something quite strange. In an instant the figure seemed to teleport somewhere else quite obviously and then spread into a few dozen copies. Something seemed to be altering the way in which the AI perceived the figure and as a result it would be quickly focused on everywhere that he was not. However, these copies would not be performing any outright hostile actions as yet but the chaos of the multitude running around would quickly begin taxing the AI system much more than it should have.

The actual figure was still standing there, staring at Torran. To any means of detection other than normal human eyesight he would not be there at all, a conundrum to technological and mystical senses. The emerald warrior crossed its arms and it was obviously glaring at Torran, "Not exactly very welcoming, Steele scum. My records indicate that a great deal of experimentation involved your extended family. The previous experiment even generated some sort of base code that restricts hostile actions around your family. He called it an oath."
A dim ray of moonlight cascaded through the interior of the forest, silhouetting the image of a man. The sounds of the night ceased around him, as the creatures cowered in fear. A breeze turned tail at his sight, no movement in the trees, not a shutter around. Silently, the shadowed person stalked through the forest, his eyes the only thing visible in the night. Blood red hues dripping with excitement, the portrait fit a fallen hero all to well, but that was impossible. As the man crossed into a ray of light, his features were revealed momentarily. His hair resembled his fathers, spiked downwards in front of his face, but he was not that man. No, the thick rose red hair showed that they were not the same. Slowly, his approach met end as he caught sight of the Steele grounds before him. A grunting chuckle errupted from within the man's gut.

"My father defended this place with his life countless times, and I fought for this place once in the past against the Mantis Clan. Would they dare give a home to the forsaken son? Will they cast me aside? This will be to fun." He grinned wide, continuing his journey towards the entrance.

And so the stroy of Kiro Eleric Hoto II began...
Torran looked at the figure, his mind raced. This thing had been bloody hard to spot. If not for a few of KAI's upgrades he wouldnt have even known the thing was there at all. Now it was talking about oaths and experimentation. Torran desperatly wanted to find out what it was made of. He mentaly began a analyisis.

"What oath? Who...or rather what are you?"
The gun remained trained and ready.
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The many decoys set up for KAI vanished into a teleport once more and spread themselves across the grounds in another duplication that created another few dozen from each of the copies. As yet the fictional doppelgangers were only mucking about outside and on the roof but seemed to be performing more and more complex actions. The being was indeed testing the system, but it was uncertain whether or not he wished true harm upon the AI or if he were merely having a bit of fun.

The humanoid form stood for a moment before Torran merely studying the man's features in return. The only data the man might be getting from the strange beast was the fact that he didn't seem to see with his eyes and that any respiration he seemed to be doing was spread across his entire body. Most interesting of all was most likely the fact that the man was not even standing upon the ground but floating mere centimeters above it.

The creature took a step towards Torran, an act, and almost seemed to push his chest out towards the gun. He was aware that this base code restricted him from taking any hostile actions against Steele family members or real estate owned by them. He also realized that the base code had limitations and while he could not change his hard wired programming he could build upon it. He could include exceptions. He chose his words carefully, his voice shifting modulation so that it came not as a single sound but a cascade of thousands of voices speaking in absolute unison. This perfect unity had nearly the same masculine tone but had a distinct hint of feminine sweetness, "That, my friend, is the right question. I am a harbinger of death, of perfect unity. A King of ultimate Utopia."
In the back of Torran's mind he could feel and tell that KAI was working harder than usual. Not only was she compliling terabytes of data on each of the decoys and the original but she was tracking them individually and taking actions to suit each. She would not be overtly hostile with out the command from Torran or a hostile action from the subject. However this did not mean she would do nothing. Silently doors were locked and reinforced, drones were put on alert, and the house put on notice.

Meanwhile Torran was nearly entranced. Not giving up his situational awareness but still taking a very long look at this thing. It was a marvel. Already he was adapting a desgin to augment his own mecha and drone based on what he was seeing. For the first time in a while he was genuinly impressed.
This thing was acting like a machine. Torran decided to see how much.
"State you designation, function and perpous here."

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