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Kiro watched as his daughter exited the area. His glance returned to the man who was his enemy. "Be ready for death. It is coming." With that he to exited the scene.
"Blast it all..." he watched the girl leave and realized that all sensability had left with her. THAT realization brought a chill with it as well. He quickly took stock of his surroundings. Temperate forest, with Kiro in front of him and Jr behind. This wasnt going to end well. Taking the preemptive stand point he primed his body with energy resonating with the elements of Light and Order figuring that it would bring a bit of protection from Kiro's shadow and chaos MO.
The crystal-like claws on each hand resonated with them as well. These however would change most likely when they were given close enough contact to an enemies aura. They were designed to be nigh-unbreakable and to attune themselves to the opposite elemental pole as whom they were turned upon. A gift from his patron for just this possibility.
He held out one and and waved Kiro forward. "If that's how it has to be then lets dance. But the second you hit me the Cove disappears. That little brat of an ex-wife of yours is on the list too." he laughed a laugh of a madman. "All you had to do was leave."

His stance was light granting him flexability and speed. Thats all he would need here...
Kiro ceased his retreat. The straw had been pulled. "You ******** skum." Kiro barreled backwards through the forest. Flanking him were dual black wolves with shadow essence falling behind them in sheets. "You should have shut your ******** mouth!" Kiro dove forward, his body exploding into a mass of blackness which ripped through the forest destroying everything in its path. The Steele grounds would shake with distress. He was beyond stop now.

"Die." The wolves flanked the being, while Kiro's black mass shot forward multiple dark spikes plying for his body. Each was able to pierce the man without a seconds worry. Instantly a message was sent to Cecil.

OoC: Note that Each was able to pierce the man without a seconds worry. was not an instant hit, I ment he wasn't holding back. Sorry if that sounded like autohitting.
OoC: Oh Torran, the cursing is Kiro's mentality right now. If you want I can filter it with *. ^^
((Actually that last post was made not knowing you were leaving. Had i seen that i wouldnt have done any of that. You must have posted while i was typing it out.))
Iron Ronin
((Actually that last post was made not knowing you were leaving. Had i seen that i wouldnt have done any of that. You must have posted while i was typing it out.))
OoC: Meh. It works this way too. xD
Lifting his arms like a shield he let loose a small burst of Light attuned energy which would at the very least stun the tendrils and at worst destroy them. In less time then it took to think he was standing behind Kiro. He didnt attack, but stood roughly 20 feet from him.
"Back here old man." His voice was full of boredom and annoyance. His ace in the hole as it were was controled remotly by something that could do a million different actions in the space of a nano second. Jos wouldnt let him down. So he would play Kiros game, until he got tired or left him no choice but to make good on his threat.
The thick spikes of black shattered, but instantly in there places new pillars exploded outwards. Yet they met nothing.

Kiro's maniacle laughter exploded outwards from the dark shape. "Oh little boy, you have much to learn." As it was, Kiro stepped out of the darkness, his rapiers extending to each side of him as if part of his arms. "You made the biggest mistake when you climbed that tree. You allowed me to join you." Kiro could play his game of moving at speeds unbelievably fast, but why would he need to when he could simply slow the competiton down. At the base of the mans feet, a thick glob of black would resonate seeming to leech up his legs. This would, in simple terms, glue him to the ground slowing his speed significantly. Everytime the man landed he would have to dislodge himself before fleeing again.

"No more games kiddo." Kiro's voice bent his image disappearing. Behind the sound finished as a single white rapier blade aimed dead on at the back of his body. He would send the blade directly through the man's heart and cease its beating if so done. Kiro was not finished with that though, for at the same time the two wolves began to shed off thick mists of shadow. The air around them began to darken. Things would soon be in place to finish this man if he did manage to escape.

"There is no getting away from your shadow."
Jr. had been summoning energy and by now electricty was swimming around his body, his face was set in concentration, he had to get it right the first time. The shadows swept out at him like a wave and in an instant he was gone, In the air a few feet above the men on the ground Jr.'s form would appear, the electricity swirling around his body was building up in power, the crackle of sound was becoming increaseingly louder as he built up more and more power. He waitied until Kiro exicuted his attack before he took his chance to act, As Kiro Attacked with the sword bolts of electricty began to surge out of Jr,. in an arch pattern Starting to create a dome like shape of electricty hopefully messing up the electrical devices held on the man, and to trap the competitors inside, so there was no chance of running.
A little girl suddenly fell from the air, falling from a swirling red vortex that had formed in the air. She came crashing down above Jr, a small startled cry escaping from her lips as she fell. The girl looked only 4, with eyes of pure gold and hair the color of sapphire blue.
Jr. was extremely concentrated but his alertness peaked when something appeared above him and began making its way down towards him, He pulled more energy out of him and put it into what he was doing he was going to have to be fast, He would He was waiting for the small person to fall just within his grasp then he would put a last burst of energy into his attack and grab the child, but then they would all be trapped within the electrical dome, unless things were unsuccessful, In which case he would abondon task and save the small child about to plumment to there death,
Despite the sword and the dome forming the same pattern repeated itself. He vanished and quicker than thought he was now about 100 yards to Kiro's right and well outside the forming dome. He laughed.
"You were relying n the glue weren't you? Or at least that shadow crap i have stuck to my foot?" Once again he sent a strong pulse of Light and Order attuned energy into the mass that would easily destroy it. Better to be on the safe side. "Ill give you a hint fellas. Im not moving. Sticking me in place is pretty much impossible." He laughed knowing that Kiro would find some way around this particular ability. As long as Jos stayed on top of things, and she always did, there wouldnt be a way they could catch him for long. Even if they did manage to injure him Jos would just poof him out and he would come back later.
The fact that she had decided to take this particular time to undertake this mission annoyed him some but then who was he to tell her anything. She invariably was right or could confuse him enough to make him think she was right...
She clung to Jr, her body shaking, and breaths fast. "Nice catch..." She breathed, her gold eyes staring up at him. She turned her head, and stared at the two men fighting. Well more like Kiro throwing attacks and the other man just standing there.
As the light hit the shadow, the shadow retreated for a second, but came back ten fold. Kiro inclined his head. "You pest." Kiro slid his blades into the sheaths and walked down the path towards the Steele Syndicate. "Play your games, but your target lies within the syndicate. I'll be waiting for you to try your pathetic attempts at it. Oh and I thought you should see something I have been building." Kiro turned his head to peer over his shoulder. He nodded to the wolves. The two wolves grinned with a grunt and instantly a pillar of shadow expoded upwards. The shadow pillar was twenty meters wide and long. It extended upwards directly towards the Orbital Cannon. This attack was done within a split second. In space, light was so lacking that shadows moved freely at untouchable speeds. The cannons likeliness to dodge was not very high and if it did move the shadow would simply ark with it. Kiro grinned and continued his pace towards the syndicate completely unguarded.

Kiro hesitated a moment, his eyes tracing towards where Jr held Echo. His mind raced as he saw her, his heart skipping a beat. Kiro let out a thick breath, then bowed his head and continued on towards the Syndicate.
He laughed. "Finally you see some sense." Looking down at the annoying black stuff on him he simply isolated it and turned it into ambient light. A simple enough feat with enough energy and the right elemental combination.
Looking at the wolves he simply sighed and shook his head. "Idiot. That android thing ate the one in this universe already..." He whispered to himself. Watching Kiro go towards the mansion didnt phase him. His objectives werent in the mansion but rather under it. His secondary objective was going to be a great deal easier to acquire so he headed that direction, that is to say he folded into the earth and reappeared in the heavily defended AI core room. With KAI offline, as Jos had predicted, the defenses were inactive thus allowing him easy entrance.
Producing a roughly fist sized device from a side pocket, he simply sat it next to the giant computer and waited. A few moments later the computer ceased to function and the device turned a pale blue.
"Secondary package ready for pick up." with that the device vanished.
Heading back to the surface the same he paused for a moment. Now for the hard part of his task.

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