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Name: Yuna-Lyn
Nickname :: Yuna or Lyn
Age :: 19
Height :: 5'7"
Weight :: 110 lbs
Ethinic Group :: Human
Location :: Whereever She is!
Interests :: Magic, Adventure, Art, Singing, and Other such wonders...
Body Type :: Thin and Fit
Allies: People who are her friends.... eeeeee
Enimies: People who arnt here friends O_o
Personal Skills :: She can do magic,,,,,,, Yeeeee,,,,,,, Yes she can.
Comments: heh...
Name:// Ekimmu
Nickname:// Shadow Puppet
Age:// 19
Height:// 6'0 "
Weight:// 225
Ethinic Group:// Mix of Spanish/Incan/Irish
Location:// The shadows
Interests:// Killing evil men, ramen, guns of all sizes, high explosives, martial arts, poetry, manga
Allies:// Has no official friends. Though...at the right price, he will make exceptions.
Enemies:// Communist/assholes/bad, bad men
Body Type:// Very athletic/medium build.
Personal Skills:// Mastered several fighting styles, knows how to use every fire arm in exsistance, animals love him, can crush cans with his head.
Comments:// ...bring on the vodka.
Kitsune's avatar

Tipsy Canine

Name: Sore wa himitsu desu ^_~
Nickname: Kitsune, Dark Miko, certain other things...
Age: Old, but not as old as some of the people running around here
Height: 5'5" (12 ft. on all fours in true form)
Weight: 97 lbs. (450 lbs. in true form)
Species: kitsune (fox-spirit)
Element: Void
Location: Barton Plains - Forest of Spirits
Allies: Crew of the Tantalus, Crew of the Dreaded Doily, fellow nogitsune
Enemies: Monks, Priests, most clergymen, Celestials, anyone that forces things on her
Human Form: Lightly-tanned skin with a small framed body designed for speed. Looks completely human save for her strange golden cat eyes and long, sharp claws.
True Form: 3-foot tall dark gray nine-tailed fox with golden eyes.
Demon Fox Form: 12-foot tall dark gray fox with flashing golden eyes, and nine tails with blue spiritual flames burning at the tips. Also has a mane of blue spirit flames that burn around the shoulders, along the cheek bones, and around the ankles.
Personal Skills: Mastery of transformation (animate and inanimate objects), alchemist, blacksmith, and mastery of the Dark Arts (Necromancy). When you've lived as long as she has, you dabble in a bit of everything. *shrug*

Comments: Once a fun-loving fox-spirit turned cold with time. Now she gets her kicks by destroying things, bringing about the ends of civilizations, playing malicious tricks on people, slaying the occassional monk and building an army of undead and shadow beasts to protect her evergrowing kingdom. She also loves to spend time with her son, Entei, and a few of her friends.
I SUPPOSE I could be bothered to do this...

Name: Kaminosai (Kami)
Age: Old enough to drink, Young enough to make stupid mistakes
Height: 6ft even
Weight: slightly heavy
Ethinic Group: All manners of european decent
Location: Wherever the road takes him
Interests: Buddhism and eastern Mysticism, Martial Arts
Allies: Whoever he feels like at the moment
Enemies: ~shrugs~ "bitter enemies are too much effort"
Comments: ....... huh? sorry, I was just staring into space there. biggrin
Name: Shishogan
Age: uh.. I don't keep track of my age - It was the year of the Ox when I was born.
Height: 5'10"
Weight: seriously underweight ..need to buff up
Ethnic Group: Nihonjin
Occupation:Masterless Samurai (a.k.a Ronin) -just got kicked outta my Lord's castle, for messing around with his wife.. *stupid*
Weapon: 3-shaku (roughly 90cm) wakizashi
Location: Just wandered into this here town..I think I'll settle here for a while.. I'm a fresh newcomer.. just look at my outfit
Interests: Bushido, Iaido, Art, Shuji (Japanese Calligraphy), Music (drums&bass).
Skills: Slicing things up with my wakizashi, Gambling, Archery, Fine Arts, Music (drums)
Education/Training: Itto-ryu dojo
Allies: Whoever's gonna gimme money..to buy sake and nicer clothes (hey, they don't have traditional Japanese garments here??)
Enemies: Fools who don't gimme money, fools who don't gimme no respect -hey, I'm still a samurai-

Currently seeking for employment - will perform assasinations for 100ryo(gold coins)
Name: Raistlin Majere.
Nickname: Raist.
Race: 4x-Hybrid - Drow, White Dragon, Demon & Werewolf.
Age: Varies from time to time, right now about 6'098 years.
Height: In which form?
Weight: In which form?
Occupation: Overlord.
Weapon: Mind, body, astral powers and home-made Slicing star.
Location: Midgard.
Interests: None, really.
Skills: Agile, Good reflexes & good at spotting weak points.
Training: Educated and master in/of monster, weapon, magic and language lore. Master of all magic that exist. Master of silenceness. Master of assassinations.
Allies: ... Allies?
Enemies: Too many.
Alignment: True Neutral.

biggrin !
hmm...this is kinda nifty....

Name: Shoju Ayame
Nickname: Aya-chan
Age: 18 (that's what I look like, but ah, whatever)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: as light as I can be....
Occupation: Mercenary and amateur writer/artist rogue
Ethnic group: human...yeah...i think ^^
Family: Three little sisters and one big sister, Onee-oniko ^^; parents (deceased) and a shape-shifting tiger named Inuki
Weapon: Telepathy and 2 katanas
Location: somewhere...
Interests: Drawing, writing, martial arts, listening to music
Skills: looks innocent, but deadly when tempted; fast; kind at heart, likes to listen to others, can hide emotions when needed
Training: Nitten-Itto Ryuu dojo
Allies: Soldiers of Love and the Boxershorts Rebellion, plus my sisters ^^
Enemies: People who aren't nice to me and my friends, but so far, nobody has done that
Name: Rivera Wonton <----named after my fictional char
Age: 18
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140
Ethinic Group: n/a
Location: stalking 2 certain people
Weapon: paintbrush (artsy as it is deadly) whee
Interests: dreaming of a place
Allies: Raitoningu, Kiju
Comments: is it my calling to keep on when I'm unable? is it my job to be selfless extraordinaire? and my generosity has me disabled by this my sense of duty to offer.
Name: Geney Lazulite
Nickname :: Gen, Jini, Ao.
Age :: 18
Height :: 5'5"
Weight :: 105 lbs
Ethinic Group :: elven (have yet to purchase ears...)
Location :: Whereever my destiny takes me
Interests :: Magic, Adventure,
Body Type :: Thin, but not skinny, and well built (for a girl)
Allies: Anyone i want (or who like me)
Enimies: people who dont like me or who hurt my friends
Personal Skills :: I use magic, and any weapon i wish

thats me. My avatar looks much like me, too. 3nodding
Name: Reider
Nickname :: makopunch
Age :: 18
Height :: 6'2"
Weight :: 200 lbs
Ethinic Group :: Norse
Location :: The frozen North
Interests :: Training
Body Type :: bigger than you
Allies: My bass guitar
Enimies: Pop bands
Personal Skills :: Uses bass guitar as weapon. Kills pop bands with bass strings. Ability to throw with uncanny accuracy.
Name: unknown
Nickname(s) :: shibby, liort, drakontas, shibz, xanophel
Age :: 17
Height :: 5'10"
Weight :: 9 1/2 stone
Ethinic Group :: unknown
Location :: unknown
Interests :: comics, rpgames (especially VDA), computer games, anime
Body Type :: Medium Build
Allies: anyone who does not get in my way
Enimies: xfactor (a.k.a ********)
Personal Skills :: has the ability to piss everyone and anyone from 100 miles away, sings in a band
Name: Mikomi
Nickname: Miko, Mi, Hopechan
Race: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5'8
Weight: 165
Occupation: Student
Weapon: Katana
Interests: Reading, writing, being generally irritating, the revolution which will come from the lower class and topple the bourgeois capitalist society which rots slowly from the inside, bishonen
Skills: Intelligence, mild ability with a sword, the atsounding ability to piss anyone off through sheer condescending superiority
Education: Currently studying at the Barton University with a major in global politics and a minor in writing
Allies: Raitoningu, Mahii, Rivera, Kiju
Enemies: Raitoningu, Mahii, Rivera, Kiju, everyone with a memory span longer than that of a goldfish or a constitution of less than a saint. A very tolerant saint.
Notes: Irritating, superior, and smug, but essentially a good person if you can stand her. Very idealistic in an irritating sort of way.
Name - Tamoko Yuki
Nickname - Tamo-chan; Tam
Age - 16
Height - 5'6
Weight - 125
Ethinic Group - ....???
Location - Barton town; Others are confidental
Interests - Cookin, Cleanin, Helping people and makeing them feel happy.
Allies - n_n no but i have a guild
Enemies - yes.. my guild is called CANDY MASSACRE.. join now ^_~
Comments - n____n meow.
Body Type - Slender with volumptious breasts. o_o or big. har har.
Personal Skills - makeing men fall inlove with me without trying.
Name: Adrian Santos
A.K.A: AD, GreatDragon AD
Age: 19
Height: 6'2,
Weight: 145 lbs.
Ethnic/Group: American/Puertorican
Location: Miami, FL
Occupation: College Student and Traveling Martial Artist
Weapon: Martial Arts and Fire Sword
Training: Saotome and Tendo School of Anything-Goes Martial Arts
Interests: Anime/Manga, Video Games, and Fan Fiction
Allies: his friends and his brother.
Enemies: Anyone who are bullies and harm people. Rivals who beaten him and show no respect.
Build: Athletic and quick.
Personal Skills: Control and manipulate fire, use flames on most his attacks, developes his own martial art fighting style called Santos-ryu, goes into Wings of the Green Dragon mode.
Flaws: Short-Temper, can be easily bothered, turns into a girl in cold water just like Ranma except AD's Jusenkyo curse in a different name, weak on the opposite sex (faint, nose bleed, acts nervous whenever see anything pervertic like panty shots and cleavage shots), and weak against water-based attacks.
Quotes: "When I'm hot, I'm burning hot." "Puertorican Power!"
Name: Azrael
Nickname: Azzy, Baka, BB
Race: half-German, half-Japanese
Age: 23
Appearance: Clean, long-limbed dancer figure, doesn't look like she can do a whole lot of damage.
Occupation: Currently Unemployed
Weapon: Anything avaliable
Interests: The Boxer Rebellion, writing, reading, dancing, spazzing out
Skills: Dance, espionage
Education: Unknown
Allies: Raitoningu, Mahii, the Boxer Rebellion's allies
Enemies: The Pants Patriarchy, other enemies of the Boxer Rebellion.
Notes: Alternates between dry sarcasm and hyper spasticness. She hates conflict and goes out of her way to avoid it most of the time.

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