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Name: Artemis Argent
Nickname: Arty
Age: 15
Ethnicity: 50% Greek-like something or other (whatever the equivalent for this universe would be...), the other 50% is all mishy mush
Height: 137cm
Weight: 54.5kg
Interests: Rainbows, whistles, candy, love, archery, forests, wild animals, babies and children, boys, masquerading, music
Hobbies: Dancing, hunting for food, being generally cute and silly, growing things in her garden and flowerboxes
Skills: Good with a bow and arrow, can run fast, has a way with animals, good with plants
Allies: Any member, ally, or friend of Masquerade and the Fist is an ally or friend to me.
Enemies: The opposite of the above.
Comments: "I love you too. ^_^"
Player's notes: Yes, she is a lot like me. ^_^;
Name: Rini...or Ishieru
Age: 171 Months Old
Height: 5'3 and three quarters
Weight: Somewhere between 122 and 124lbs
Ethinic Group: Mexican-French
Location: Trapped in a bottle of colored sand, where the sun always shines
Interests: To inspire others to be the best they can be, to help others be successful and to educate the public so in turn they can help the less fortunate.
Pets: two kittens, one corn snake, a young milk snake and a baby milk snake.
Allies: Angels we have heard on high
Enemies: My only enemy dwells in the Lake of Fire
Comments: Show love and mercy even to the least of us.
Name: Avy [Avy-chan]
Age: My age is meaningless in your human years!
Height: 5'1 1/2
Weight: 110
Hair Color: Ash Blonde
Eye Color: Green-yellow
Skin Color: Fair
Measurements: Hehe...heh...hehe....
Body Type: Curvy in all the right places
Race: Wood Elf
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, drawing, goofing off, playing games, having fun and chasing after boys [and girls..hehe...hehe...heh...]
Likes: Kitties, ferrets, rodents of all kinds, snakes, lizards, all animals in general. Eating and sleeping. Sleeping. Nice people and evil demon boys
Dislikes: Being alone, not knowing people, the fact that she can be kind of tactless and not notice it.
Name : Vannesa
Nicknames : nes, nessie, nesticle
Age : 21
Height : 5'4"
Weight : no effin way
Ethnic group : Half Spanish, Half German
Location : Texas
Interests : Movies, Comics, Art, Music
Affiliates : none.. Im a loner :*(
Guilds : see above
Enemies : haters, the atlantic ocean, gravity
Body Type : toight
Special Skills : the ability to trip on air.
My Avatar is cursed with two separate personalities(more like a good/bad side) which can be alternated between only when a certain word is uttered. Neither side have shown intrest in releasing further information based on the curse.

Good side

Name :: Michale
Nickname :: Hero
Age :: 23
Height :: 6ft
Weight :: 174
Ethinic Group :: Caucasian
Location :: Gaia
Interests :: Protecting the weak, Fighting evil.
Allies :: Boxer Rebellion, Soldiers of Love.
Enemies :: Dark Parliment, Yakuza, THE FIST.
Body Type :: In good shape, muscular, but not quite ripped.
Personal Skills :: Martial arts, Creature Lore,
Comments :: With his good side currently trapped somewhere in the depths of his mind he can only watch helplessly as his greatest enemy plots to conquer gaia.

Bad side

Name :: Michale
Nickname :: none
Age :: 23
Height :: 6ft
Weight :: 174
Ethinic Group :: Caucasian
Location :: Gaia, barton town.
Interests :: Ruthless domination of gaia
Allies :: THE FIST.
Enemies :: Any and all who oppose him.
Body Type :: good shape, muscular but not ripped.
Personal Skills :: Physically stronger than his alter ego, he also holds an affinity for magic which is baffling as neither persona has studied magic
Comments :: Has claimed to be tapped into an ancient dark entity, while this is unconfirmed, he has shown great power rivaling the greatest of sorcerors, and at his worst was able to decimate an entire city nearly killing himself in the process.
Name: Theodore Shaw
Nickname: "Ambush"
Age: old enough
Height: tall enough
Weight: heavy... enough?
Guild: The Fist
Location: The Gaian Seas
Interests: obeying the civil Command, serving the Company, preying upon the shipping lanes of Yakuzan countries
Allies: my brothers and sisters of The Fist
Enemies: traitors
Comments: "..And the seas will run red with the blood of my enemies before I'm through."

Name: Rikard Prowley
Nickname: Rik
Age: 19
Height: 5'8"
Weight: not telling
Ethnic Group: something human
Interests: uncovering ancient artifacts, vengeance, vengeance against cranky old mages
Allies: Anyone who appreciates the finer art of carving up enemies on dark holidays, drinking vast quantities of cheap beer, and lewd subtexts.
Enemies: The Estabilshment.
Comments: BWAHAHAHAAA!!!
Body type: thin, apparently too thin (according to some)
Personal skills: translating ancient texts, going without sleep for long periods of time, imbibing vast quantities fo cheap alcohol
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Name: Terry Tribal
Nickname: Cryostix
Age: 21
Height: 6'7" 170 cm
Weight: 154 lbs 70 kilo
Ethnic: Turkish
Race: Unknown
Guild: No affiliation what-so-ever
Current Whereabouts: Barton Town
Interest: Thievery
Allies: Individuals
Enemies: None
Comments: Thief, Adventurer, Wanderer, Lover...
Body Type: See avatar, normal (yet acrobatic and strong)
Personal Skills: Fighter, Thief, Acrobat, Master of Cryosis (Ice and Water Powers)
Name :: Unknown/Confidential
Nickname :: Priest
Age :: 134
Height :: 5'6
Weight :: 125lbs.
Ethinic Group :: Elven
Location :: Girls locker rooms. Girl showers... etc...
Interests :: Stealing panties, looking at panties, panties in general...
Enemies :: any guy who doesn't appreciate Fanservice
Comments :: Official Fanservice Elf
Body Type :: small skinny nerdy looking
Personal Skills :: X-Ray vision, able to steal panties in a single bound.
Name :: Keitaro K.
Nickname :: Maikakuru
Age :: 18
Height :: 1.85 m
Weight :: 85 Kg
Ethinic Group :: Froggy
Location :: Not too far from a swamp...
Interests :: Japan foreveeeer !!! Animes, mangas, japanese (language & people) and flies (for food)...
Enemies :: French people who want to eat me...
Comments :: No comments...
Body Type :: I'd say.....flubby (if that word exists..but I think you can easily guess...)
Personal Skills :: I can speak japanese (a little, but still studying...I'll soon be a pro !!!), able not to sleep for 5 days...
Name :: Vincent Von
Nickname :: Ilfed Sikofit
Age :: 19
Height :: 5'9"
Weight :: 115 lb
Ethinic Group :: Mutt
Location :: Beneath the stairs
Interests :: Science, Creation, all forms of art
Enemies :: Not many, he doesn't get out too much.
Allies :: None, he is a pretty lonely person who doesn't get out much.
Comments :: He is a rather lonely person who spends most of his time working on his creations. He doesn't get out much.
Body Type :: Skinny
Personal Skills :: Though still young, Vincent has gathered a lot of knowledge on the arts of science. He spends his spare time working on creating life, and various other gadgets & gizmos.
Name:: Kyver
Nicknames:: Ky
Age:: Don't remember
Height:: 6'1"
Weight:: 195lbs
Ethnic Group:: Don't remember
Location:: Anywhere my heart leads
Interests:: Rock Climbing, Messing with Purr, Nehle, and Siryn, Art, The Sword
Enemies:: Those that stereotype me, and hinder my path
Allies:: Anyone who doesn't do the above
Body Type:: Built but not overly ripped (good definition/no veins that stick out)
Personal Skills:: Mastery of the Sword, Art, Gymnastics, Tai Chi, Archery, philosophy, ect...
Comments:: from pinky "I think so brain, but where are we going to find leather pants our size?"
yeah.... OBEY THE FIST!!!
<img> src="www.geocities.com/wc3_almighty_monkey/fist/piratef.png">
Name: Waruko Shinobu
Nickname: The Enduring Evil Child (Notice her name is Warui, &#8220;Evil&#8221;, shortened and Ko, &#8220;Kid&#8221;. Lastly Shinobu means "To endure".)
Age: 23
Ethnicity: Half-Oni
Height: 162.56 Centimeters (5&#8217;4&#8221; Ft)
Weight: 54.4311 kg (120lb)
Interests: Manga, Cooking, Myth Lore, Fighting, and Go.
Skills/Powers: Minbo &#8220;Gentle Art of Japanese Extortion&#8221;, Finance, Nin,Tai,Genjutsu, X barrier. Half-Oni body.
Allies: The Yakuza (Is the Leader)
Enemies: Those opposed to the above or herself.
Player's notes: Though her Nickname would suggest otherwise she is not evil and is friendly on a whole.
Name: Shiro Kanosuke
Nickname: Spikeykun, Kon
Age: 19
Ethnicity: Korean
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150
Interests: Humor, knowledge, and the pursuit of a good time.
Skills: Kno
Guild: BoxerShorts Rebellion, SoL
Allies: Boxershorts rebellion, Soldiers of love, various friends whom I would never harm.
Enemies: unknown at this point... a few annoying people though...
Player's notes: Not particularly exuding machismo, I prefer to be a connosieur of knowledge and hope to become the pre-eminent Keeper of Lore in Gaia.

Upon the demise of THE FIST, I sought sanctuary with Saturnine and several special people. As a Rose Petal Knight and a Rebel against pants, I will chastise injustices and uphold what's fair and good!

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