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Name: Alaron
Age: 17
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 185
Appearance: Heavily self-mutilated, almost looks inhuman
Ethnic Group: Reavers
Origin: Miranda
Weapons of Choice: Anything that will kill
Vehicle of Choice: Old-model Trans-U freighter with no core containment
Location: Burnham quadrant
Interests: Wiping out entire settlements
Allies: Other Reavers
Enemies: Anything that isn't a Reaver, and breathes
Comments: "If the take the ship, they will rape us to death, eat
our flesh, and sew our skins into their clothes. And
if we're very, very, lucky, they'll do it in that order."
Name :: Kasouge Taka
Nickname :: (None to date)
Age ::22
Height :: 6'1"
Weight :: 185 Lbs
Ethinic Group :: Japanese/Diluted Oni Blood
Location :: Somewhere on the outskirts of Osaka
Interests :: Martial arts, food
Guild:: None
Allies :: None
Enemies :: None, yet.
Body Type :: An all around decent build, nothing too unweildy.
Personal Skills :: Enhanced strength due to having a little Oni blood. Uses a freestyle fighting style that resembles Jeet Kune Do and Kenpo, with polearm proficiencies to weild his weapon, a bladed picket sign.
Status: Fighter for Hire
Notes from the Extermination Brueau: Be wary of this one, he looks human, but isn't normal. His ancestors derive from the old Oni clans of Ancient Japan. This gives him enhanced strength, including speed due to leg strength. His bladed picket sign has been known to cleave stones cleanly in half. His nature of fighting for hire offers a point of control over him. Approach with Caution
Risk Rating: A++
Name: Wargah
Race: Human
Tribe: Silver Tree
Body type: Slim and not all that built
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165
Appearance: Always seems to have a frown on his face
Town of Birth: Arami
Weapons of Choice: Does not kill or use weapons but does carry a bag of seeds
Interests: Anything to do with nature
Enemies: None
Bio: Born into a small village that mainly consists of farmers, he attained the ability to force nature and seeds to grow at amazing rates as well as the ability to change the makeup of seeds to give them new properties. These set of abilities are common amongst everybody in his village, the King as they call them, seeks to find how to use this ability, so the Arami and the King are always at war.
Age:Oh, we'll say 23 (16 in all actuality)
Height:6'1" (Thats true dont'cha know)
Weight:190 (BWAAHAHAHA! Oh if only)
Appearance:Tall, bulky, often seen with large black stompy boots
Ethnic Group:Wankers (Read as: Generic white folks)
Origin:Um, found in a tube in the parking lot of the local DMV. Or something.
Weapon of choice razz ipe bombs and a tire iron
Vehicle of choice:Large orange rusted out volkswagon hippy-van, heavily "Tricked Out"
Location:Nomadic, currently resides in Durem
Interests:Finally beating all those RPG's, aquiring some stompy boots, sappy manga, finding more music, further tricking out the van
Enemies:Meh, none really. Quick to anger but cant hold a grudge worth a damn. (I can say that right?)
Likes:8-Bit graphics, video game music remixes, FLCL, mech-on-mech action (like, mechs fighting. Get your mind out of the gutter!), and anything that goes oontz
Dislikes:Overly furry furries, people who just can't chill out and relax.
"Peeple of zee wurl, relax"

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