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Fairy Wings, anyone :3 ?
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I got one of the bi-colored wigs. Still have it too.
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You can get many store items. You get all of the undies from NPCs there and sometimes a pile of gold (I've gotten 777g a few times now), aquarium fish (low end ones up to Sharktooth fish.)

You get boxes and trunks from events, though pink links were thrown out of existence because people abused them.
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I have gotten 777 gold too, just like Chachiix above me and all kinds of inks. I don't browse gaia so that I catch them all, but if I happen to bump into it, I can't resist to click.
I cross my fingers for the tokens..

*Kinda has an addiction to slots*

Best evers: 10k & a Royal Scepter Onyx.

I guess I would consider those "rare to get" items in the Daily Chance, although they are not rare.
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I once got Moira's Underwear. 8D

Other than that I think I once got a white ink. <3
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It's usefull to me, I get gold and tokens and inks, and sometimes clothes. I have gotten 200 gold twice. it's definatly worth doing it every day. if you do it every day, your chances of getting better stuff increases.
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Can anyone tell me what includes the Rare Daily Chance items? I want to know.

I got 10k once as for rare items I dont really think there are any
Best I got was 200 gold... albeit slightly faster than posting twice in the forums smile
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I've gotten some pretty good inks and one time I got 10k at once and I heard u can get npc underwear from there 2 and my friend has gotten 50k before and some really rare items like that sell for 100k on the market place
many white inks
sen's undies
wows that idk but wat ever
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Get the better gaia add on.
It lets you draw all of the daily chance at once.

you can collect a bunch of tokens. and then if you win tickets its 100% profit.
plus inks are always good biggrin

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