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it is so cool i like it
it is so cool i like it
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Magical Wife

I Got RIP Conan, 25 tokens, and 1k gold along with yellow ink, and a 600g
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Beloved Hunter

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i always got some junks.. crying
i wanna know and i love my tattoo
daily chance is always crap, but i click it anyway....just because....some stupid hope that it'll be better next time.
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9,999 gaia gold and various other things aswell
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Gracious Gaian

I just got a Golden Magical Giftbox from it. Worth 38k in the market, not bad.
it is so cool i like it
Peculiar Purple's avatar

Devoted Miko

I once got 10K form the daily chance.
I was all burning_eyes
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Dapper Rabbit

Is it just me, or have there been no tokens lately in the Daily Chance? I've gotten all kinds of flowers/ink/bugs/gold/alien masks/etc., but no tokens.
I just got a Golden Magical Giftbox from it. Worth 38k in the market, not bad.

I know what you mean. I received two of them. Talk about some quick gold. ninja
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Lonely Explorer

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So did daily chance completely replace the pink/blue boxes, golden/wooden trunks, and pink links? Or are those still in existence?
probably I haven't seen any of those things in years

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