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Ohh I want to know as well o_O
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[Long live the walls we crashed through]

You can get 10k out of daily chance, and I've gotten items worth 4k. So it's not all crap, even those inks and what seem like crap items can add up to generous amounts of gold.

[All the kingdom lights shined just for me and you]
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I've gotten shop items (clothes) a lot...up to 5k worth (sellback is half of that), including some kind of Agripp-something coat (about 900g), some skirts (1k-5k)...that kind of thing.

They are SUPPOSED to have some of the NPC underwear (ee-yew!) that are worth 10's of thousands, but I only have ever gotten Nicolai's and Gino's (I don't think they're doing his any more).
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~I have gotton an item worth over 200k in the MP
~~And last week I got 10k.
~~~No lie. That would just be lame of me.
~~~~So You could possibly be missing out on a good item just bc u didnt use 3 seconds of your time.
it is so cool i like it!
it is so cool i luv it!
i just want gold

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