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I've gotten fish bait, 50 gold (several times, and I haven't even been on here a week yet), several wallpapers, lots of tokens, flowers, bugs...
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i </3 the love LEE.

i usually get tokens. the best thing i got was prolly the 25 gold. which ain't much. stare
i got purple work pants once..sold em for 2000. so not too shabby =) domokun
I got 500 tokens one day. That was pretty neat
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Mostly junk I get, but I don't mind it when I get tokens *somewhat addicted to Cards*.
I recieved a clock, lots of bugs, trash, flowers, tokens, and some gold. I also got a leather chair, a clock, wallpaper, and clothes. Oh, and I got a microwave that I promptly sold...
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the only stuff that was worth selling that i got were the blocks and the colored tiles. hope one of these days i get something rare.
well im gonna stop gnorin the daily chance now
Bugs, toaster, flowers, junk, tokens, gold, and bait.
I got some bubblehead hat in the daily chance earlier... X.x...
i think the rare item that i got is 100g, 75 tokens, and some avatars
all i've ever gotten is tokkens inks flowers and bugs xp
Gold, bugs, flowers, tokens...common stuff.
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The "rare" daily change items are mostly ink, tokens, bugs, etc.

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