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the best thing i got in daily chance is gold!
it is so cool i like it!! burning_eyes
I wasn't aware you could even get rare items from the daily chance.

Even when I was using my other account for years.. back in middle school.. all I ever got was what i consider junk. confused

(Just started up playing again)
l e t s waste t i m e's avatar

Anxious Sweetheart

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I've gotten some items from the gold shops that was more than 5k...
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You can get super rare stuff.
Like Underwear. they're all about 100k in price.
You could possibly hit 1 mil gold. ;D
there are lots of things.
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Proxy Raider

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The best I got till now was the White Street Pants lol
Un4saken Soul
those tokens add up. if u don't want them give them to me. i hope i get tokens to give me something to do. cards is about the only thing i play. word bump is killing my brain!

lol know what you mean. Word bump is . . . ugh. I mostly do cards/draw my thing/Zomg.

Those free tokens really help since there 1 gold a piece.
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I just got "Sasha's Underwear" which is worth nearly 40k on the marketplace. But mostly I just get junk. neutral
I've gotten 10k recently.
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I just got a Royal Scepter, Silver.
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The best I got was 10 k. I was like eek
You sometimes get random items out of some of the gaia shops and occasionally a rare item worth several thousand. but mostly just gold and tokens x x
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mostly junk but you can get some good stuff sometimes but the forums daily chance is the best you get inks and clothing also lots of gold
I got 10000 gold once... not kidding.

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