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none of the above.
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Angelic Fairy

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Fairy with the ability to transform into a mermaid when she feels like it. cool
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Sir Schmerz's Husband

Witty Risk-Taker

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Human. Always and forever human. If/when we have site events that require us to pick a species, be it vampire, elf, werewolf or otherwise, if the human option exists, I'm going for human. The clothes and items are made for this base, and I like that sort of reliability in testing items and being confident items will look good on me.
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Rainbow Tycoon

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Hmm I like being human but during Halloween I became a dark elf and made a bunch of avatars for the skin. Now I must use them.

I prefer the human skin, if only for simplicity and better arms. I do like how narrow the waist is the the dark elves because that give me a nice negative space between the arms and the waist. Before it got a bit claustrophobic.

Still, stick arms. Cute creamy avatars are harder to make too.

Storywise I like the centaurs, they are cute and like to run.
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Angelic Demigod

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Angel. Despite not having Archangel's Wings, but it's worth it. I'll just stick with the angelbow. I was a dark elf once, but it didn't look right on this avi...
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Noble Werewolf

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Werewolf. I always have the ears and tail. I don't like the werewolf skin from 2k11. Tried it and it just didn't look that great on my avi. I did use the pale vampire skin for a little while, but the eyes just looked a little weird, so I tried the darker one. Stuck with that base for a little bit, but then changed back.
Demon. Always & Forever will be.
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Kawaii Bunny

My favourite gaia species is vampire, but my avi is a human.

Although I do like when people take various items and invent their own species for their avi, or manage to make a species that isn't available on gaia yet.
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Fanatical Senshi

I've been an elven lady ever since they started making the ears in the F skin. I might transform into something else occasionally, but this is the default.
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No doubt a shape shifter, but I haven't shape shifted for who knows how long. sweatdrop
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Questionable Student

I like being a boring a** human. Everything fits you. I wish cream showed up better against my skin tone sometimes, but generally I like how it looks with other colors.
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Melodious Mage

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right now im honey bee fairy >.>
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Obsessive Lover

User Image

cool Angel imp. My avatar has been one since the year the potion came out, and I've stuck with it since. For character reasons, but it still doesn't make the species any less awesome.

User Image
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Man-Hungry Lunatic

To Whom It May Concern,

I be a demon, always and forever. heart


Lady Xem
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Blessed Fairy

To be frank, I have taste in skins that's more diverse then the colors of a rainbow. However, if I have to narrow it down, I'd say that it depends on my mood and right now I'm looking to get more of a mature feel. Also, I'd really like to do something that I saw years ago that looked something like this.

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