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Magical Kitten

Fairy, obviously.

I've been a vampire and a dark elf, but I didn't like the extra skinny limbs (I love stockings too much). I like the human base the best, because everything is specifically made for that base. I just add a few extra touches (erlking ears and wings) to make it a fairy.

My avi is always a fairy now, even if I don't have wings equipped. Just chalk that up to fairy magic.
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Aged Gearhead

Demon. Always have and always will be. Except for the brief stint as a glombie but I got better.
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Ruthless Raider

I switch between being an elf and human when making avatars. Depending on the feel and look will decide which I'll be. I've been a centaur a few times.
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Dedicated Hoarder

I've always had the human base on this (my main) account. I think it gives me the most options. I do have a mule which uses the centaur base, and I have fun coming up with outfits for him, but it can be difficult.
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Feral Hunter

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Under this metal shell im a dark elf, buff 2k12 elf to be more specific
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Rainbow Noob

My avatar's all yellowww! :'D
Hehe, ooh. I don't know. Some folks take offense at the term "Yellow People", but I'm not sure what else I might call her! D:
The Banana Smoothie is my faaavourite skin, it's nicely shaded and the outlines don't seem as harsh as the human skin tones. A close second would be the Lumpy Space Princess skin for the same reasons. So my avatar's some sort of colour-changing alien, perhaps. 'Scool with mee. c¦
With few exceptions of event infections, I always will be human. Unless I we will be forced to evolve into something greater I can't see myself changing :D
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Benevolent Cutesmasher

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User Image
User Image

Was a Vampire, now i'm a Demonic Deity xd
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Kawaii Punk

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Sometimes demon or elf 3nodding

I considered buying a dark elf potion and going dark elf again for a bit though.
Back then in Halloween, I had a Dark Elf avi and I liked it
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Dapper Darling

Generally, I prefer to be human, but after that I like to be a deer (some form of deer legs, antlers and brown nosey face tattoo). I don't really use potions as I find them too limiting.
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Shadowy Raider

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User ImageDrow elf, I've been one since the DW skin came out.
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Tipsy Reindeer

Kitty Gnar-Gnar
Shapeshifter. lol.

I've enjoyed being an orc a few times, but I can't stick to a non-human potion for more than like a month, i get tired of the limitations.

^This.^ I like being whatever the ******** I wanna be whenever I wanna be it.

And for me, I prefer my grey dark elf base skin since I've not had the luxury to get my hands on a true black/grey skin or dye yet. I typically switch between my Superior Form (doll skin), the white Masterpieces skin or my dark elf base to build my avatars.

I do miss my old human skin from time to time, but I find more use out of my elf skin than a human skin since I already have my Superior Form for a basic skin tone should I need it.
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Anxious Lover

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I'm Ren's bunny/lover. talk2hand
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Fluffy Glitch

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  • Tenacious Spirit 250
  • Novice Attacker 150
I've been lvl 2 grombie, human, vamp(original skin), centaur, dark elf (the initial skin from the Halloween event 09), and for a while I stuck with the blue dark elf skin despite the problems it had.

The one I like but can't ever seem to make a good avie and therefore don't keep is the white/gray centaur. Yet after this last event of vamps versus elves I liked the fact that they finally came out with a tanned version of the vamp skin and I've been that since.

Another one I like is my Gimpy skin.
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Stone-cold Cat

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  • Risky Lifestyle 100
  • Citizen 200
Neko or Bakeneko.
The latter me likes to eat young men.

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