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Resin Roses's avatar

Devout Gaian

I've barely ignored anyone in my life and if I do, I usually remove it within one or two months. I usually ignore trolls, to stop their attempts from well...trolling more. I ignore people I cannot stand at the moment, even if it's friends. I think everyone deserves a second chance though, hence why I remove the ignore after a while.
I have no one blocked.
I love everyone. emotion_kirakira

Not really, there was one user who I loathed...but they don't post anymore.
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Girl-Crazy Hellhound

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  • Megathread 100
Ive been ignored out of disagreeing with an op in a topic. I really dont care. They dont post here anymore.

Ive ignored a user because their negativity and haughty attitude towards others really got on my nerves. It takes a lot to end up on my ignore list. I think that person is the only one on it.

No regrets, even if it might be seen as a silly reason by some. My passive aggression in dealing with people I cant tolerate works. They dont know and I feel better.
Tsukita-chan's avatar

Dantrech's Wife

Divine Kitten

18,500 Points
  • Cool Cat 500
  • Noble Shade 100
  • Beta Gaian 0
oh I have a few pages w/ignored people... but almost of them are because they are:


a few people there was ignored because once (in an old old old artshop I had) went to troll and spam it w/their friends/mules...just because and they were very annoying... :/

but when I see accounts spamming (I mean gore and that kind of spam, not just silly spam) or scamming, I report and then add them to my ignore list... to just avoid the posts in forums

I have no idea if someone have me in their ignore list... o.O
VVhip's avatar

Girl-Crazy Hellhound

17,050 Points
  • Elocutionist 200
  • Threadmaster 200
  • Megathread 100
Someone has had me on ignore since 05 because of a poem I wrote.

This intrigues me, who would do that?!
Mishies's avatar

Hardcore Unicorn

18,150 Points
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  • Object of Affection 150
    I don't know if anyone has ignored me but I've ignored my hacker and someone that tried to scam me. I don't generally think to use the ignore button but I'd only use it if necessary and I think the two people I've ignored were for valid reasons. I think if I ignored every user that annoyed me, I wouldn't have fun on Gaia anymore because I'd be nitpicking on every little thing.
Paper Gears's avatar

Rainbow Tycoon

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  • Tycoon 200
I guess if I ever used it it would be on creepers that wouldn't stop talking to me.
Even if someone made me angry it's not like we would be interested in talking again.
I guess I do kinda ignore people without the ignore button...
Oneide's avatar

Moonlight Senshi

I've ignored a few people in all the years I've been here, but I know for sure that it's under ten, but I tend to remove people from my ignore list after a few years.
The only reason I've ever ignored someone is because they've been begging. And I don't mean just one pm or something, I mean repeatedly even after I've told them no, or, in one case I did help them out, and they then continued, -every week... And also sold the item that I had given them the day after, but the begging didn't stop.

So begging is pretty much the only reason I've ignored someone.
MiameMiame's avatar

Feline Cat

My ignore list is longer than my friendlist xD. Yes I get annoyed quite easily. I am glad the ignore button exists.
Never used the ignore button. Before. Lucky me
castigat ridendo mores's avatar

Dulcet Lunatic

I've ignored a couple of people, but only because they seriously annoyed me. Whether anyone else ignores another person - regardless of the reasoning - is their business alone.
abandoned_nr_5448214's avatar

Gambino Gaian

- Why do you hit the ignore button?
The only person I can remember adding to my ignore list is my ex. There's also at least one scammer on the list and a few people I can't remember why I ignored. It was probably not because of their font at least XP

- Have you ever been ignored? If so for what reason?
Not that I know of on gaia. However, on an art site I pointed out to a user that it was against the rules to post other peoples work even if they had found it on google and cropped it. Thing is, you can still report someone even if they've ignored you - so lulz were had by me cool

- What do you think about the concept of white/black lists?
It looks a bit silly but I can understand the need for them in some threads. A lot of it depends on how mature the OP is.
acn period's avatar

Beloved Noob

___● I think I ignored a troll once? apart from that... I generally forget about that tool.
Anabaena's avatar

Lavish Lunatic

I only have like, 3 people on ignore. And that's purely because they annoy the heck out of me.

I mean, if every post you see of them (which might be often) makes you cringe, it might be better to just put them on ignore and not see their posts.
That reminds me that there's another one I've been wanting to put on ignore for a while.. xd

The situation turns odd when the person you're ignoring makes a thread, because then you don't see the opening post, just the responses. Or have they fixed that?

It would be fun to know who has me on ignore and why.. So please do tell me! emotion_dowant
Oh wait. If you're ignoring me, you couldn't read this..
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Fedora Warrior's Husband

Obsessive Lovergirl

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  • Magical Girl 50

Hell yeah I add people to my ignore list. I'm not shy about using it. emotion_awesome heart

lol But seriously, I mostly just ignore scammers, beggars, trolls, a few people I've found exceptionally retarded, and some 10 year old mental case attempting to harass me. lol

I honestly don't care if I'm on anyone's ignore list. It doesn't matter to me if they talk about me behind my back, it just proves that they're too cowardly to say anything to my face. cool


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