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One time in AMC, someone said that the fact that her tv wasn't working was her tv's way of telling her that Naruto isn't worth watching. I told her it was a coincidence and that she should decide whether it is worth watching or not based on the actual content of the show, she told me to stfu and put me on ignore.

But, it's a sign from the divine!

Some people never cease to amaze me.
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I only ignore trolls who spam a lot.
It just gets annoying seeing walls of kitty pictures after a time. lol

I THINK I remember one GCDer (?) ignoring me years ago for saying that I don't believe in Jesus Christ xd
Well, I thought that was a bit weird on their side, but it was someone I never talked to anyway, so no big loss. (Don't even remember their username at all)

Otherwise I don't think I put anyone on ignore.
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processing data . . .
I mostly ignore people whose general attitudes annoy me
and excessive beggars
I find it interesting to read that some users have gotten ignored for simply having a different opinion, though. that seems rather silly.
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I don't really ignore anyone. I've got this whole 'morbid curiosity' thing going on where I don't like not seeing things people are saying. I don't like the idea of someone s**t-talking me because they know I can't see them or w/e. It's the pinnacle of lameocity. I prefer manually ignoring them with the power of my mind. :>

I don't think I've ever gotten ignored, either, but then again it's been years since I've even come CLOSE to being active on here ( even now it's a far stretch ). I wouldn't be surprised if I ever do get ignored, though; mostly due to the fact that I'm very strongly opinionated. Or something. ( ̄~ ̄;)

edit: lol this was the first large text post i ever did w/ this format and the font was originally a horrendous powder-puff pink color sweet jegus my eyes


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    I hit the ignore button for trolls, mostly. I don't want to see that stuff. It doesn't bother me, but seeing as how sometimes the mods will warn you for even posting in a troll thread, well, I'd rather not even be tempted and just ignore the person.

    I also ignore very negative people. I like positivity and I don't come to Gaia to feel sad.

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Well, I used to think using the ignore button is for people who only doing it out of whim (especially for spammers/scammers/beggers), but after a long pause to think, I learned that it's more than that...

When once was a Gaian who is a bit younger, I was ignored by a few people and didn't understand the situation. Eventually, I begin to forgive that person and unknowingly made a friend instead of an enemy.

Present Time: Now, the reason to use the Ignore button is that I brought someone I know from Real Life to join me but he/she didn't know how to control themselves to leave me be when I downright said:

"NO. I WILL SAY THIS ONCE: Do not distract me when I'm really busy. No, seriously." Then I block him/her, since I knew he/she WILL NOT STOP posting in Meebo."
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I only really ignore porn trolls. Otherwise, I grin and bare it because I figure I probably won't see the guy again unless I go looking for him.

I seem to get Ignored more often than I Ignore... and I have no idea why.

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............everyone on my ignore list are spammers and their ilk.
Also those old hacker bots from before.

Only one person is on my ignore list for non-practical purposes.
Still sad because we end up hanging out in the same threads...and it's always weird to see people answer their posts...and you can't see 'em.
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Usually, the only time if I hit the ignore button is if the person is being extremely rude to me when I’m having a discussion or if they are a troll. I never think i’ve ignored something for anyone silly , and I have been ignored by someone before.

It was in the SF because i was defending someone who was being too defensive and was getting onto someone who polietly pointed out something being rude to them. As for black/white lists they’re fine as long as they’re used appropriately and not for harassing purposes.
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Eh. I'm too lazy to ignore anyone. It's one Gaia feature I've never used (Out of many emotion_awesome )
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I don't really enjoy putting people on my ignore lists for a few reasons. XD

One: If they're gonna say somethin' I wanna see it.
Two: For entertainment purposes.
Three: So I can post in any threads that I want. XD
The only time I've resorted to it is if it's the only way to end a fight. You know, someone who just wont let up. Or this one time when I got gross pics mass spammed on my profile..

But honestly, I usually remove them from the list the next day, if not the next hour. I dislike having to use it, and it doesn't really accomplish anything IMO. It's more interfering to me, than the other person really.
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I only ignore someone if they're being a creepy as hell stalker towards me. It happened to me to such an extent that I decided to move to one of my mules and as a precaution, ignored all his known accounts and mules on my new account.
Ive think Ive been ignored a couple times, on both occasions I was in a thread in SF where the OP was losing their argument and wasn't seeing reason. So instead of just admitting that their idea wasn't a good one, they both resorted to flaming, petty insults and ignoring almost everyone in their threads.
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I never really ignore anyone, unless they stalk me and make extra accounts to continue their stalking. The last time I ignored someone was years ago.

Just yesterday I was ignored on my mule, simply because a person in Towns couldn't take a joke.
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So far the only people I've ignored are those that harass me because of something marketplace related or well known low-ballers because I hate seeing them repeatedly come into my threads and offer 10% of an item's worth.

I guess I'd probably end up ignore listing stalkers too..but I'm a guy so stalkers don't really exist in that case. xd

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