Welcome to my page.

I collect EIs and REIs. These are the ones I currently own:

Collecting (Rapid) Evolving Items
These are not necesarily 1st Gen
Reve Rouille
Antique Shop
Rosamund's Revenge (3x)
Hidden Ace
Alruna's Rose
The Nightmare
Fallen Wish
Yemaya's Pearl
Kottan Bell (2x)
Dappy Dandy
Le Carousel (2x)
Daughter of Snows
Runcible Spoon (5x)
Sainte Ciel; Storge (2x)
Little Lucie (3x)
Mystery of the Stolen Sapphires
Haute Modena
Moira's Fashion Flashback
Band of Bremen
Captain Ara's Nestegg
Volant Reverie
Keiko's Cake (2x)
Inari's Beads (2x)
Jinxi's Charm
Josie's Journey (2x)
Tama's Basket
Fremere's Guard
Petit Cherie
Cafe Miam (3x)
Fausto's Bottle
Sugar Suite
Sprouting Peyokon
Nartian Rock (2x)
Noel's Gift
Pandaista (4x)
Dark Heart
Lady Jayne and the Mummy
Song of Amour
Keiko's Chiffon
Peony and Blossoms (2x)
La Vie de Mephiste
Art of Espionage
Hermes' Moon
Death Whisper
S-Pop Club: Taja
Wandering Maestro (2x)
Lumiere Noire
Compass of Seidh (2x)
Picolitrosso's Urn (2x)
Zodiacal (2x)
Gogh Reed
Custom Cut
Sainte Ciel: Agape
Sainte Ciel: Eros
Mizuchi's Jewel (2x)
Secret Retreat
Enchanted Book
Carol of Ol' Ebenezer

Recolored (Rapid) Evolving Items
Reve Marin (2x)
Mercury's Moon
Rosamund's Devotion (2x)
Rosamund's Passion
Rosamund's Rage
Lulling Lucie
Volant Daydream
Keiko's Trifle (2x)
Le Carousel Noir
Lustrous Lucie
Custom Cut Deluxe
Sprouting Pyokyon
Lovely Lucie
Runcible Moon
Rosamund's Yearning
Lavish Lucie
Cafe Rosa
Runcible Spoon Renewal
Keiko's Meringue
Lasting Lucie
Lonely Lucie
Bubblegum Pandaista
Cafe Bubblegum
Keiko's Specialty
Lovely Pumpkin Lucie
Luxurious Lucie (2x)
Rosamund's Redemption
L'histoire de Mephiste
Starlit Rose Saga
Firefly's Flame
Hero's Journey

I'm in my 20's btw.