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cєℓєsтιαℓ ғιʀєғℓιєs:

The only time I ignored someone on the internet was because the moderators of that community said they wouldn't stop someone from harassing me until I ignored them. So I did, they continued to harass me, they got banned.

I dunno, I'm way too curious to put someone on ignore. If someone's going around badmouthing me or something, I wanna see it. xd
I really dislike people that keep ignore/black lists
ocd and cliquey
It's an unholy union of two of my least favorite traits!
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Greedy Man-Lover

i don't think i've ever ignored anyone.

but, after lurking in the SF for awhile, i've noticed that when some people simply disagree with the OP the OP blocks them without even replying. THAT is a ridiculous reason to ignore someone.
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Blind Clarity

- Why do you hit the ignore button?
- Do you think people ignore people for petty reasons?
- Have you ever ignored someone for something you think might have been a little silly?
- Have you ever been ignored?
- If so for what reason?
- What do you think about the concept of white/black lists?
- Anything else you want to add?

My wishlist is mostly made up of people who sent me PMs asking for my password.
Other than that, there's one person who trolled me after I sent them a PM to thank them for something they donated to the dumpster, one person who trolled me for donating something to the dumpster they received from it and someone who trolled me on the forum.

My problem with ignoring people is that I don't really like people talking behind my back and you basically enable them to do just that by ignoring them.
I can understand people who get annoyed by terrible font colors and tiny font sizes and huge post styles tho.
If you want people to read your posts, why deliberately make it hard for them to read?
I wouldn't ignorelist people for that, but I may skip over posts of that kind.

I don't know whether I've been ignored by someone for silly reasons, but I'm sure a few people ignored my other account when it got hacked and used to send people ... PMs I would never send (I found some of them in the sent folder when I got the account back).
I can't blame them for ignoring that. Maybe for not bothering to unignore me later, tho.

I think white lists are for adding friends or people who keep returning to your threads with nice posts.
I'm not really sure what black lists are for - other than name dropping people.
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I'm not the least bit shy about hitting that ignore button. emotion_awesome It cuts down on drama and doesn't hurt anybody in the process, other than some slight butthurt that might ensue if the person in question discovers they've been ignored. My 3 page long ignore list (mind, I rarely delete anyone off it) consists almost entirely of beggars, scammers and lots and lots of creepers. On occasion I'll add someone from zOMG who annoys the crap outta me, but those are usually temporary. In the past, I have ignored other forum-goers for one silly reason or another, but I discovered calm and the art of just quickly scrolling past the ever-negative trolly types and eye-seering posts.
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♥ ♥

Oh, I've only ignored a few select people in my time here.
Though when I first joined I would put beggar nubs and junk on ignore. I've since
only left the ignore button for the most special of snowflakes that I literally would
enjoy inflicting harm upon.

That actually makes me sound like a psychotic closet homicidal maniac
irl. Oops.

I don't know if I've ever been put on ignore by someone. LOL. I don't do
much. I just b***h on the forums and have a strong personality in zOMG.
People seem to love me for both so idk. I'm sure, but I doubt it was on a
list of anyone who is relevant to me. 8D

I'm sure people use the ignore button for petty reasons. I mean, I used
to do it if you were some random person who kept on annoying me through
comment or PM. It's their ignore button, they can do as they wish with it.


the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Ok so I've put people on ignore before. Like three people.
And I do have a good reason for it.
It's kind of my fault in the first place for I guess. But still.

So I had gotten back from a doctor visit. I have a small mouth and the dentist had to work on my back teeth that were pretty sensitive and I had to be drugged up pretty well. So I was in a pretty mood when I got on Gaia and I snapped at a friend on accident.

Later that day I was gonna go into his shop to say sorry about snapping at him. But him and his two other friends were bad mouthing about me. Saying stuff like how they wanted to beat me up and crap like that, in a public art shop that everyone could see. So I said 'Well, ******** that!' and took him off my friend list and put him on ignore along with the other two.

But Gaia has a horrible ignore system -_- He realized I unfriended him and quoted me in other shop that we hang out together. I didn't want to cause drama in the thread for the shop owner and said that he made me upset about something he said earlier in the week. He said ok and wanted to be friends again, but I haven't talked to him or the other two since. He's off ignore and the other two are, but I doubt I'll be friends with him again.

I wish the ignore system worked better for Gaia though. I rather not be quoted by someone I'm trying to ignore. You can't see their posts unless you post a reply and look at the recent posts. I wish it worked that they couldn't see what you post and stuff. It would be a lot easier that way.
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Apocalyptic Pumpkin

When the Invisible achievement came out, I went through the CB and "ignored" everyone who sabotaged an Invisibility thread. Petty offenses on both sides, I guess, but I didn't want to deal with them if I wanted to get the achievement later. Which I did, only a couple weeks ago xD

Outside of that, though, I've never found a reason to ignore anyone. I'm mostly a lurker anyways, so it's not like I have trouble with anyone. I like pretending I have no enemies ninja
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        I think I ignored someone once because they kept calling me stupid for no reason but other than that I don't really ignore people. I wonder if anyone has ignored me hmmm
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If you random pm me simply to ask for my s**t, I ignore you.

If you are in general a d**k to me, I will ignore you.
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User Image

I only usually use it on accounts that I know are password phishers. I reported them of course already.
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For me to ignore someone, they would have to be pretty annoying. xP I've only ignored three people over the time I've been here and that's because they kept begging me for gold. -_-"
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I only ignore annoying people in towns. If they spam or get trolly. I'm like...I can't stand this, so I block em. Other than that I don't think I've blocked anyone.
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I think I only have one person on my ignore list...
It takes a lot to make me mad on Gaia, so I usually just
turn the other cheek.

As for being on other people's ignore lists, I really don't know
if I've offended anyone to that extent. I hope I didn't.
I strive to be a good little Gaian. ;3
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I still remember the first guy I Ignored.
He said I was "suking ur moms cok!!!!!!!"

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