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Kawaii Slayer

I've got 46 friends and I only talk to one of them on Gaia - the other 4 or so I talk to don't even go on Gaia anymore. We talk on Skype or Facebook now ..
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O.G. Gaian

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- How many friends do you have?
- With how many of those do you talk regular?
12 at most
- Do you accept random friend requests?

no i have them blocked
- Do you send random friend requests?

- Do you even care about your friends list?
yes in a way as it shows i like them burning_eyes
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I've got 48 friends, but I'd say maybe half of these people are gone from the site altogether and I actively talk to maybe half of that that remaining 50%. Most of them are just taking up space for old times' sake.

I think about clearing out my friendslist from time to time. But then I feel guilty about it. Like... do I really wanna remove my IRL sister even though she hasn't logged in for, what, 3 years?
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I have 344 gaia e-friends aka too many friends. 100 of those i probably have no idea who they are and/or they were added for zOMG layer hopping. 100 of those i probably know in some way or see around. 44 of those are probably NPCs. and the other 100 are probably....people i used to know but who don't log in anymore or people i was friendly with during flash events but that was it. yep. if someone removes themselves from my friendlist i probably wouldn't notice. i used to accept random friend quests but now if i don't know them i reject it (0 contact previously), i'm getting pickier since i don't want to hit the 500 limit too fast.
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Apocalyptic Deadeye

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- How many friends do you have?
100, which I think is way too many.

- With how many of those do you talk regular?
...Mainly just two. The rest are via PM.

- Do you accept random friend requests?
No. I have them turned off.

- Do you send random friend requests?
Depends on who it is.

- Do you even care about your friends list?
Yeah. Too many means I can't keep up.
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Kawaii Striker

Mmm that's how I feel sometimes
I have 49 people on my list
5 are my mules and 6 of them are mules of my friends
so that makes at least 11 kinda "bum" accounts in there

and the thing is I don't actively talk to my friends via comments or PMs
I'm the kind of person who if I see them every day I talk to them
so I had people added from way back when I use to frequent other places of Gaia
and back when I met people on other sites and we traded Gaia usernames
then there's old friends who've since stopped coming

I haven't the heart to remove any of them
but if they are on as much as I am and removed me
then I've got no reason but to accept it, I probably deserve it

I usually don't accept random friends requests
but I'm guilty of accepting if I see the user cosplaying as something I know, whoops lol
I used to talk to a couple people on my friendlist and we used to be really close. Some of them have not been on Gaia for a long time. Others...I left for a while myself and when I came back, it just wasn't the same with them. I also have people friended who used to be regulars on certain B/C threads with me, but once those threads died, those people slowly stopped being on as much too.
I don't talk a lot to people on my friendlist anymore...sadly. Some I keep on for the nostalgia. Others, I just keep on.
I do accept people who ask me. I'm not against having new friends! I'd be glad to have more.
And I do reject some friend requests. Often times it will be newbs that I have never really talked to, because I feel like they may want to be my friend to ask for gold or items (which stuff like that has happened to me). But if I have talked to them on forums and they seem nice, I will accept them, newb or not.
But for the most part, I accept people. I would like to know them more, but I feel kind of awkward being the first one to start a conversation which probably stems from me being like that in real life with new people.
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Feline Bookworm

I have eight friends on my Friends List at the moment.
About a week ago I had a clear out and got rid of anyone I
didn't remember/talk to anymore, with the exception of two
who were kept because we were pretty tight a few years ago.
I speak to maybe three of those eight on a somewhat daily basis
and I don't accept friend requests from people I haven't at least
spoken to once or twice.

I tend to get kind of shy about sending requests cause everyone
has different requirements that they want to be met before adding
someone as a friend, so I don't like to push any boundaries. If they
want to be friends I figure they'll make it known.
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Wealthy Hoarder

73 people. I talk to about..oh...10 or more. Different days bring up different people.

However I am not afraid to get a person off my friend list for any dam reason out there.

However, on the same note, I have 38 people on ignore too.

Funny thing. I don't request people. They find me!
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          I have 129 friends...I don't really talk to anyone regularly anymore, school pretty much consumes my life so when I'm on here I'm pretty lazy. I suck at responding to quotes and comments on any site, though. Most of my friends are GCDers, friends from oekakis that I haven't talked to in years, and more recently ATers. I add people pretty liberally, especially if I see them around often and they seem friendly and/or interesting.
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I have 107 people on my friend's list at current. I actually do talk to quite many of them on a "regular" basis (for me that's about two-three times a week). Though the amount I talk to every single day is much smaller, obviously. I accept random friend requests, but I always have a "rule" that goes along with it. I basically let the person sit there for a week, and if they made no effort to speak to me, I delete them. If they ask why, then I tell them, if they never do, then obviously they didn't really want to be my friend in the first place. I don't send random friend requests myself though, I make sure I speak to the person, pretty extensively at that before I send one. I could be speaking to someone for a whole week, sending them paragraphs and still not send one. In fact I usually ask if it's okay. sweatdrop Overall though I don't think I actually care THAT much about my friend's list, or I probably wouldn't have let the number get over 100 (I used to care about keeping people I only really talked to every day, but I threw that out the window a long time ago).
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Kawaii Senshi

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The only people I recall removing from my friends list are ones that have not logged in for a year or two.
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I accept friend requests from anyone I recognise, and it's not necessarily to always chat and such... it's nice to be able to keep track of birthdays and general goings on of people I like.

I don't keep track of how many friends I have, but I rarely remove anyone unless they've left for good. Even then I tend not to.

TBH I couldn't even tell you without checking where I find out how many friends I have.
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Demonic Vampire

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Holy cow BATMAN!
I have 206 friends on Gaia and I probably
literally only know a handful of them now. XD
I should really try to clean up my friends list
one of these days.

Then again I have been on Gaia for an insanely long time
I've bound to pick up a ton of friends request in that time period.

However...I sort of feel guilty when someone sends me a request
and we've been talking for awhile only to end up not following
up on the person after awhile. XDDDD

Ah well. One day I shall go through the whole thing
and clean up people I had no idea were there and I have
no idea who they are now.

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Apocalyptic Lover

I... honestly wouldn't notice if someone defriended me. D:

I really don't remember the last time I friended someone either. Aaaand I apparently have requests right now but no idea who they are. Whelp.

Though I apparently have deleted people when they change their name because I can't for the life of me figure out who they are.

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