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Tipsy Millionaire

- How many friends do you have?
280 :/, yeah, I still feel lonely....
- With how many of those do you talk regular?
I don't know, 3-1 crying
- Do you accept random friend requests?
- Do you send random friend requests?
- Do you even care about your friends list?
No, I'm not that sociable. I only get friends from events, they don't really care about me. I'm bitter, yes, I am (no one even remembers me anymore!) emotion_facepalm
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Moonlight Mage

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I have 17 people on my friend's list. I talk to them as I see them around or online. I like to send gifts for Birthdays, anniversaries, holiday events, or the occasional surprise. I think it's fun to send appreciation to them for sticking around. I accept random requests, although I get them really rarely. I did have one last week though, which was the first in a long time! I send my own random requests if I see the person around enough or if I see from their profile we have common avi styles, or interests. I do care, it's nice to have regulars to interact with. I'm always up for more friends as long as they aren't "those type" of n00bs who are just looking for friends to donate to them.
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Star Explorer

I really don't understand large friend lists and random friend requests.

On Gaia I let it slide a little more since this site is intended to be social, but of the 13 people I have on my list, only 8 of them are not mules or my boyfriend. So of 8 people, 3 of them haven't been on in a long time so of the 5 active people on my friend list, I talk to not one of them. ALL of them were people who sent ME a request. What is the damn point?

I'm not social and I don't initiate contact with other humans, so if they are the ones wanting to add me to their list, you'd think there would be a reason or they'd contact me once in awhile.

I don't believe in "People Collections". It seems more like a "feel good about yourself because you have a ton of fake friends" list.

And yeah, I'd say if you can't remember 47 individuals that if one suddenly vanished and you can't figure out who it could have been, your "friend" list is officially a "People Collection".
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Unbeatable Ladykiller

I have 10 friends, but one is a mule. Out of the 9 remaining people, I only talk to one, but we don't even talk on Gaia. I don't even know who some of the people are, tbh. I don't accept random friend requests, but I'll add pretty much anyone I've talked to if they send a request. I don't send any requests myself though. I used to be a lot pickier about my friends list and would regularly delete people I didn't talk to, but at this point I don't really care anymore since I'm not as social as I used to be on here.
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Indebted Medic

only 2 xd before it was like 5 but I never talked to those people again. the people on my friends list now are one very close friend and a mule account, lol. usually I just talk to someone once and never again. if I see them again I might try to talk to them, but I don't add anyone because I don't use it.
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Tipsy Exhibitionist

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None of my old friends (from when I first joined Gaia) still get on, and I haven't made new ones because I'm pretty antisocial. So I wouldn't care if someone removed me, but at the same time I don't really have the inclination to clean up (my very sparse) friends list.
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Angelic Champion

I have like, 40 friends but out of all of them I really only talk with about 4? Maybe 5?
I used to have a shop in the Mini Shops so that's where I got all the friends from. After I closed shop, I don't really see them around anymore so I don't really talk.
I'm super picky with my friends list now. If I don't know you/haven't had a chat with you, chances are you aren't getting added to my list.
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- How many friends do you have?
According to my friend list, 104 friends.

- With how many of those do you talk regular?
Four. And we all talk on Skype rather than on Gaia.

- Do you accept random friend requests?
Nope. I don't accept requests from anyone unless I have a decent conversation with them first. The only exception to this is if a friend creates a new account.

- Do you send random friend requests?
Nope. The only time I will send a friend request is if someone I've been talking to for a while wants to add me but somehow can't.

- Do you even care about your friends list?
Not particularly. It's just one of those things I tend to forget exists.
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Rainbow Tycoon

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If one of my friends removed me I'd just assume they forgot who I was and was cleaning up.

I need more Gaia friends I talk to more often.
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"I try to avoid adding people with only, like, 20 friends because that usually means they delete people on a regular basis "
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I currently have 160 friends and I don't know if anyone has deleted me or not. Since I never knew how many friends I had, until today. confused
But I don't care about my friend list much.
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Heart Mage

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- How many friends do you have?
I have no idea and i dont really care
- With how many of those do you talk regular?
1-5 if they are online but i havent seen some of them for a long long time. It all was great before but right now i am not sure if anyone remembers me in their list. I used to play ZOMG and had many ppl to chat with but since i couldnt be on all day long like before all died...i was pretty active at a time but then ...gaia happened....and i am not
- Do you accept random friend requests?
No. I know and remember every person in my friend list and their story or what they have told me
- Do you send random friend requests?
- Do you even care about your friends list?
about the list -No ,not really. If someone remove me so be it ..after all i havent been around God knows from how long..it is only natural for them to remove not active people like me sweatdrop
but i do remember when few so called zomg friends removed me and it kind of hurt my feelings i really liked those guys :/
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Sparkling Senshi

- How many friends do you have?
- With how many of those do you talk regular?
5 or 6.
It used to be a lot more.
However, I realised when I went to my course, because I wasn't as active,
they actually lost interest because I wasn't on 24/7.
Some removed me and even blocked me, because they thought I was ignoring them
if I didn't reply to a message.
In reality, I was just doing heaps of work.
- Do you accept random friend requests?
If I get one, I will message the person and try to talk to them first.
If they don't reply, I deny it.
- Do you send random friend requests?
- Do you even care about your friends list?
Yes and no.
There's friends who I love to death, who have been with me since
I first joined.
Others who I hardly know, and only have brief conversations with.
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Blessed Citizen

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I had too many @_@ I still have too many people from years ago till now who tried to randomly add me (now I can't mass deny them because of an error >.< ). I don't accept random friend requests because I don't remember people who don't talk to me at all/regularly xD So about a month..maybe two, ago I deleted lots of people on my friends list (gave a status warning) and was so glad once I had my friendslist nice and short with people I actually talk to haha. I only add people who I regularly talk to and want to remember :3
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Invisible Student

I have 27 friends.
Only 14 of those are 'true' Gaians.
The rest are my RL friends, NPCs and mules.
I'm currently only talking to one of them on a regular basis.
I don't accept random friend requests, nor do I send them out.
My friend list... isn't important to me at all. I have it mostly as a means of keeping track of my mules.

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