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I'm bored. Let's talk about our friendslist.
I had on my main 47 friends a few days back. (yes, too lazy to change accounts, sue me)
Someone sent me a friend request and I accepted it.
Still 47. So I guess someone removed me in the meanwhile.
The sad part is, I didn't figure out who.
So I guess it was no one important to me.

Maybe its about time to clear my friendslist out and reduce it to those I really talk with.

How about you guys?

- How many friends do you have?
- With how many of those do you talk regular?
- Do you accept random friend requests?
- Do you send random friend requests?
- Do you even care about your friends list?
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ahhh.. the "friendlist"
not too long ago I found one of my "friends" had removed me from their list... and until now I have no idea why. I used to talk to that person... I wish I could know why she removed me... maybe I did something that bother her? but not knowing.. it really bother me... and I won't ask -.-

- How many friends do you have?
I have 90 friends in my list.... but some of them are the same person since I have their mules accounts added too... so.. I think like 70 friends?

- With how many of those do you talk regular?
like 10 right now... most of them are always offline and away from Gaia.. u.u

- Do you accept random friend requests?
not really... I like to at least talk to a person before I add it to my friend list...

- Do you send random friend requests?
random? nope
I always ask first!

- Do you even care about your friends list?
I could say yes... but past months not really since been so busy w/work and university...
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I used to be a lot pickier about my friends list, but recently I just kind of friend people I've had at least one actual conversation with, assuming that I don't actively dislike them XD So my list probably has more people than I actively talk to/get to know, but I dunno, it doesn't matter too much to me. Half of my friendlist is "historical" - people who were friends when I was active "way back when" but have since stopped going on Gaia or whatever. Other than that, I dunno. I don't really like completely random friend requests, but I"m ordinarily not that picky.
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There are about 60 on mine but about 3 are mules including my friend and my own, when I first joined I used to add anyone and didn't think much of it, I cleared it a little down once so far mine was over 100 and something once with a lot that I didn't know anything about, some on mine I still don't really know or talk much but now when I add someone in zOMG! if I really enjoyed playing with them or ended up chatting with them otherwise I deny if there profile isn't public by a choice I feel that is unfriendly or if someone adds me by random I think about it now sometimes refuse odd time add but then they don't really even try to talk to me if I do add then also, I like to check there profile if I don't know them to help with deciding when it's random and try to talk to even though I'm shy at first
Right now none seem to be talking too me even though I see odd one or more as online
last replied about 2 weeks ago to two heard nothing yet
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I currently have 84 friends on my list and I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I'm only "close" to about 20 of them. A lot of the users on my friends list are people who I have had one good conversation with in a thread and then have never spoken to again.

Honestly, I don't keep track of my friends list, so I'm usually oblivious to how many friends I have at any given time. I'm not very picky about who makes it onto my list. I accept random friend requests, but do not send them myself. As long as the user seems like an okay person, they're on! xD
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45 at the moment and the majority are mules (my own and friend's) and people that aren't active anymore 8D;

I think there's about 5 people I really talk with left gonk
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<_<...not really know for my communication skills tbh. I only have 5 on this account (4 are mules)
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I have 34 friends and I regularly talk to.. 5? sweatdrop

It's mainly because I talk to people in the forums and not really through PMs or profile comments, so there are a lot of people I care about, but just kind of fell out of touch with. (Sentence-building is hard.. xd )
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Currently, I have 94 friends. I like to keep my friends list as small as possible. I kind of want to clean that list up a little...
I would say I talk with at least 20 of those friends on a regular basis. Some others, I keep for reasons of nostalgia.
Quite a few of the people on the list have moved on from Gaia. We had been close when I first joined the site.

I rarely accept requests I get because I like to make sure I know every person I add in one way or another.
I've only accepted requests from people I haven't known on very rare occasions. There are always good reasons for the adds.
In turn, I don't send requests to others often. If I do, it's because I know the person through the GCD or AT.
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Discouting mules, I probably have around 60 people on my friend list. I talk to about 15 of them on a nearly daily basis, and there are another 5 or so that I talk to occasionally. I usually clean up my friend list every few months and remove people I either can't remember, or I just never interact with. If we aren't "friends" then there's no reason for someone to actually be on my friend list.

I don't really accept random requests. It says such on my profile and if someone can't really even bothered to check my profile before sending a friend request then...why do they want to be "friends" in the first place? I also tend to accrue friends during my occasional art giveaways but I've gotten leery of doing that since the last couple of times I ended up having to deal with...some oddballs, or begging. LoL

People trying to subtly badger me for free art is possibly the fastest way to get taken off the friend list.
A couple weeks back for the first time since I joined, I went through my friendlist and dumped all the people I either didn't really know or had long since left. It was tough, but now I can actually see the people I'm friends with when I glance at the list. lol
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Once a friend always a friend. I dont remove them, but I have always been pretty picky about knowing someone at least a week or two before adding peeps and not accepting randoms (I have 6 currently waiting for me to decide if I will see them around enough to ad them.

I probally still talk to about 10-20% of them. Many of them on the other hand havent logged in since like 05.
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209 friends.
A lot of them are friends from zOMG and GCD regulars.
Quite a few of them are fellow artists.
Some are developers I've come to know and befriend. I have an obsession with trying to befriend devs, I want to get to know what their lives are like. I'm interested in people who work at gaia because someday, when I'm a good enough artist... and when I learn to respect everyone there, I hope to work there and it would be nice to make friends with people and know them before I do... assuming I do. And if I don't, hey, a friend is a friend.

Mostly though, the vast majority of my friends make up old 2005 and 2006 plot/event enthusiasts and people I've known on my old 2004 account.

I talk to 5 of them on a regular basis.
I stalk one of them on a regular basis (she knows who she is)
Around 10 or so of them I see randomly in the forums.
And I meet like... 20 others at dev meats.
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I currently have 61 friends, I don't accept random friends requests nor do I really send them..
The people I add or accept, are people who I have talked to through a longer period of time, or people I have conversations with occasionally..

I have before noticed my friendslist drop a number, but when going through my list, I just couldn't wrap my head around who was now gone.. so in the end, it must have been someone I didn't talk to any longer or something in that matter

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