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I guess I don't donate enough..
I only donate when I'm really bored and have spare gold on me. Then yay for all the quest threads on the first page.

I don't donate to new users, I only give them advice on how to get gold. Mainly because most new users don't tend to stick around after a few days or weeks. Then there are those who feel like their obligated to donations simply because they're new. -.-
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I'm weird about donating. I feel like it's really hard for me to accept any kind of gold or items, even from friends. It's one of those "Don't waste it on me ;-;-;" things. Because I don't ask for or really even accept donations, I don't really give them out either.
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I randomly donate to people who have a quest thread/quest in their siggy, when I have some spare gold or items.
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I donate randomly, but never to really new users. I don't know if they're going to stick around. I like giving items to people who really enjoy making avatars and varieties of them. I never donate to people questing single equip like multimillion gold items. You bring that quest on yourself then you can earn the gold yourself. lol
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I generally do not donate to strangers. I've seen a few people in the Virtual Spaces literally go around from person to person asking for gold, and it's absolutely shameless and disgraceful considering it's likely their only means of earning gold in the first place.

When I do donate, it's to friends who don't ask or individuals who don't ask yet show themselves as genuine individuals. Otherwise, I don't really feel they deserve the extra gold/items.

I've never asked for a donation and never received one. And personally, I am all the happier of my achievements being 100% by my hard work smile .

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