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A lot of people donate 3nodding
In fact, this morning I got 100k from a nice girl who wanted to help me on my quest of getting Breakfast the Calico biggrin and a couple of months ago, I got an anonymous gift (Band of Bremen)
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I mostly only donate to friends, and quite frankly it's nobody else's business what people decide to do with the gold they worked for. We all had to start somewhere, and wanting to hold on to what one has earned does not in any way make one greedy.
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Wow the OP is a little selfish.

Donating is about wanting to give, not about being guilted into giving.

Main reason: Self entitled Newbies
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I do when it strikes me or to help out a friend, no one ever donates to peeps with fancy items though so its not a two way street.
As far as dumpster dive goes, I only put things in there that I can't sell or trash.
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I don't think so no.

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It's not anyone's job to donate to people. That's why it's DONATING, you know?

Its a charitable act, done out of the goodness of one's heart. Donations shouldn't be done out of some sort of obligation, or done with the pressure of "OMG U HAVE TO OR UR A GREEDY GUT" sitting on someone's shoulders.

Besides, it's a website. What does it matter if someone "donates" to other users regularly? It's their own time or real money that the user would be donating, and I don't particularly feel like it's fair to make people feel like they HAVE to give it up.
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I've donated over 100M within the last three years of being back on gaia. confused
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I've donated plenty of times, but they're just items on random people's wish lists ranging anywhere from 1k to 500k. Either that or just gold to help them on their quests. Yeah, it's usually not a lot, but it's something. I mean, I'm not the richest person on Gaia, but I'm also not the poorest. The only problem I have is that I just can't seem to stop gifting. Someone tell me to stop. I need to stop.
And I still use Dumpster Dive so. Yeah. I'm broke pretty much all the time. 3nodding
I sell things at discounted prices every now and then
and you can buy things from me that aren't too

according to gaia I'm rewarding you
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Wow, I feel even less inclined to donate now.

List of people to NOT donate to:

1. OP of this thread, whatever their username is.
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How greedy are people? I regularly donate expensive flippin' items. Why? Because it's NICE to think that some poor little newbie who's still too low level on zOMG to farm might get a few thousand gold here or there, and it just might make their day. If it's under 5,000g what's the harm in donating? Go through your inventories--you KNOW there's something there you haven't used in forever. No, I'm not saying you should trash the very first little newbie outfit you ever had (I still have my dorky lil' starter items smile ) but at the very least, consider that there are people who use Dumpster Dive because they're still playing Jigsaw for money.

Sorry, that got a little more on-the-soapbox-and-the-rag-at-the-same-time-y than I intended, but I've played Dumpster Dive lately and the only donors I've seen are the admins.

If you DO donate, prove me wrong! heart

Search "Jinglybell" see my name on lists. Proven wrong! blaugh plus I anon the cheaper stuff the 1-20k stuff usually.
I still do. Sometimes.
It's hard now. When 20k-1Mil was something I feel like it was common ground to donate. Everyone had similar goals gold wise &' people actually appreciated your gift. Now, it seems like some people think since making money has becomes easier your mandated to donate.
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I usually donate to people who I know irl
and some super-really-damn-close friends.
edit: yah I'm sure a lot of people still do it
I make a point of donating 5-20k objects to folks on the Welcome to Gaia forum. Cheap enough to give away without worrying about waste, while still expensive enough to be valuable to noobs.

I'm usually pretty picky about who I donate to though. They gotta say something interesting to catch my attention first.
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I've donated about 3 million gold over the course of a month. 1 million to a charity with low funds, 1 million to someone who was questing Whim Sea, 500K to another friend on a serious quest, and the rest to various people in one of the charity threads I post in regularly (usually anywhere to 50-100k).

So yes, there are Gaian's who donate. Don't just assume there are few to none.

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