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this thread totally derailed itself. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be about dropping stuff into the dumpster.

I do, when i go through and dump all the stuff collected up from DC.
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I've donated a lot, but never to anyone who asks me.

If I someone's questing thread catches my eye I'll consider helping them out.
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heart I donate all the time!
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I donate to individuals and don't use the dumpster dive. And there are a lot of donators out there - the charity forums are still active.

Just because you don't seem much users donating to the dumpster dive doesn't mean donators don't exist.
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I usually only donate to people I know.
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I used too all the time but then one individual ruined it for me. Some girl friended me and then begged me to donate to her. She was questing an item for her dream avi. Rather then giver her the gold, I thought I would be nice and outright buy and give the item to her. You know what happened? The next day, she de-friended me, set her profile and pms to private and then SOLD the nice item on the MP. The NEXT day!! Questing my a**. stressed

EDIT: I donate to dumpster dive all the time. Too many junk items. XD
I guess I'm just a *bit* naive when it comes to other users. To clarify, I was talking about the Dumpster Dive "game". But it is good to know that I was wrong.
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I co-run a guild called Pusheens and Things that is a donation/anything guild. We just dont have anyone to donate to yet :c
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I used to donate all the time.
Get off yo' high horse.
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There are plenty of people who donate/gift still.
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There are people who donate, they just don't usually publicize it :3 No matter how large or how small the donation is does not matter. Donating an expensive gift does not make you better or worse than someone who donates a less expensive gift.
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ive dontaed 1.2mil to my friends for their quests and gifted in anonymous gift threads 3nodding 4laugh
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I used to donate a lot more than I do now. I don't have the gold anymore (I'm sitting just above 19k right now that I have built up over a month) and people tend to quest items I can't even afford for myself, let alone someone else.
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I donated a nice black rose to a new user once so they could use it with their avi, or sell it to get new items. Also, I donate sometimes during the events.
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I flat out never donate anymore.

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