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I'm not going to "prove you wrong."
I don't need to "prove" anything.
For roughly four years I had a page set out to donate whatever people could scrounge up to those who either had a difficult goal, or were just fantastic people. I didn't expect it to last a few months, let alone four years.
But the golden rule there was, as long as you made friends and didn't try too hard, there was always something in it for you.
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This feels like a thin veiled begging thread.

“Does this hurt? Of course it does, that’s why I’m going to keep doing it.”

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            Certainly feels that way with the "prove me wrong" at the end. :S

♥ YUM! ♥
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I have my spurts of generosity, once every blue moon.
But in the past I've given away a few millions to random questers or gifted them the item they've been questing for... I'm not a vendor, nor am I particularly rich given that I end up pretty broke afterwards, so I don't even know why.
To remind myself that it's just pixels?
Sometimes you just realize your own privilege of not having to 'quest' for anything, or at least be good at convincing yourself that you don't really want more than you already have. Well, you certainly don't need it.
Besides, the game's no fun when it's too easy.

edit; Oh, you're specifically talking about dumpster dive... Then nah, nevermind.
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I donated items but since no one else seemed to (kept getting my own stuff back on experiment) I gave up...
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I donate occasionally. Normally through the dumpster dive. But sometimes I go into the "welcome to gaia" forum and give something to the newbies. I plan on giving more to some of the new users, because sometimes a little generosity can REALLY save a website, and generosity is a rare thing on Gaia.
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Lol I was going to donate to the dumpster dive, but thanks to this thread I'm not now.
I'm not overly sure that a lack of donating necessarily constitutes the presence of greed, really. To me, the state of "not donating" seems relatively neutral. Donating is is something you actively do, and I think being "greedy" also requires that you do something beyond living in a state of not throwing your money at people. Maybe that's just the capitalist in me talking.

If I'm going to donate, like consciously donate, I can say with absolute certainty that Dumpster Dive would be the last avenue I would use. I use Dumpster Dive like a Dumpster. I throw trash in there. The blind aspect of Dumpster Dive turns me off from using it for donation purposes. I'm pretty sure extraordinarily rich people are just as likely to use it as newer, poorer folks.

edit: Oh, and as far as the question posed in the thread title, there's actually a whole forum set aside just for donating. And you can even see exactly who you're helping. Isn't that neat?

This feels like a thin veiled begging thread.

“Does this hurt? Of course it does, that’s why I’m going to keep doing it.”

It is. 3nodding
It's really not. To be honest, (and isn't this embarrassing) I was a bit bitchy that day and I felt like donating my items to dumpster dive gave me a sense of entitlement. I really wasn't expecting such a huge response--and after I got over myself, it really was great to see how many cool people there still are on Gaia! I haven't had the best experiences with people here myself, and I'm really happy that I was proved wrong. biggrin

This feels like a thin veiled begging thread.

“Does this hurt? Of course it does, that’s why I’m going to keep doing it.”

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            Certainly feels that way with the "prove me wrong" at the end. :S

♥ YUM! ♥

Yeah er...I did mean that verbally. I was hoping for people to share their experiences and express point of views where they could say "Um...you know you're f*cking stupid because of this and this, right?" and I could say "OHHHHH mkay mkay yup yup I already know where the corner is, I'm gone."
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I donate to my friends here and there.

I don't donate to random people since I just never felt comfortable doing so. I've donated anonymously before. I just never felt comfortable throwing my money out there.
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While technically a rant is usually meant for your journal and against or forum rules I can see grounds for a discussion here. I myself donate regularly I have an anon account just for that purpose. I like giving gifts and donating items to people I hope it gives then the same glee to be randomly thought of as it does me.
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I do donate people anonymously when I'm not questing for anything.
Anons still donate to me, so I'm pretty sure people still help each other.
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Usually around Xmas I get caught up in all the anon madness and gift random people things on their wishlist. Nothing too expensive. Usually in the 1-15k range. That way I can gift as many people as possible. 3nodding
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The base and the movement...

I hate when people beg. That gets you nowhere.
I donate to close friends. And i've gotten plenty myself.
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