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I really love the demonic anklets,
they are very versatile and a great accessory!
they have always been one of my favorite items on gaia.
Elemental Wings: Because what is everyone's dream? To fly through the sky with the birds, free of gravity and worry... And with 6 different styles to choose from, you'll never get bored with some old drab feathers!
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i think that the people who create the MC do a good job because i love all the MC, but i dont have any jeje

My favourite May monthly is probably Bear PJs. I miss my ghetto hoodie look. It added some cutenes to it.
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I love the demonic anklets. I really like items that have counters (angelic/demonic sets, etc).
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Gotta say, when I first joined the flame sword was looking to be my favorite, now though, even if they don't fit anything else I have, Holy Gauntlets look quite snazzy.
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I am going to have to say the Angel Bow. One of the first MCs I ever got. Felt so cool. ahaha
Elemental wings that came out in 2008, they have wings that fit just about every outfit.
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My fav May collectable is:
Yokai's Treasure
The hair in it reminds of Kurama Minamino from Yu Yu Hakusho..... and the love the hats in it. I used them for the Valentine week! (which that was a blast)

Good Luck to all who enter!
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Pride of Hera is my favorite, because peacocks are awesome. And it makes good use of green, which is a rarity in MCs.
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Definitely Oculus Mythica, it gave me eyes that do not look like everybody else, a sort of divider between the average gaian biggrin
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My favorite May Collectible is the Demonic Anklets. I use them on many of my outfits (when I'm not covered in cats), and I like that they have such useful poses.
My favorite May collectible... it would have to be the Elemental Wings of 2008.... why... you ask? I'll tell you why...

As I walked along a world of distortion... I thought there was nothing left for me... but then... the Elemental Wings gave me reason! I was able to possess the power of Fire! I could soar through the air, raging a fiery wrath like no other!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA twisted

I was able to manifest water and shift it into wings. With these... aqua wings... I was able to summon the strongest waves capable of destroying entire cities, or quail re angst of the largest, wildest waters....

With the earth elemental... I had flowers on my back dude biggrin how cool is that?!

Wind was my greatest friend, indeed. I was able to control wind and summon wings! With these wings... as I flew... it was as if gravity had no existence... it was just me... and the sky.

Light Wings. The power of light. The warmth and compassion... those wings purified my soul and gave me a new life... they made me... holy.

But... those Dark Demonic Wings... they tormented me. They tainted my heart and soul and made me think and do dreaded things... It made me... I can't go on... but... through all of this... I have learned that if I believe in Gaia, it will give me the strength to make anything and all things possible.

So... yup. The wings were pretty cool I guess. My favorite I guess. Ya'know? They were entertainin' and went good with certain articles of clothing. Nothing fancy.
Im gonna have to go with demonic anklets
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My favorite May Collectible would have to be a toss up between May 2007 with the Demonic Anklets or the May 2008 collectible with the Elemental Wings. I like the demonic anklets because there is many different poses for the anklets, which I love. The wings can only be used as wings. The styles however are just so awesome. So my favorite would have to be May 2007's demonic anklets because of the various poses~

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