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Favorite May Collectible would have to be the Demonic Anklets. They're just awesome overall. They even have a FREAKIN' MOUSETACHE!!
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OK I have Four,

Elemental Hair as my 4th fav, The quality is great and the hair styles are all just so cool looking with all my outfits =)

Woodland Druid as my 3rd, it's different and brings me back to nature... =)

Apprentice Charm as my 2nd, The set is just magical =)

And my most Fav is Nogitsune, I'm sorry but I just have to have 9 tails... It's just a must for me =)
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The demonic anklets of '07. Back when I was Morgana_of_the_Shadows17, it was what I based my outfit around.
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Oh boy! Love doing these (and it seems I got here early this time xD) *off to go down memory lane and look at all may collectibles*... amazing how many of these I remember coming out.

I'm going to have to say that this month's, the water sash, is my favorite. I am such a water fan and this items is soo pretty, and I like all the poses it has to offer.

My very close second is back in '08 the elemental wings. I use those aaall the time, for both my own avis and when I tektek avis for others. I love both that it is the elements and that there is such a variety.

~The Colorful Jellyfish
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I love Elemental Wings because they can be combined with anything you wear.
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my favorite may collectible has to be the 2007's 'Demonic Anklets' as it is Gothic, yet can be mixed with any number of outfits, and suits my personality the most.
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Demonic Halo.
I wear it almost all the time. I love the halo because when you think of a demon you don't think halo and this just gives it the twist that demons have their own halos. Not only is the demonic halo a halo but you can have a tail or corset. Its all the awesome items rolled up into one supper awesome halo.
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My favoite May collectable is demonic anklets. It has a lot of fun poses, and the little wings on certain poses are just too cute!
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I absolutely love the Demonic Anklets. Why?..because they can go great with any avatar you make. They're just so cool and it was the first item i decided to quest for.
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My all time favorite May MC would be from 2007.

I adored the Yokai's Treasure when it released. I made so many uses out of the masks, the robe
and kitsune tails. I was still a grombie during that time (heck, I still am now, just with a human
potion), and the masks allowed for me to be creative due to the lack of hair and head items I was
unable to use at the time.

And ya know, it was nice to have a few more wing like options with the demonic anklets. I was
happy to have an opposing item to my angelic anklets. Thank you.

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What’s your all time favorite May Monthly Collectible and why?

May 2k8 for sure. I actually own both items and use Oculus Mythica on a regular basis. These items can be used for yin and yang to balance out your avi or used separately to add that extra pizazz you want. Oculus Mythica and Elemental wings can be either subtle changes, or bold extravagant items that make your avi scream individuality.
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i like the demonic anklets because they work so well with most of my outfits, and i prefer a demonic theme
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Ooooh... This one is tough! I like this year's Imperial Guardian, but I also REALLY like the Oculus Mythica of 2008!

My favorite items are usually the ones I use the most.

I haven't made any outfits with the Imperial Guardian yet, but by seeing how others use it, it's a vibrant and beautifully colored MC, but kinda hard to make a whole bunch of outfits with for now. As in, to match it, people have to REALLY look for both the right kind of red and purple in an item (like Flight of the Macaw) or a bunch of red and purple items that work together. Not too too much diversity for the time being since people are currently limited to making the most of 2 especial colors, save for some really creative individuals who know how to stretch the uses for its colors beyond purple and red alone.

As for the Oculus Mythica, I have to admit that I like it more now. Back when it came out, I could only use one of the poses/"eyes" (the blind-looking ones), since the rest were "too random" and "nothing would work with them" (that I knew of, anyways). Now that I have an even wider pool of items to dress up with, I'm actually pleasantly surprised at how many of the eyes I can use now. Since it's "in style" to use body mods, hairs, and eyes to create truly individualistic avatars, the Oculus Mythica is a very versatile item and I have newfound appreciation for it~

xP I guess I have Gaia to thank for always making new items to expand the uses of older ones!
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My all time favorite May MC has to be Elemental Wings. I currently have a set, and all their different designs helps to add that wow factor to a ordinary avatar. All the different poses match with whatever you could be wearing, and are very versatile. I LOVE ELEMENTAL WINGS.
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I like May 2007 Monthly Collectible Yokai's Treasure. It is like a Tengu or something similar to anime Inuyasha and Naruto Shippuden! That's makes this set really cool! 4laugh

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