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My fav has got the be the most recent actually the imperial gurdian to be precise.
i have always loved items with hair styles and this one tops them all. Its gorgeous.
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My favorite will always be mini angel wings. They are so cute and perfect and are my ultimate quest item.
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my favorite was the pajama bear because it was cute and it reminded me of the teddy me grandfather had in his study before he passed away!! crying
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My favorite May MC is the Demonic Anklets from 2007. It was the first MC I HAD to have the moment it came out, and the work I had to put in to actually obtain them was so much fun!

They were a nice change from the angelic anklets for newer users who couldnt afford the angelic ones at the time and black goes with everything! Plus the mustache is hilarious!
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'08 Oculus Mythica.<3
they match with ANYTHING. and they're sooo coool. :3
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My favorite is the demonic anklets, because they work with almost every avatar. Their only downfall is having those red dots on the first pose lol.
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My favorite May collectable were the demonic anklets. They seemed so elegant for wings on your feet. They were dark but they looked so awesome. I remember when they came out I was AUGH I should have sent in money. I see no real flaw in their design. I'm questing for them (among other things) at the moment
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i love the may 2008 elemental wings i use them a lot plus they go with almost any outfit plus i like this months water sash its looks cool and id prolly end up wearing it a lot
Well, I'm new so my favorite is this year's water sash! I like it because I am obsessed love Avatar:The Last Airbender, and it would make me look like Katara.
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demonic anklets
they're a pretty versatile item to have
My favourite May mc is the Demonic Anklets (2007). I love that item because it has very subtle poses and helps out a lot when trying to balance your avatar.
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The Guitar of Angelus and Guitar of Demona.

The reason being they were one of the first Donation Items/MC's I obtained and May 2005 is my original month when I joined Gaia. <3
My favorite May Monthly Collectible would have had to be Bani the Bunny from 2010. I loved it so much and thought it so cute that I wrote a little poem!

Here comes Bani, dashing by
Soft and white, ears up high,
Sniffing about for something sweet,
Why not give her a small treat?
She'll be oh-so grateful
And follow you everywhere!
Your new best friend is
A small, pale hare.
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My personal favorite of all the monthly collectibles that came out in May is the Guitar of Demona.
This item not only features an amazing guitar, but an arm thought could make you scream with shear horror. Out of all the May monthly collectibles, the Guitar of Demona deserves the most praise.
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My favorite is the monkey pjs. heart

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