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My favorite is the bear pj because I love bear, they r so cute. whee
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my fav is Elemental Wings. Cool designs you can wear, and you get not only one but a huge collection of wings
my favorite was the demonic anklets because i have been after them for so long and i love how cute they look with the black and red ideas that i have they are adorable! heart
2004's Bear And Monkey Pajamas Because It Was Very Creative And Was A Very Good Cosplay for Gorrila Monsters.Also It Was So Cute Because of the furry-ness.I Also Love how They were pajams,So people can Make pajam cosplays with only these items:
Sleepytime bed
And The Monkey Pajama Or Gorrilla Pajama.
Those Pajamas Give Me Good Memories when we were kids.Isn't That Right Admin -wink-
My favorite May collectible would have to be the Demonic Anklets. You can wear them with any outfit and they still are amazing. They're really really cute.
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The Elemental Wings are the best so far, their design is excellent and suits any custom i could ever use, as a pixel artist in training i must send my regards to the designer of this awesome wings.
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My favorite collectible of the month of May would definitely be the Chain of Command. This is because, I like chains. They are very rugged and manly.
My favorite is the Bear Pajamas because it was so original & unique about the idea of pajamas making you look like a bear. biggrin
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My favorite May collectible would have to be the Lunar Sash. (Though I will admit it was hard to choose just one.) I love the way the sash has been posed on avatars, how it seems to wave and move as if it were animated. And I love the dark shades of blue that were used -- I love using dark blues on my personal avatar. :]
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i like the colors of this may letter!
ny favorite is demon ankletes from 2007
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I love enchanted strings because it combines a number of fancy looking instruments with fashionable pixelness. ^,^
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May 2007 Cloud ! . . I Think Cloud Can Go Well With Any Outfit , Fit Any Style, And Really Show Off Your Wealth . Cloud Is An Important Monthly Collectible That I Think Is a Must Buy For All Gaians . I Love Cloud ! I Wear Them In Each of My Outfits And It Always Look Cool ! . One Of My Favorite Items Of All Time !

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