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Welcome to Carousel, where the many animals of the carousels have freed themselves and now run free.

Quick Links:
Certing Thread & Pick-Ups
Growth Pick-Ups
Owner's List

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August 20th -- Shop update here!

April 8th -- The owner's list has been moved here in response to its ever-growing size. A huge thanks to [A.V.] who's moved all the pets onto the new site for us.

July 30th -- Staff requirements for opening customs/breedings have been lightened.
July 8th -- Cyren of the Sea returns as a colorist! Hiring is closed.
June 4th -- Changes have been made to litter sizes. Please read them over for future reference.
June 3rd -- [A.V.] has been hired as a general manager. Congrats!
May 8th -- Hired mangshra, yeomso, and und3fined. Please give them all a big welcome! Hiring is still open for those interested.
April 24th -- Hiring is once again open!

August 29th -- Hiring is now closed! Thanks again to all for participating. For the list of hirees, go here. (9/8: And here.)
July 15th -- Front page gets a major update. Hiring again! Full announcement page 1202.
April 24th -- Hiring closed.
February 2nd -- Grand Opening is over, HIRING is open, and you should see more customs and breedings soon.
January 2nd -- Main thread created, lots of previews.
January 1st -- Thread hacked together, most info up.
December 30th -- Templates done, setting up thread, starting cert contest.
December Sometime -- Recieved lines, started setting up and making templates.
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★ Follow all Breedables Forum Rules and Guidelines and check all drama at the door!
★ No selling or trading pets.
★ Do not flame, troll, spam or try to play mod of the shop.
★ Do not steal, copy or edit any of the art work.
★ Do not take our format or plagiarize.
★ Roleplaying is encouraged, but not required!
★ Co-owning is allowed, with a limit of two people per pet.
★ Respect all shop staff and pet owners alike.
★ Please don't direct-link if you can help it. It makes our bandwidth cry.
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For as long as anyone can remember, they have been trapped. In their prison, all day, everyday, just going around and around. The creatures of the Carousel had a bleak and depressing life, going on in endless circles with no change in routine, and they soon grew restless.

Through the years they would continually search for a means out. They could get out through their minds, but they wanted to be tangible, to move their limbs, to feel the gentle embrace of another -- they wanted to be rid of their rigid bodies and join the real world. One day, one lucky soul managed to happen across a deep reserve of magic. By accessing this magic, he was able to shed his rigid frame and become real. He could walk, he could run, he could touch things, he could smell and hear all the things that went on around him.

It wasn't long before others followed his example, and a new generation was born.
All carousel animals had the possibility to reach the magic and become real, but for some it requires more magic, and so the task takes much longer.
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Currently, there are four species that have managed to escape the carousel. More may come as the magic grows stronger.
They all start off as quiet animals, not entirely sure what to do with their new bodies, then they grow and become more colorful and energetic as the magic and spirit of the carousel comes back to them.

All lines are unisex. Previews are arranged in this order: baby, adult, alternate adult. Alternate adults may come with or without the caurousel edits.

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Subspecies: Bunnies
The Foxes -- sly and mischievous creatures, they love to play and are full of energy.
The foxes are one of the most common creatures able to escape the carousel.

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Subspecies: Maneless Lions
The Lions -- prideful and wild, they are somewhat territorial and like to roam in groups.
They are one of the most common creatures to escape the carousel.

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Subspecies: Mertigers
The Tigers -- noble, elegant, and mysterious, they are regal and brimming with unknown power and intellect.
They are less common than the foxes and lions to escape the carousel.

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The Dragons -- adventurous, temperamental, and clever, they are solitary creatures for the most part and prefer to be left to their own devices.
It is uncommon for them to escape the carousel.

Gods -- gods are the animals of the carousel that have managed to grab just a bit more of the magic than the others have, making themselves much more powerful -- especially over their domain. To find out more about them, go here

Growth Information:
Babies take one to two weeks to reach the adult stage. Pets must be adults for at least one month before they may breed.
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This guide is very helpful. ;D You should look at it if you're unfamiliar with the way flatsales, raffles, and so forth work.

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(These are standard prices that apply to flats, raffles, etc. if no other price is specified.)
★ Flatsale: 5k
★ Raffles: 100g per ticket
★ Auctions: HB
★ Games: Free

★ See pg. 2 for all the latest updates!
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So you want a pet made to look a certain way, and you want it now. Well then, get a custom. The way customs work is that a colorist will announce that they are opening slots, and then close them after a time period. They can then either raffle to pick the winners, or do colorist choice, where they pick what they want to color. Certain types of pets will be more rare, and so there will be fewer slots for those.
In the Total section of the form: guesstimate if needed so that colorists are assured you're aware of the price range. If you have absolutely no idea, feel free to leave it blank and colorists will work with you to figure it out. An exact quote will be provided should you win. Alternatively, you may link to a shop and provide coloring samples if you'd like a pet trade.

Gods -- if you want a god, read the information here. Then, when a colorist opens their god bribe slot, fill out the god form and PM the colorist with your form and offer. If the colorist accepts, he or she will PM you back.
Before choosing a domain for your god(dess), make sure it hasn't been claimed. A list of all existing god(desse)s can be found in the owner's list here and here. If your domain is close to an existing one, you must ask the owner of the god(dess) if your domain is acceptable. If they say no, please respect that decision.

Cosplays -- cosplays are no longer available in normal customs, unless the colorist states otherwise. If they're taking cosplays, then simply fill out the normal form. There's no set price for these, as some come with edits and some without. They may be ordered as god(desse)s, as well. However, if you order a cosplay, please specify the cosplay's official name and the show / book / etc. he or she originated from (eg: Koga from Inu Yasha) so that we may keep our cosplay list up to date. If you fail to do so, a possibility remains that someone else will order the same cosplay.
If there is a character with multiple forms (eg: Sora from Kingdom Hearts in his human form and lion form and Yoruichi from Bleach who has a human and cat form), then, depending on how similar each form is, multiples of the character may be allowed. This will all be in a case-by-case basis and, if only one is permitted, then only the first to custom in a form of that character will be allowed.
It's important to note: No cosplays may be claimed! It's first come, first serve. Check our cosplay list and make sure the cosplay you want hasn't already been taken.
Common Cosplays: Common cosplays are cosplays where there are often multiple in the origin, such as Pokémon and Chocobos. Only one may have the official cosplay title, but others are free to request the same character with variations, such as additional accessories or slightly different colors or markings. These will not be considered a cosplay, and they cannot use the exact same lineart the original cosplay unless the cosplay's owner and colorist give permission.

Recustoms -- If you'd like a pet redone, you're free to do so, but make sure to state so explicitly in your form. First gen pets may have anything changed: species, colors, markings, and so forth. They may even be recustomed as god(desse)s. If so, please see our God Powers thread here.
Second gen pets and any further down the line may only be restylized and additional edits may be added, but their design cannot change and they cannot be made into god(desse)s.

★ Common Pet (Foxes and Lions): 100k
★ Uncommon Pet (Tigers and Dragons): 150k
★ God(dess): Bribe only. Minimum offer must be 600k.

Edit Prices:
★ Edits are priced as a bundle, not individually.
★ Purchasing subbreeds do not incur an additional cost unless you are requesting edits on top of what they already have.
★ Simple: +10-30k
★ Moderate: +30-50k
★ Complex: +50-100k

To find forms and see if slots are open, please visit the Customs & Breedings subforum.
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When two creatures of the carousel are madly in love, they might decide they want a family of their own. Leave them alone long enough and you'll have a whole bunch of little monsters running around!

★ 20k
★ Have only one person send the trade.

Average Babies per Species:
★ Foxes: 2-5
★ Lions: 2-4
★ Tigers: 2-3
★ Dragons: 2-3
★ If you're mixing species, look at the female's species for the number. If both parents are females, get the average of their species and round down (eg. fox x lion will have 2-4.5 offspring, rounded down to 2-4 offspring).

Species Percentages:
★ Common x Uncommon: 70 / 30
★ Common x Common or Uncommon x Uncommon: 50 / 50

Rules & Information:
★ You may enter a pet only once for every slot opening.
★ You may win a total of two breedings per month.
★ Adults must be at least one month old to breed.
★ Couples cannot breed again until their last litter has reached adulthood. If a colorist is late with dropping off the litter or growths, then the owners must wait a period of three months after the couple was accepted or litter was dropped off instead -- whichever is later.
★ Same-sex breeding and breeding between species is allowed.
★ Babies may grow into normal adult lines or alternate adult lines regardless of the parents.
★ Baby stages may not have all of their edits. Rather, they can grow into or acquire them in their adult stage.
★ Users are allowed some input on their breedings: if you'd like to see any traits pass down, feel free to link in family members. You may also request random traits and twins. However, they're all ultimately CC.
★ Once you get your babies, you are only allowed to keep one for yourself per litter. The rest you have to give away to friends or contest off, with each person having a limit of one per litter as well. Giving away the offspring for monetary gain is prohibited.
★ Offspring of god(desse)s do not inherit any powers or abilities.

Bribe Breeding: If you want a certain pair, you can bribe breed. Just like bribing for gods, you PM the colorist with the completed form and offer. Certain perks are also allowed with bribes:
★ You may choose which adult lines the offspring grow into.
★ You may be allowed to choose how many offspring your couple gets. However, the number may not surpass limitations already in place.
★ The buyer may specify the appearance of a few offspring. This is limited to one out of two offspring in the litter, no matter how general the specification is. It can range from a full custom offspring to a vague "have it look more like its mother" but it will still count as a specification. Colorists have the right to ask you to modify your specifications if the offspring's appearance isn't similar enough to the parents.
★ Please keep in mind that these perks aren't available for all bribe breedings. It'll be dependent on your offer, as the main purpose of bribe breeding is increase your chances of obtaining a slot, not to have more control over the outcome of the offspring.

To find forms and see if slots are open, please visit the Customs & Breedings subforum.
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★ Owners:
xxSaspra (Hiatus), Ryuukishin, and Raiu-Chan (MIA)

★ General Manager:

★ Full-Time Colorists:
Syaoran-Puu (Hiatus), mangshra, yeomso, Cyren of the Sea, bullterrierlove, Lollipop x L u x u r y
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Shop Concept -- Naked Satan

Baby Lineart -- Drawn by Naked Satan, Inked by Ryuukishin
Baby Templates -- Cyren of the Sea
Dragon Egg -- Ryuukishin
Adult Lineart -- DFA
Adult Templates -- Naked Satan
Cert and Thread Graphics -- Naked Satan
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If you wish to affiliate, please PM the mule!
200 x 40 banners preferred.

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[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.57581865/][IMG]http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac288/carouselpics/thread graphics/button2.png[/IMG][/url]

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[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.57581865/][IMG]http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac288/carouselpics/thread graphics/button1.png[/IMG][/url]

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