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What Fun Is There In Making Sense?

starting post:
Lab Layout
Character Def.
Profile Skeletons
Accepted profiles.
Starting points
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Prototype OOC thread
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Animal testing has now been outlawed by the government, thanks to animal right groups and extreme measures they have taken to get their points across. From Breaking into the labs and setting the animals free to full on assaults of the staff members and setting the labs ablaze, destroying the research. Many useful research papers, such as how to fight cancer and get rid of it, were destroyed. Many people died from cancer and other illness. The animal rights group did not walk away free, however. In the dead of night, members were taken from their homes and killed without anyone knowing. The captive leaders where made an example in public; an example of what people should not do. People screamed and stared in complete horror, as each leader was brutally murdered, rather if they were beaten to death, or just shot. People grew wary of the government, and their ways of handling things.

As time passed, the government, in secret, began to pay scientists to continue what research they had started on before hand. However, instead of animal testing, the government looked to the people. Human experimentation became the new thing. Of course, they had to lie to the President, telling him that the testing was done by people who gave their consent to the labs and were willing. That was never the case, however. People and animals were taken from streets, the black market, even the insanity bin. The government knew as well that animal testing was outlawed, but that didn't stop them from taking in animals and preforming tests on them.

Over time, people began to suspect something was amiss when others began to disappear as well as some animals from the local zoos. Most people thought it was just thieves breaking into zoos and capturing the animals, but that was not the case.

In the city, there is a hospital, but that is just the front of it. Deep underground is where the experiments take place. Scientists began working on prototypes that could aid in the wars and be lab rats to tests new antibiotics on. But something went wrong. When the prototypes began to rebel against the doctors and scientists, ultimately, they escaped into the city. Now, the scientists must work fast in creating new experiments in order to get back the prototypes and have them be killed.

However, not all experiments are willing to obey the scientists. Following the footsteps of the prototypes, the experiments also crave the freedom the prototypes got. When word of the prototypes escape into the city reached the government, they contacted the research labs and told them, "You have five days to regain control of the prototypes. Either kill them or face the consequences."
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1. Really, this is so obvious that it shouldn't even be stated, but for the love of God, follow the Gaia TOS, including the Rules & Guidelines.

2. Romance is allowed, as is violence. Other people may be interested in your character for their own goals, but whether you welcome them or not is up to you. Be warned, though, that your character's destiny might not end up what you want it to be.

3. Though fighting is allowed, auto-hitting is not. On the flip-side of the coin, though, you can't realistically dodge every attack thrown at you. Eventually, something will get through.

4. Do not post until either myself, or Jayden confirms your profile. If you are found to be posting before either of us gives the ok, you will be banned.

5. PM your profiles to me or Jayden.

6. People are allowed 4 profiles.

7. Label your pm's the following:

for prototypes: The city shall taste my revenge

for hunters: The hunt is on

for experiments: what did I do to deserve this?

for scientist: time to taste more chemicals.

new role TBA


1. No blinding colors, such as yellow or cyan. Also, please refrain from using white. Unless you have a secret message (ex: The cake is a lie.).

2. Post at least three days a week. If you can't meet at least this goal, you might be better off focusing on what else has you occupied.

3. If you find out that you won't be able to post for a while due to any reason (fire, flood, alien invasion, etc), please let us know as soon as possible. Without prior notice, your character will be removed from the RP at the end of 2 weeks after your last post. You are not the only person RPing here, and you shouldn't expect everyone to wait on you.

4. I expect decorated posts, that means your character's picture, a good color if you want, and a decent size text. Preferably the default size, size 9 is also acceptable.


1. NO TXT-TLK. Seriously, guys, what do you have against vowels, anyway? They make reading things so much easier!

2. Don't know how to spell a word, or if the word you're thinking of is the right word? There are tools out there to help, such as SpellCheck.net and Dictionary.com

3. You don't have to write a full 5-page essay on what your character is doing in every post. Honestly, we'd rather you not (though if you do, make sure you break up the paragraphs - it makes it easier to read). We also don't want to see one-line posts if at all possible.

4. If your character has a speech impediment or speech problem, or is simply uneducated, then it's fine to show that in their speech. But please try to use proper English where prudent.

5. We are not Grammar Nazi's, I don't expect perfect grammar from any of you, but please just do your best.


1. Jaydenn Kelvari is the king of this thread. Silver Death Okami Kyu is its queen. If you respect the rules as well as us, then there won't be any trouble.

2. Keep OOC troubles from interfering with the RP itself. If there's someone that you just can't stand, let one of us know so it can be taken care of.

3. We're all here to have a good time. Check your attitude at the door. Failure to comply with the rules will result in your being banned from the thread.

4. All sexuality is welcomed, there will be no bashing of anyone's sexuality, if there is a complaint about it, Jayden or I will speak to the person in question and personally ban him or her for 1-3 days, if it's light, or permanent if it's beyond rude.


1. You have a tracker that you can not remove, whether it's a collar or a tracker that's imbedded into your brain. If you try to remove the tracker, you will be shocked and will be unconscious for 3-4 posts.
Lab layout


Heliport, HVAC equipment, executive penthouse suite


Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Surgery, MRI center


Patient rooms, Maternity Ward, Nursery


Official entrance, Patient receiving and discharging, Telecommunications, Primary security office


Parking garage, Experiment unloading, Network control center, Morgue


Experiment preparation and registration, Secondary security office, Birthing rooms


Experiment holding cells, Initial experimentation


Mutagenic experimentation chambers, Reinforced holding cells


Experiment dissection and crematorium.
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Character Def.:

Anthros: A human mixed with one animal, or an animal that is able to take on human attributes. They can talk, walk on hind legs.

Often a victim of cross breeding, or cross DNA exchange. These guys usually consist of two or 3 different animals. They are a bit more dangerous, but are prone to being a danger to themselves. Often reverting into a more Feral state, prone to kill anyone and anything that stand in their way. They are very hard to control, let alone tame, especially when they under go more experimenting.


Double Agents: An escaped experiment posing as a doctor? A doctor posing as an escaped experiment? Feeding information back to your own side, or maybe even trying to free the captives, you are taking the ultimate risk. If you're caught, no mercy will be shown to you. Then again, you might just be able to turn the tides here.

Element holders: These guys can be either human or an anthro. Able to harness the power of an element such as fire and or water they can use it to their advantage. However, Shadow and darkness elements has not been perfected yet. The perfected elements people are free to choose from is as followed:

Darkness/shadows- LIMITED

Hunters: These guys come in all shapes and sizes, when there is game to be hunted, they take no time in delaying the chase. Hunters can also be experiments and or prototypes. Bounty hunters can also be called in the action. Though they expect a decent pay for the capture of the run aways.

Scientist:The crazy people in white lab coats, who are as evil as they come, they don't care for the well being of their experiments, only the cash they make. They are ruthless, and cruel. Cold hearted beings. Often enjoying seeing others in pain, it brings such thrills to them. They have killed many, often getting away with murder in the name of science.

Super Humans: These guys were lucky, as they were able to remain as human as possible. But in the process of experiments, they were able to do different things such as run faster than a cheetah, which many would call it 'super speed', abnormal strength or super strength. etc etc.

Psycho Psychologist This guy loves to put people though mental torture, that is how and why so many prototypes and experiments lost their sanity. Often using mind games and twisting their words around to make it seem like you are very unstable, but with the right medicine, that unstable mind of yours will be as good as new, or will it?

Prototypes:The first wave of experiments done by scientist, they were made to obey without question. But not all of them kept their sanity, time after time they gone though torture, from electric shock treatments, to chemical bound injections including acid treatments, flesh eating acid. No longer standing the treatments and psychological torment. The prototypes escaped into the city where their destruction has begun.

Darklings: Darklings are creatures, artificial creatures made by the scientist. They require a host to live in or else they die. They love to kill and make life difficult for others. They are able to use limited shadow powers and take control of their host. Light will kill them.
[imgright]Image Address Here[/imgright]
[color=COLOR 1][b]» »Gaia Name:[/b] (Username)[/color]
[color=COLOR 2][b]» »RPC Name:[/b] (Full Name)[/color]
[color=COLOR 1][b]» »But you can call me:[/b] (Nickname)[/color]
[color=COLOR 2][b]» »I know this is what I am:[/b] (Gender) [/color]
[color=COLOR 1][b]» »I am attracted to:[/b] (males/females/both/neither) [/color]
[color=COLOR 2][b]» »I am:[/b] an experiment, a prototype, a hunter, a scientist, or a doctor [/color]
[color=COLOR 1][b]» »This is the type of experiment or prototype I am:[/b] ( anthro, chimera/hybrid, element holder, only one. Please state what animal(s) you are fused with.) [/color]
[color=COLOR 2][b]» »My age:[/b] (18+ for doctors; 8-30 for new experiments, but can be older) [/color]
[color=COLOR 1][b]» »This is my speciality:[/b] (Scientist Only, otherwise N/A: DNA Crossing, electro shock treatments, chemical knowledge, et c. ) [/color]
[color=COLOR 2][b]» »My current project is:[/b] (Scientist Only, otherwise N/A: name of experiment or experiment number.) [/color]
[color=COLOR 1][b]» »This is where they found me:[/b] (Experiment Only, otherwise N/A: where your character was before they were captured. Can be either: the wild, the streets, Black Market, or the insanity bin.) [/color]
[color=COLOR 2][b]» »This is how others would describe me:[/b] (Personality description goes here) [/color]
[color=COLOR 1][b]» »This is the story of my life:[/b] (Bio goes here)[/color]
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Accepted profiles.

User Image Click Icon for Scientist profiles.

User ImageClick icon for Experiment profiles.

User Image Click icon for Misc Profiles.

User ImageClick icon for Hunter profiles

User ImageClick Icon for Prototype profiles

Click Icon for Band of Rouge profiles/members

Click Icon for Xin's group members.
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Current zone(s) open:
Jungle Ruins

Starting points:

In the jungle
A vast wilderness covered in thick vegetation. Natural dangers are present here as well as man-made traps and more. The ruins themselves are also somewhere within the confines of the jungle. Let's hope you brought some bug spray.

ES Lab - requires authorization of Chaosmageslevin
A Lab consisting of The drone manufacturing and launch sector, The subject holding wing, Guards quarters, and testing labs. It is a hell hole, where the prototypes are kept in sealed dark rooms, ANd transported to the testing areas sedated, bound gagged and blindfolded, via a train system. The experiments based on the prototypes live in cushy cells. The place is controlled by Rom and his AI ORION. The place is in the middle of nowhere, and surrounded by a fence and towers. like a prison

Winter's Hollow
Closed due to rioting

Lunar City
Closed due to rioting
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1. Lunar City: The place where your adventure first began, many memory is held there good, bad, mixed.. Underground it holds a few subway stations, but one that was abandoned many years ago. To the north, Winter's Hallow.

2: Winter's Hallow: The winter wasteland, only those who think they can withstand the cold lives there. Native to that land are mostly snow animals such as, snow leopards, winter hares, Arctic foxes and wolves and more. A little bit to the north is the Ice Caves. Also in winter's Hallow, was a villa bought by a rich man who was apart of the government scheme in the creation of project PROTOTYPE.

Ice caves: Cold, chilly, and full of snow. The ice caves, are built like a maze, most people stay clear of this place, those who enter usually sign away their life, as they lay frozen deep within the maze.

3 .Jade Jungle: Deep lush green trees as well as grass, all sorts of creatures live in the jungle. At night, the wild life comes to life as the jungle beat begins to play. Down to the south slightly, is the cursed rusted ruins.

rusted ruins: Old ruins of what seems to be an old lab, or just ruins in general, there is many questions about it, such as where did it come from, what happen to it.. Rumors sparked like a wild fire. But what really lies under the ruins?

4. Ruin city:: A small city that has mystery shrouded behind it. It is that of a ghost city, not a single soul lives there. Yet, at night.. strange things happen. To the southeast, lays a trail that leads to Fire valley.

5. Fire valley: Mostly set in a desert like setting, where the temperature can go as high as 130 degrees F. Most of the area is just sand, with a few desert animals such as lizards roam. This hot climate is not meant for all people and creatures.

6 Moonlight Crucible Isle:: The name may sound creepy, by the isle is so much worse. If you value your blood, find a way to keep it. a clan or group of people live on that isle, looking for a way to make the world different, of course that sounds fine and dandy, but at the cost of lives of humans, experiments, animals and more.. is it really a good idea?

7. Plains::

8. Perhaps, toxic zone? Who knows....

9:: Aqua City:: A city near the waters, a resort if you will, a place that does not have labs, this place is a safe zone. Come on in and enjoy the waters.

10: Crystal Castle:: A castle made of pure crystal, but not all seems right. As if each room had mirror reflections all over, somethings can only be found by reflection but not all of the items found are helpful.. electronic devices can not and will not work.

11:: Is only to be accessed through the dream world which will be at random

12. Mysterious house:: A strange little hut that doesn't have anything to offer, most of the time it is abandoned..

13:: Sky castle isle:: A lush jungle that is rumored to have a staircase that leads to the heavens. Rapid waters flow in this place and venom animal lurk and prey in the darkness.

14. Sky Castle:: An old castle that reached the highest of heavens, it is said it once belonged to a powerful white sky dragon. The people honored the dragon so much, they built the castle. Anyone caught stealing treasure from there dies instantly, even the greatest thiefs had died.

15:: Toxic Zone, wait toxic zone? What gives, where is it!? Toxic Zone will be revealed in time.

Labs: Scatted all over in the world....do I really need, to explain the labs?

Underground Labs: Scattered all across the land, hidden deep within the underground. Most of the dangerous experiments are created underground. Built to kill its prey on sight.
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Q: Can I be a mixture of a experiment, with an element and also be a hunter?
A: Yes! you can be anything you want to be. Experiment posing as a doctor, doctor posing as an experiment.

Q: What is the difference, between a doctor and a scientist?
A: While the scientist are more for creating new things, and are rather more cruel about it. The doctors are a bit more friendly, and want to help those who are captive. They are willing to make sure the person or creature in question is in good health.

Q:How many prototypes are there allowed to be?
A: As of now, there are 7 prototypes running around in the city.

More FAQ's will be added when need be.
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Current locations of everyone who is active:

Kyu: With Rom at Sky Castle

Blaze: At the safe house with, Kelly, Deimon, Sky castle city

Kelly: At the safe house with Deimon, Blaze, In Sky castle, city.

Jacob: Sky castle

Nicola: in a plane going towards Sky castle

Rivern: Aqua city with Aurora, Victor, and David

David ( Mask) : With Nicola

Naomi: At the safe house with, Susagi, Lia

Lia: At the safe house with Naomi, Susagi

Kuza: In the lab

Joker/Deimon: With Kelly, Blaze, and Kitari

Erica: With Autumn

Jack: ( ? )

Susagi: Safe house

Kitari: Safe house

Kira: Outside safe house chatting with Blaze

Crona: Aqua city

Inori: with Crona

Natasha: With the vamp. King.

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Updates and ideas!

here is where the weekly or current updates will be posted. If anyone has an idea they'd like to try, just pm me, Jayden or one of the mods if they are online, or whoever is online at the time being.

1-11-12: the number of prototypes has changed from 6 to 7.
the last 2 spots for prototypes has been filled.

1-24-12: Please, no more experiments!! we have enough of them already, please fill the other rolls.
You can now be an assassin experiment and or prototype.
New area that can be accessed is Winter's Hallow.


Location update: We have a new city, Aqua City, Chaosmageslevin own creation. The area is his law. As well as the ES base.

Profile update: The role of the doctor is no longer an option, you do have a new choice of being apart of a group, band of rouges, Xin's group, or Misc.

Extra extra read all about it, Lady in red, Is real! Jane the experiment is causing massive damage!

Kyu: Each area that is opened, will have their own set of experiments, prototypes, scientist, hunters, and doctors. This does not mean you have to make a new profile every time that a new area opens. It just means that there will be more characters out there, new challenges and ideas to be tossed around. For example: The characters in the city reaches area A, they will see new lands and new prototypes as well as other beings.

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Banners and Links out
If you want to be a link out, send me a PM with the banner to the thread, and I'll give you mine. But please, label the pm.

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User Image


User Image


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Links out.

User Image Hidden Message Within Porcelain

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User Image

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

In the struggles of the wild, a rabies breakout spurs the resurrection of old enemies, and two packs of wolves start a war that will rage through the forests in a rain of battle and bloodshed! Just as a truce appears to be on the horizon a new threat makes it's presence known. The hell hounds of Mujihi, a sadistic and evil band of wolves bent on the destruction and suffering of others. Will the Karam Niel and Taichi be able to ban together and put a cease to this new threat or will their differences tear them apart and make it that much easier for the cruel wolves of Mujihi to wrought destruction down upon them?

Join the Karman Neil, Taichi, or the Mujihi pack in this brutal warfare and find out where your true allegiances lie… Perhaps things are not as simple as they appear.
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Black list::
kyle_one:: trolling
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