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The White Rabbit (?)

User ImageEverything was happening so quickly after that, Zane could hardly keep up. Good! It's wasn't like he cared to. He squinted an eye and looked over at Emilie when she scolded him. "What? I was just wondering. Should I have said, 'yo, sup, honey?', or like, 'By jove! Positively bolly to make your acquaintence!'? I figured it would have been an all encompassing.......", He paused as they were joined by Alex, who's scowl he matched, saying, "....Alex.", as a response to her saying his name.

Erin joined them and Zane shot a smile over his shoulder at the boy. Ah, his little apprentice, if Zane wasn't the incarnation of Loki himself, he'd have been happy to believe that Erin was. "Thank you, Erin.", He said, but he scowled at Emilie when she made her comment about women wanting to be treated one way over another. "What are you even.... I just wondered who she was. I didn't even score her number or anything.", He shrugged. And then, Kane entered. He met his polar opposite's gaze in an intensity to match the one he was receiving. He didn't hold anything against Kane, himself, but Kane certainly seemed to have it out for him and he had absolutely no clue why that was. He noticed him look at Emilie, and looked over at the gaze Emilie was giving him. He had noticed it many times before on other occasions, and he was slowly forming a picture. Slowly. But now wasn't the time to worry about it.

He shifted attention back to the new tattered babe and he looked puzzled at the explosion of activity between she and the nurse, who they all endearingly referred to as Sunshine. For obvious reasons. She was just so bright and sunny and warm. She introduced herself, however, as Animus. "Animus?", He asked, "Can I call you Ani?", he paused and hummed, "....Hmmmm... No, no I don't like the way that sounds.", he decided against the shortened name and he said, "I'm Zane. I'm sure you could tell. Cause everyone seems to be yelling at me. And she's a doctor.". He grinned and lifted his feet up onto the seat, which could have explained why the fabric was so torn up.

Ira then boomed into the room and Zane shot up onto his feet from the start of it. "Gee-zuss, Rooster, what the crap is the freaking deal!?", He asked, rubbing his head, trying to pacify the sudden headache he'd gotten from his pulse picking up. Cross was there as well, he finally noticed, and they all received a stern talking to. Especially Zane. "Sorry..", He said, insincerely as a response.
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Miranda Blaine

                      The ship landed just as her diagnostic finished. The others left the transport, and Miranda tagged after them at Pan's call. She had waved the other girl on ahead, looked around to make sure she was indeed the last of Gale Zero left in the hangar and headed down the hall at an easy pace. She fiddled with a small cord for a bit, careful to not break the thin wire, and only once she was certain no one was looking, she brushed her hair away from the nape of her neck, revealing the small panel that sat at the base of her skull. She hated letting people see her 'plug in' and often considered growing out her hair... It wouldn't be such a hassle to care for. Plugging the wire into the chip that linked up with all her systems, she looked at a small tablet like device attached on the other end.

                      Miranda could read any info sent to the chip without the use of the little data pad, but this was much easier on the eyes. Skimming over the info, she winced and let out a soft; "s**t."

                      It wasn't serious, not at the moment, but it looked like her 'heart' filters were malfunctioning... Meaning the cell virus count was higher then it should be. She could definitely go a week or two without risk, but it would see her out of commission for longer then she'd want to be. Disconnecting herself from the little tablet, she decided she'd keep it quiet for now. She had some time before she was in any danger. Miranda could, at the very least, handle her part in the emergency mission before letting her father know... She'd probably need to tell Dr. Dawn too when the time came.

                      Letting out a slow sigh, she picked up her speed and made a bee-line for the meeting room.

                      She came into the room a few moments after Ira told the others to settle down and chose a seat next to Alex. She flashed the girl a grin, but could tell she was in a bad mood. Miranda, still unaware that her friend was angry with being left behind, cocked her head to the side for a moment, before scanning the room for Pan. Of course, the girl wasn't hard to miss. The pilot was talking with a curvy, and rather disheveled looking, young woman whom Miranda had never seen before. Cheshire was half tempted to see if her father updated her Personal Records, but settled for watching the others. It was kind of rude, and she technically wasn't supposed to have half the info she did. Blue-gray orbs flicking about the room she noted a few people who hadn't been on the transport since they must have been here already; Kane was busy playing with his phone, Dr. Dawn was sitting next to Cyprus, and Ira, who was pretty much double the age of the everyone in the room was sitting straight backed in his chair, looking as stern as ever. She knew relatively little about the Gale Zero mentor and teacher aside the fact that he was very much like one would expect a military man to be; proper, tough, and definitely a badass. Miranda was pretty sure she'd never heard the man laugh before.

                      After a moment or two, Miranda realized she was staring and quickly broke her gaze. She stared at the table in front of her, correcting her posture so she was sitting straight and turned to look at Alex; "What's with the long face?" She asked.

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Gale General Albert Cross

All the while, Cross pinched the bridge of his nose between his fingertips and stared with an annoyed gaze at the unit as they entered the room. Ira found his way in, finally, and scolded them rather promptly, but Cross said, "At ease, Sergeant.. Thank you.". He finally stood up and walked around in a circle to meet the gazes of the Zero unit. "Does the phrase 'No man left behind' mean anything to any of you?", He asked, his voice raised, but not quite stern yet. He remained silent to judge their reactions, not really expecting a real answer.

"Any of you.", He repeated, this time zeroing in on Zane. "One of you was left back, and the rest of you just let it fly because the ringleader of your childish pranks decided it would be funny to continue on and leave her high and dry.", He shook his head and scowled at each of them, unable to believe none of them took responsibility and stood up for their abandoned team mate. "I swear, Rabbit.", He said, standing in front of Zane and leaning in close to him with a frighteningly stern gaze and tone, "If you weren't such a brilliant pilot I would have had you thrown out of this unit and out of this base years ago.". He shook his head and looked at the fabric of Zane's chair. "And what did I tell you about that!?", He asked, pointing at the chair.

He was met with the most false apology he'd heard in a while, even from Zane. "'Sorry'. Oh, no, go ahead, laugh it up.", He said, pressing a button and playing back the message left by the ambushed convoy, so that the whole unit could hear it. Silence filled the room as it played. He remained silent for a few moments and he looked around at the unit before he went on, "This was received this morning. A convoy coming from another base to the west, which held very valuable information to the United's cause in this war, was ambushed by Divided forces. The plans they were carrying are most likely stolen and we've had no reports that showed signs of survivors. While you laugh, while you play your games, there is a war happening for the rest of us.".

He drew in a breath and pressed a few buttons on the control panel of the holo-screen, which brought up a projection of the convoy, nearly a 3D blueprint of it, showing in a green light construct. "This was the convoy that was attacked. And this was it's location.", He said, pointing to a newly formed 3D map the holo-screen projected. There was a blinking light to display it's location, and it really wasn't as far from Gale Base or the city as some may have expected. "This was where it was attacked. It was almost home. We almost had that information. And they were ambushed. Just outside of our home. The Divided are getting more bold.", He explained.... Or maybe the information was just that important.

"You've all wasted enough time so I'll get right to the point. Your mission is to scout the attack site, search for survivors as well as Divided units. Hopefully recover the plans.... If they found those plans, we're going to have a hell of a harder war ahead of us.", He said. He looked over at Animus, finally, and he said, "This is Lieutenant Animus Drake, from the S.S.A. Space Station. I'm sure all of you heard that it was attacked and destroyed very recently. She will be joining Gale Zero temporarily as a mechanic and an engineer, at her request.", he glanced over at Animus and then back at the unit

"I want Rabbit and Reaper with Stigma and Cheshire to be the ones to get close to the attack site. The rest of you stay back and provide support if it is needed. Cheshire, you move in first and scan for any life signs, any survivors. The other three of you, provide cover.", He explained, "It won't be a big surprise if the Divided had another ambush waiting when you get there. The attack site is obviously going to draw out our attentions. Be careful, we've had reports of a new type of unit that the Divided have been using.", he warned. "Should you engage in combat, keep damage to a minimum and be smart with your ammunition, we don't want lieutenant Drake's job to be harder than it needs to be her first mission with us.", he said, putting emphasis on his words. "Absolutely no going 'gung ho', is that understood?", He asked, looking over at Zane yet again.

"Sergeant.", He said, turning to Ira, "I'd like for you to accompany the Zero unit on this mission. Should there be any survivors, there is no better a man to go on his own two feet and pick them out of the scraps. You may choose the pilot you ride with, all of their units have emergency seating, except Cheshire.". He looked over the unit again and he said, "You are to report to Hangar Zero immediately. When you are prepared for launch, navigators should find the mission coordinates uploaded to their systems and it will be relayed to you. Dismissed.".
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Don't make me face the music....

White Ace

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Emilie looked up as Cheshire joined the group and then back to Zane as he replied to her and supporting Erin. Emilie raised an eyebrow and shook her head with a small sigh, touching her forehead a moment, sometimes she wondered if Zane was really that dense? She knew he wasn't, he could treat a woman right if he tried, he just chose not too, which was surprising considering he was never allowed to rebel against anything - hell even his career for the moment wasn't his choice. Zane hadn't ever had a choice in anything in his entire life, Emilie could understand why he chose to life so frivolously...but even so he could use a better track record with women - again not with how many he got but with how he treated them and how long it lasted each time.

Emilie folded her arms, careful not to make a face as Ira threatened them, not that she was impressed. Honestly -sure she may have been a little spoiled- but Emilie wasn't exactly frightened of Ira, she did fear him with Zane though....any time Emilie ever got in trouble it was with Zane and it was usually 'guilty by association' because most of the time Emilie was supposed to keep Zane in check....not that she often succeeded...or it was that he talked her into a prank or into some silly joke- most of the time though the joke or prank was worth it. It was almost pure luck when he listened to her advice....but still, sometimes she wished he would live a little less....dangerously - every time he got in his mecha suit her chest tightened up and she would get short of breath if she thought about what he was going to do.

Emilie straightened up as the General spoke....sinking down and looking away when he mentioned Zane specifically....usually it was them getting scolded together... She looked as the transmission played, her face growing slightly pale, her eyes becoming slightly wide....her big blue eyes were filled with a type of shock and sadness.....she couldn't believe it....they were so close, they were almost there. The lives had almost gotten back to the base before they were entirely erased, snuffed out like candles in some meaningless scheme of a meaningless war. She looked up at the general as he spoke again, she didn't move an inch however both Zane and Kane would be the only ones able to tell how much she was affected by the general's words. Every now and then it hit her how trivial she was, how trivial her 'problems' were and she would remember that she was indeed just a simple piece of the governments chess game and that to many the casualties would be just another number, another statistic - but not to Emilie. Every name that would no longer exist would hit her so personally and hurt her so deeply...not many knew just how sensitive Emilie was, but this was something she and Zane had spoken about many times.

But there was no time to talk about it now. The general gave them the lay out, the plan, their orders, and their instruction on how to carry out their orders - it was time to work, she would have to mourn later. She stood up immediately when he said dismissed, getting a little more serious that she had been before. Emilie pulled her pony tail in half as they walked so it wouldn't bother her while she was navigating and she was one of the first people out and was the first Navigator out, before reporting to the Navigation Room Zero. She walked quickly and got to her station where she could see everything related to White Rabbit's mech. The defense stats, the weapon status, the power lever and how it was distributed, her UAV, her radars, and the screen that let her see what he saw....she touched her ear piece and a small projected screen came around to one eye as she began to let her fingers to the talking, starting everything up and getting ready for their launch. "White Ace standing by for White Rabbit." she reported that she was ready and waiting for White Rabbit to board his mech and so on.

For now on Emilie could feel that an intensity would rest over Gale Zero -for her at least- and she would possibly begin to grow more serious outside of training....this was a war after all....

(uhhh that was all i could think of for her to say. XD I hope it was an appropriate line for a navigator)

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...I couldn't handle loosing you.

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The one named Zane was the first to get berated by General Cross. She stood at ease at the back of the room, watching the events unfold. When Cross leaned in and referred to Zane as 'Rabbit' the puzzle had been pieced together and she couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed. No, not a bit. She was very disappointed, they never said he'd be a deviant, some one who was cocky, sarcastic and lacked respect. He did not look anything like the war-hero she had etched the 'White Rabbit' out to be. Her eyes couldn't leave him, watching him closely and being unable to shake the fact that he was who he was. Eyes refusing to leave the visage of Zane, she may have been staring, but good thing she was in the back of the room. Cross was speaking about the mission, it didn't fall on deaf ears, and she understood the gravity of the situation. No sooner did the General announce that she was to acquire the position she hoped for did the disappointment fade and a smile creep onto her plump lips. Her gaze returned to the General and she nodded. On the outside, she was keeping her composure, while on the inside, a little Animus was jumping around with a happiness and glee that knew no bounds.

As he dismissed the group she held back a bit and tapped the Doctor on the shoulder as she passed. "I'm sorry I didn't know you were The Doctor around here." She watch the room empty and crossed her arms, still talking to Michelle. "Would you mind if we followed the pilots out to the hangar? I mean, I just want to check up on a few things, and look over Genesis one more time before we get started on my physical, if you don't mind of course?" Giving Michelle a small smile, she hoped that the doctor could understand. Not to mention it -might- give her another chance to conclude her information, that the white haired boy who was beyond insubordinate was truly the hero she heard about.

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Cyprus had acknowledged the Doctor with an actual word, " Hello. " She had sat before he could respond which was fine with him. There was no need for her to ask anyways since the room had more chairs than people to fill them. She continued in a friendly manner asking him how is day was turning out but that's when General Cross came in and silence filled the room in a sign of respect, or fear.

With all eyes pinned on the man, he started the mission brief by playing the recording from a friendly transmitter this morning. Cyprus's ears caught a faint sound in the background when the audio was clear enough to understand the panicking man's cry for help. A familiar echo of a weapon being activated launched him into a full sense of caution. From that moment he sat there with eyes closed and body tensed up.

After the General dismissed the group to their preparations, Cyprus rose with them. He looked to Ms. Michelle with a fake smile that she might see right through, " We'll have to finish or discussion later it seems. " His pale blue eyes switched from the younger looking woman to Animus who attempted to patch what mistake she made by accident. Pushing his chair in before leaning closer to Michelle's, the boy spoke in a whisper to his doctor, " I'll need another scan after I get back from the mission. " He said this quiet because he wasn't due for another C.A.T. until next week but he was getting some deja vu' of this scene.

Leaving the two women to their own accord, he followed after the other pilots, staying clear of the 'Rabbit'. He still wanted to punch the maturity into him for normal reasons. Cyprus only came up behind someone as they made their way towards the hangar. Alex. A strange custom for the boy was to take a hand and lightly wrap it around the back of someone's neck, pressing lightly along the spine. This method seemed to relieve stress for him at different times so when he saw how she was in the room, he made it a objective to do the same for her. But the gesture of compassion ended as he split off to the hangar.

Position: Going to hangar 4
Party: Majority of the Gale unit
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Personal thoughts: Joy. -.-
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Alexandra Walker

I couldn't let anything happen to you, You're too cute.

Ira had entered the room, The older man was a rather intimidating sight, She wasn't afraid of him but she sure wasn't going to be getting on his bad side if she could help it. He quickly shouted out some threats to get everyone in their seats as well as a threat for anyone who would talk during the briefing to come. Well, He didn't have to worry about her, She had nothing to say anymore at the moment. She did however glance over and offer a smile when Miranda arrived and took a seat next to her.

The girl was one of the members of Gale Zero she was most fond of, Miranda was a good friend in her mind and having her around was always nice... Hell, She'd have loved to be her navigator but sadly the girl was so amazing she didn't need one. Turning her attention forward again, She waited for the briefing to begin, though before it could, Miranda's voice caught her attention again. Long face...? She seemed almost confused by the remark, had she been looking down prior to this? Perhaps she was a bit upset still but she felt as though she had calmed.

" Its nothing. " She said calmly, offering Miranda another smile, She would take note to look less down from now on. Finally, General Cross began to speak, though He didn't begin by explaining their situation... No, He began by commenting on the earlier situation that had upset Alex in the first place. While it sounded like He was speaking to the entire team, He seemed to be rather focused on Zane throughout the entire thing. She almost wanted to speak up, feeling bad if the entire team was indeed in trouble for it... Really she was just being slow and it was her fault... Though Zane seemed to be getting most of the attention. Despite her friendship with the white haired boy, She'd stay silent while the general spoke to him... He did have it coming.

Though everything he had to say eventually lead to the reason they were here. A heavily broken transmission, though it was apparent what was happening nonetheless... they were being attacked and the divided were behind it. The voice on the other end was calling out for back up, though she could only assume that it was too late. General Cross soon confirmed her assumption, it had been this morning that the message was received... Gale Zero certainly wasn't going into play back up. While things were fun and games at times, the General was right... they were in a war, While she did feel bad that chances were whoever had sent the message was now dead, She couldn't mourn for them... That was just how war was.

When the projection was brought up to show the location of the convoy, it was a rather concerning sight, it wasn't that far away from its destination. Soon Cross moved onto what the mission required... The pilots were to go in, see if any divided were left, possibly rescue survivors and hopefully grab the plans... Though she did allow her face to show her concern when He mentioned that the war would be much harder if they had found the plans. What was so special about them that they'd make things so much worse then they were now? She couldn't ask now, all that mattered was that those plans were regained. Moving on, Cross introduced the woman she didn't know finally, She came from the recently destroyed space station? That explained things.

Next He moved onto the planning... Zane, Kane, Pan and Miranda were the ones that were getting close, Of course she felt concern for each of them, Even Zane... Much as she hated the guy earlier, She really would feel terrible if anything ever happened to him, She did care for him in her own way. Her concern wasn't much though, She highly doubted that any pilot in Gale Zero would be out done by the divided, they had too much of an edge on them. Listening closely to the rest of the briefing, It seemed that Ira would be riding along with one of them... For his sake She really hoped the poor man didn't get stuck in Zane's mech. It seemed to be at its end as He told the pilots to report to hangar zero, that the navigators, of which she was one, would have the coordinates uploaded to their stations to be given to their pilots.

It seemed Emilie had already left by the time Alex got to her feet to leave as well, Emilie needed to be in Navigation Room Zero, Just as Alex did. As she moved though, the feeling of a hand on the back of her neck caught her off guard and caused her to freeze in her spot, though when she noticed who it was, She only gave him a soft smile. Cyprus was just trying to be nice probably, despite how surprising it was to her. He soon shot off for the hangar, He had a mech to pilot after all and she wasn't going to hold him up to start a bit of small talk, She'd have time to talk to him later and she'd be sure to do so.

She arrived at Navigation room zero shortly after her encounter with Cyprus, She had been the second one there it seemed, After Emilie who had rushed out... She almost seemed eager. Settling down at her station, She looked over everything related to the mech she was teamed with, Everything was in order, All that was needed was the pilot. Now to get things ready on her end. A smirk crossed her face as she went to work, the screen reflecting and flickering off her glasses as she went through things... There were those coordinates, perhaps she should take a look with a satellite, see what she could see?

For now, She'd follow Emilie's actions and signal her readiness to her pilot... A bit less professionally. Retrieving her own ear piece finally, She adjusted her glasses to get them out of the way while she put it in, settling them back down properly when she was done.
" I'm set, Ready when you are. " Things were looking fine on her end, though a pilotless mech wasn't exactly too useful.

[Left it a bit open until its official who Alex is paired with.]
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She came from the north, had traveled the day,
She said she had something of value to say.
That's why she came my way.
Her words came out sharp, and gave me a cut,
The told me to touch it whenever I lost my way.
To keep me sane.
Sunshine lady came through my door.
Just like Dion, sings in a song.

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xxx "Speech."xxx"Thoughts."xxx"Others."

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                                                                    XXXXXThe female looked around the room, inspecting all of the Gale members. Her gaze focused on Zane, who seemed either uncomfortable or peeved. She couldn't tell which. But the brief glanced between him and White Ace were enough for Michelle to get a slight idea of what was going through his head.

                                                                    The room soon fell silent as Cross began talking. He spoke about the mission, the ones who had been left behind--and that was part of what Michelle was already aware of. He spoke of Animus, saying that she was to be reassigned as a mechanic, which meant she wouldn't be going out on any of the crazy missions. Michelle gave a small content smile, happy that she wouldn't be thrown back into battle so quickly. The doctor glanced over to Animus, and noticed her eyes light up a bit at the mention of her new position. Apparently Animus was having the same thoughts as Michelle, and it was all within good reason. She needed to be looked over though, and soon. Not that her injuries would suddenly disappear...Michelle was just antsy she supposed. When Cross was done speaking, the members stood and began to file out for their appropriate locations.
                                                                    Michelle shifted in her seat, turning to look at Cyprus as he stood. He spoke to her gently, but his smile and attitude was fake. There was a hint of worry in his expression. It was brief, but Michelle had spent a lot of time with Cyprus and it was easy for her to catch. "I suppose so." The female chirped in response, giving him a happy smile. He moved effortlessly and leaned down to whisper to her. Michelle listened, and when he pulled away she simply nodded to him. "Whatever you want." Sunshine said simply, not voicing any of her other concerns, or what he had spoken to her about. Patient Confidentiality was key. Michelle stood elegantly, watching Cyprus leave. Blue eyes narrowed ever so slightly. If it was up to Michelle, he would not be a pilot at all. His PTSD only worsened after each mission, and at times when he was stressed it seemed like he was going to shatter. But it wasn't her choice. She could advise him, and advise Cross...but in the end it wasn't up to her.

                                                                    The blonde flinched slightly as someone touched her shoulder. "Oh!" It was Animus. Michelle smiled at her and turned to face her. "It's really not a big deal. But if you'd rather see a nurse than me that's fine. There are plenty on staff. And other doctors as well." Michelle commented, waving her hands in defense. She grinned, listening to Animus' other request. She paused briefly, and looked the curvaceous female over. "Well...." Dr. Dawn turned to look at the retreating figures. "I suppose that would be alright. You aren't bleeding bad enough that you'd faint from it, and none of your limbs are broken so you can still walk and do what you want now can't you?" Michelle gave Animus a wink. She turned her head and looked to Cross momentarily. He hadn't answered her directly, but she was happy with the outcome. Dr. Sunshine flashed the General a smile and began to walk out of the room towards the hangar where Animus was hoping to go.
                                                                    "Well, let's be off missy." Michelle said, motioning for Animus to follow along.

                                                                    Michelle looked at the pilots and navigators in front of her. It was an odd bunch, and they were all so young---then again, Michelle was very young for a doctor of her caliber. She had knowledge of so many fields, and was qualified to do just about anything she needed to...Including autopsies...She looked down briefly at her red shoes and bit the inside of her cheek. Yes, the incident from earlier. Michelle was sure she'd have to inspect all of the deceased bodies. Really, that was the hardest part of her job, seeing as she knew the vast majority of her patients on a first name basis. "No sense in being a Debbie Downer. Cheer up Michelle. The last thing people need to see is a doctor looking morose." She thought lifting her head. Michelle lifted a hand and tucked a few stray strands of gold behind her ear with a small smile. Hopefully this mission would go just fine, and hopefully none of the Gale Zero members would come back too banged up...

Location :: Walking to Gale Zero Hangar
Company :: Nearly everyone---Talking with Animus.
Health :: 100 %
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She looks like someone he had known,
He had known, he had known.
I cried me a river, and hoped that he would,
Come with a boat so that we could set sail,
And leave for far away.
Sunshine lady came from the north.
Sunshine lady came through my door.
Just like Dion, sings in a song.
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Ίӷα "Ɍϕϕșțϵӷ" Ƀɭαȼҟѡѻѻȡ
"But I've a rendezvous with Death at midnight in some flaming town, when Spring trips north again this year, and I to my pledged word am true, I shall not fail that rendezvous.." - From Alan Seeger's Rendezvous with Death.

Location: Heading for the Hanger

"Thank you, General.." Ira quickly saluted Cross before waltzing past several pilots and navi's, tapping Zane's sholder with the back of his hand. "Try not to get me killed, Greyson." He told the pilot, letting him know that he would be riding along with him and Anderson. But all before he made his way out of the room, he stopped over by Miranda, laying one of his gloved hands on her sholder to let her know who it was and leaning over, whispering. "Remember..This could very well be an ambush..If your Mech is down, take the side arm and avoid open conflict as best you can, take them one at a time." He cautioned her, being she had a head start on survival and ground combat training, she had been taught before she came to Gale Zero, or a good portion of it anyway. He then have her a small pat then started for the hanger. Since it was likely he'd have to be set on the ground, he figured he'd have to get a decent weapon before heading out. His boots carried him to the hanger's armory and he leanded on the counter, giving the quater-master a coy look. "Need a Prowler...And a Mako...Think you can make it happen?" The male Quater-Master smiled, knowing Blackwood all to well. He gave him a one moment gesture before going to the back ,coming to the front with the Prowler service rifle and the Mako magnum. He slid them over to the Sargeant then told him. "Best bring my gear back this time, Blackwood." The Quater-Master teased as he gave Ira the ammo for both, then Ira mounted the rifle onto his back, the magnum in a holster on his right him. He looked to the male in the armory, before speaking again. "We'll see...Maybe this time I'll be able to hold onto everything." He infromed the male with a slight smirk,

Ira made his way over to Infinity but he didn't wait for anyone, Ira began scaling the Mech. He used any knook, crany, and feature he could get his hands and boots on to climb up into the c**k-pit, find a nice place on the emergency seat. He took the ear peice from his ear, the reached down, pulling a head set from the dash and fitting it on. He then pulled a pair of sunglasses from his pocket, placing them on the pressing a small button on the side. This brought up the HUD system on the lenses, much like the visor on his suit of armor would. Now it was merely a matter of waiting for things to get rolling.
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Miranda Blaine

                      Miranda sat through the chewing out by starring at her hands. She wasn't used to being yelled at by General Cross, and she felt terrible for leaving Alex behind. Granted, it was Zane that was receiving Cross's attention, but Miranda could tell the General was disappointed in all of them. She didn't blame him; Miranda was disappointed with herself. Alex and Pan were the two people she was closest too in this unit, and in her excitement, she had completely forgotten about the navigator. She'd apologize later, once the mission was done and over with... Though it wasn't going to be easy.

                      The Pilot listened to the transmission, her face schooled into a mask of determination. She gave away no sign of her inner turmoil as she heard men and women screaming for help with the spatter of gun fire and the whining of the alarms in the background. Frustration with herself soon turned into anger at The Divided. When Cross ended the transmission and gave everyone their orders, Miranda was ready to knock heads.

                      Rising from her chair, teeth gritting all the while, she froze when she felt the palm of a rough hand on her shoulder. She knew who it was before he even began to speak. Taking a deep breath, she forced tension out of her body. Ira was right, of course. This could very well be an ambush, and Manticore was not meant to take a hit. Even though nothing would give her more pleasure then to knock a few of The Divided around, it would only get herself hurt. Her primary mission was to save anyone who had survived, not risk her tail and force the others to come after her. She'd never be able to forgive herself if Pan got injured cause she was to being reckless. And she could imagine Ira would have a few choice words for her... He'd also probably never speak to her again, which wasn't something Miranda would be okay with.

                      As Ira left to go prepare himself, she nodded at Pan and headed out of the Briefing Room, heading straight for Hangar Zero where Manticore would wait. She didn't take her time and made it there in what she was pretty sure was record speed. Or at least it was the fastest she had moved all day. Despite being off, there was a job at hand and it lit a fire in her and got her butt in gear.

                      Hangar Zero was one of Miranda's favorite places at base for some pretty obvious reasons; she spent a lot of time there and she knew her way to Manticore like the back of her hand... And when he came in sight, it was like the first time she had laid eyes on him a little over a year prior. Her heart thudding, she approached her Omni-Terrain Mech who, compared to the others, looked rather minuscule. Miranda didn't care of course. Running her fingers over Manticore's front leg, she swung around the Mech to the little raised platform that allowed her to climb in with relative ease. The Mech's back stood open, revealing what almost looked kind of like a black motorcycle seat. Being offline, the interior was lacking it's usual flashing lights, but buttons and all sorts of triggers could still be picked out.

                      The slim pale haired girl slid into place, laying along the strange seat and pressing a few buttons to start up Manticore's systems. There was a soft 'swish' of air as the Mech's back closed over Miranda and a harness which would hold her in place pressed down on her. Blue and yellow lights blinked into life and the soft hum of a machine started. Miranda smiled, closed her eyes and activated the Sync. A helmet like piece came down over her head, a small plug in lining up with the chip at her back of her neck, and sudden it wasn't like it was Miranda piloting a mech, but that the girl and machine were one. Manticore's large eyes light up, casting a glow in the Hangar, and Miranda was seeing through the Mech's 'eyes.' She was still very much aware of her body, but at the same time, she was also aware of Maticore's metal one. It was a strange feeling she could never accurately describe.

                      "Cheshire here, ready for launch," she murmured. Though she didn't have a Navigator of her own, she still needed to communicate with everyone. Now she just needed to wait for Stigma, Reaper, and Rabbit to get ready and the all clear and she'd be good to go.

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It's over, I didn't want to see it come to this
I wonder if I will ever see your face again
And I know that I will find a way to she'd the skin
It's simple, I know that I will suffer in the end

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K a n e X M o r g a n
Code Name: Grim Reaper


When Cross appeared and gave out the info for the mission, Navi began recording, and when he mentioned Zane and Kane together, Kane winced. They would have to work together on this mission, something Kane was not looking forward to doing. Kane may have a record of not listen to orders, but only because he did what he had to to make sure that his goals were met. But Zane, he virtually did what he wanted when he wanted, and Kane wouldn't mind but if Zane went down that meant that he would take Emilie down with him.

Being released, Kane stood up. Walking to the hanger, he pulled out an ear piece that let him talk to Navi while his cell phone was in his pocket. "Navi, began prep for take off," he said as he walked. Unlike everyone else, Kane's mech was not handled by anyone else besides him, he didn't even let any of the mechanics touch Grave Maker. But there was the new mechanic, like him, she asked to join. Was she good or just a fool who wanted to be in the big leagues. Kane had proven himself more times over, but he was far from being the best.

Arriving to Grave Maker, a fully mechanical team was prepping his mech for battle. "Navi, attach the scope to the riffle, it might come in handy," he ordered as he walked past and into the locker room. Changing out of his clothes and into his suit, he took out Navi's chip and placed it in the slot on his helmet. His helmet acted like a HUD for him, but he also had his screens on Grave Maker, most people would be overwhelmed by so much information being delivered at once, but Kane handled it.

"Grim Reaper reporting nearly online," he said as he walked out the locker room, knowing that the feed would be transmitted to the higher ups. Walking to his mech, he watched as the machines were nearly done with his mech, in a matter of moments the lift would be down and he could board his mech.


It's hopeless, the end will come and wash it all away
Forsaken, I live for those I lost along the way
And I can't remember how it all began to break
We suffer, I live to fight and die another day

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∞ Zane Grayson ∞

The White Rabbit (?)

User ImageThings wouldn't have sucked so bad during the scolding if he didn't feel the burning of all eyes in the room set on him. As obnoxious and headstrong as Zane was, if there was one thing he didn't like, contrary to what others seemed to like believing, it was being the center of attention. The mood was drastically changed, however, when Cross played back the transmission that was received that morning. Zane's eyes met the floor and his expression faded into one of disdain. His brows began to furrow and his fists started to clinch. He shot a worried expression over at Emilie.

One thing the two had in common, other than being an essential part of each other's lives, was how much they each valued the lives of their allies. While Zane seemed to have no regard for the lives of his enemies, civilians and allies were a major concern for him. He may have hated the military, he may have hated most other soldiers and thought the whole idea was pretentious, stupid and a contest between waring nations and armies to see who had the biggest c**k, but he valued life and was a firm believer that nobody had to die.

Hell, when everyone would scold him and look at him like he was some kind of freak for coming back to base in Infinity, half-destroyed, they all failed to realize that it took so much damage not because he jumped in the way of any gunfire he could, but because he jumped in the way of enemy fire aimed at his allies. That was fine, though. It was probably better that they didn't notice the sacrifices he made and chalked it up to his recklessness. He did, after all, have a reputation to keep up. This, however, did not mean a thing for the Divided forces. To them, Zane was merciless and relentless. He'd probably self-destruct Infinity in the middle of a group of them if it meant thinning their numbers even a little bit as a last resort, he hated them so much.

...And the sons of bitches attacked a group of their comrades, when they were so close to being home...

He exchanged glances with Kane as he exited when they were dismissed, his gaze narrowing at him as he turned away. He then looked over at Emilie and he said, "Wellp. See you when I get back!", with a false grin. Much like how only a select few could tell Emilie's expressions apart form the others, she was one of the few who could tell when Zane was faking emotion, and thus, his smile. "Erin, don't wreck too much stuff here without me. We've got mayhem to bring about the dormitories later.", He winked and grinned at the boy. Finally, he faced Cross and he gave him a shitty salute, which was met with a glare as a response. He had a feeling he'd be getting a talking to later..

As the Zeros made their way to their respective posts, Zane's shoulder was met with a tapping, causing him to turn and see Ira, who told him he'd better not get him killed. He froze as Ira went on to the hangar without him and he said, with an eyebrow cocked, "....You're shittin' me.". It would have been easy to tell he was slightly excited from the notion. Aw, yeah, Rooster knew who had talent. Zane grinned and chuckled a bit as he continued on to the hangar, and further to the locker room, where he opened up his personal locker, which was lined with pictures of swimsuit models and mechs. Which turned him on more, one might wonder?

He stripped himself and pulled on his piloting suit, which was quite different to his usual color-scheme, which remained consistent even in his room on base. The suit was an odd purple hue with a few lighter patches of purple and some silver and black. The number '06' was on the chest of it, meant to represent the 6th incarnation of Infinity. He pressed a button on the wrist and it hugged in against him, making it skin-tight. Almost a second-skin, in fact, but still offered the protection needed among other fantastic functions that Zane had never made use of, but was sure they were great.

He made his way back out to the hangar and stood at the feet of his mech, his pride and his joy, Infinity, and basked a bit in it's glory. After a moment, he stood on the lift that would take him up to the chest of the mech, where the cockpit was. When he reached it, he climbed into it and noticed that Ira was already inside waiting for him. "...How the hell did... .Nevermind. Just buckle up, a'ight, Roo'?", He said, grinning back at him over his shoulder as he strapped himself into the pilot seat. He looked forward and flipped a switch on a console in front of him. The opening to the cockpit closed and sealed with a locking sound before various screens raised up from around them and blinked on one-by-one.

- BU Unit - Infinity - Starting up. Pilot voice authorization -

"Gale Zero, White Rabbit.", Zane said, flipping a few switches to his side, causing more screens to blink on. the consoles also lit up.

- Pilot voice authorization.... Access granted. Welcome back, White Rabbit -

"Thanks, baby. I love you. Interface, start. Compensate for emergency passenger. Initiate optic sensory.", He said, looking forward. On the outside, Infinity's 'eyes' blinked on. The main screen in front of him blinked on and loaded before cycling through a few different vision types, standard, heat, scan, and so on before blinking back to standard. Zane's finger lifted to his ear, hearing Emilie speaking to him, telling him she was set. He grinned, "Hey beautiful. Here we are again. Getting a feed?", he asked, referring to if her screen was getting the live feed from Infinity's optic sensors. In other words, she could also see whatever it was that Zane was seeing at any given time. "And how're we lookin' out there? Clear sky?", He asked, in case he needed to compensate for a weather condition. The screens were all reading one-hundred percent on his weapons, ammunition, part status and generator charge. "She is so sexy, isn't she?", He asked, the question aimed at Ira, but he was full aware that Emilie could hear him.

- Infinity ready for launch -

User Image

With a grin, he flipped a few switches above his head, opening communications relays to the other units and held onto the two main controls for the mech and he said, "Infinity is initialized, weapons are hot and we're ready to launch.". He looked over his shoulder at Ira in the seat behind him and he said, grinning confidently, "Better clinch up before launch, old man.".
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XXXXAlicia Von Karma
Killer Queen

She's a killer queen! Gunpowder! Guillotine!


Alicia had kept her mouth shut during the ride to Gale Base, even ignoring the events surrounding the missing Alex. Though, in her defense, she made it a point to tune out everything Zane said in the first place. It kept her blood pressure much lower that way. She often felt out of place among the Zero Unit. Few of them seemed to hate Zane the way she did. Hell, few of them seemed to hate Zane, period. The man always had some kind of woman vying for his crotch on a day-to-day basis. It was almost disturbing the way he seemed to be some kind of estrogen wizard. Regardless, aside from leaving Alex behind, the trip back to base went about as smoothly as it could have.

Alicia filed into the room and took her usual spot among her allies as Ira barked at them to shut up. The Rooster’s crowing was soon followed by General Cross entering the room. Alicia had to admit, no matter how many times she saw the man, he still intimidated her. Every inch of him seemed to radiate authority and command, and she found herself trembling as he began to speak.

The general’s words hurt. Of course she realized we were fighting a war. The United had been at war her entire life. She’d lived and breathed war since she could walk. Still, nothing could have prepared her for the recording the General had played for them. The divided had never struck that close to home before, and the fact that they had gotten this bold was disturbing.

A vein rose in Alicia’s head when she was left out of the main recon group, though she knew it was probably for the best. ZANBAKU, despite being an SO unit, wasn’t as good for recon as some of the other units. Her specialty layed more in making sure that enemy units were eliminated before they did any real damage, so a support position was probably for the best. When General Cross dismissed the unit, Alicia was among the first ones to the hangar. She hadn’t flown in a while, and she needed some way to let off some steam.

Alicia changed into her pilot suit, a form-fitting, crimson one-piece that matched ZANBAKU’s color scheme and was lifted into the Mech via a rising platform. Once inside, she flipped the switch to enable the unit and the UI sprung to life.

”SO - 274SK003 Powered Up. Input user password.”

Alicia pressed the proper button sequence on her UI, while also letting the identification scan her left retina to ensure that it was, in fact, her inside the mech.

”User Confirmed. Welcome Back, Killer Queen. Opening communication channel…Channel Opened”

”Hey there, Princess. You hear me?” Chris’ voice came through the communication channel clearly.

”I hear you fine. And, stop calling me princess.” Alicia chose not to comment further on her navigator’s lack of professionalism for the moment and instead opened up the communication relay to the rest of the units. ”This is ZANBAKU. All systems normal. Ready for launch.”


Guaranteed to blow your mind...anytime.

Jeez, you guys move fast. XD
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Ίӷα "Ɍϕϕșțϵӷ" Ƀɭαȼҟѡѻѻȡ
"But I've a rendezvous with Death at midnight in some flaming town, when Spring trips north again this year, and I to my pledged word am true, I shall not fail that rendezvous.." - From Alan Seeger's Rendezvous with Death.

Location: Seated in Infinity

Ira looked to Zane, a look of confusion on the pilot's face as he saw the trooper already waiting for him inside the Mech. He watched as his pilot began setting up the Mech for take off, took some time it seemed, as Ira was used to merely waiting for the green light and jumping. As he waited for Rabbit to finish up flirting with the female voice of his craft, Ira checked his head-set, putting it on the right channel with everyone else's. But it was when Zane asked him of the appeal of his onboard voice for Infinity, he could help but shake his head at the young boy. "Lad...You really need to get out more if your love is a machine.." He teased, adjusting his sunglasses before latching the safety harness on to keep him in his seat. Hearing the other prepping for launch, now ira couldn't wait to get this started and likely get some revenge. Ira took a look at the scars on his arms, a reminder of what the Divided had taken from him and how they'd pay in their blood. Again, the pilot spoke, mainly about needing to clench and how he was old. Sure, he was the eldest in the unit but he still had some good years ahead of him. Rabbit was a cocky one but as long as he got the job done, Ira could live with a bit of arrogance that was well placed. He then looked over at the pilot, a sly look on his face as he then asked the pilot a question. "Greyson...How old do you think I am? Be honest." He asked of the so sure pilot before they had the chance to launch. Still, a devilish grin slithered upon his face as he awaited for the answer from White, clearly there was something planned as of the answer.

His eyes diverted to the seat for a few moments as to check for any last second things before they started the mission. Nothing down there but that was a good thing, ment less to worry about while they were out and about. His Mako magnum fit snug in his holster and the Prowler ready to fill Divided forces with several holes. But all his blades never left his person, he always had then as they seemed rather a personal part of his arsenal. There was no telling how many people he had killed with them and it was likely a number no one wanted to find out. With 10 plus years of service, there was no telling at what he had seen and done in this time frame. To add onto it, the 301st were known for also doing Special Operation mission, much like the 21st century's Delta Team or KSK. This ment mission that were classified and only known to the ones who conducted it and those who ordered it to be done. But this wasn't one of those mission and atleast this way, if the public were to know, it wouldn't cause alot of fuss.
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══ Ρ. A. N. D. O. R. A ══

Softly Pandora smiled at the antics of Erin, he reminded her so much of Zane when he was younger. They were different in many way, he and Erin, but it was nice to see a less worried and younger Zane in the boy. Pan wasn't stupid she knew Zane carried a lot around with him and she wanted very badly to help him and all the others with those burdens. However, she knew she couldn't. That didn't mean that she couldn't feel the stares everyone was directing at Zane. It made her prickle at their treatment of him. Certainly Alex shouldn't have been left behind, but the women knew Zane only did so as a joke. If Alex wasn't angry about it then why should everyone else be! Pan glared back out at everyone, her eyes lit with a determination that was normally subdued within their depths. The small girl even glared right back at General Cross, daring anyone to keep making Zane felt like he was.

Pan could feel the frustration and irritation coming off of Zane. She had been pretty good at judging his moods since she was a child and right now she almost wanted to growl at her teammates. Understandably she moved just a little bit closer to the White Rabbit, not enough for most to notice, but enough to be near him. All thoughts aside, she listened to the message they had received this morning as General Cross stood in silence. It was horrible and as she heard the death of people she knew, people who had lives and families... Her heart felt heavy, they no longer had a future and it wasn’t fair.

Everything was moving so slow, the room was magnified. In front of her baby blues Pan saw blurry figures as if she watched every move in slow motion and speaks of light--the outline of Relic to her left. Quickly she clinched her eyes shut and just listened. No one was paying attention to her, so there was no need for her to worry about them noticing her behavior. As the message drew to a close she peeked open her eyes and watched as everyone was given orders and moved out. She had seen Zane, Emilie, Alex and everyone else leave and she just stood there. Miranda had waved to her, she knew had waved back and yet she felt like she could sense something...

Shaking her head some Pan blinked as her vision came back to normal. The feeling, that sense was gone. ' Are you okay Pan..?' Came the voice of Relic, who she had unknowingly hugged closer to herself. 'Yeah.. I'm fine Relic. We need to get going.' Moving upon her words Pan ran towards the hangar waving at personnel as she passed by holding Relic to her chest. Without delay she moved into the locker room and pushed her baggy t-shirt over head and her jeans off her hips. In no time she was slipping into her suit, running her hands across the fabric that protected her and connected her. Small hands took the longest strips of her hair and pulled it back into a pony tail shape on the lower part of her head. From there she worked out a braid that ended below her butt. Carefully she tied her hair off with a red ribbon she had received when she was younger. It was a very special ribbon to her. Pushing her hair back behind her, Pan fixed two hair pulse monitors onto the top of her head. She pressed the buttons on each side of them and her suit quickly formed to her body. A quick nod and she was off, grabbing Relic as she went to his much larger counterpart in the hangar. Everyone else was already in their cockpits as she quickly made her way up to Relic. With ease she scaled up into her mech, sliding her hand over the surface and smiling at the feeling. With the hatched closed she began her login sequence, setting her 'stuffed animal' into a compartment right beside her. As she did this a click resounded through the cockpit and Relic's voice echoed softly all around her.

' SO Unit - Initializing- Starting Up. Pandora’s Box Recognition. ‘

On the outside a humming could be heard as Pan laid her head back against the seat. Her lips moved and her voice sang out softly. "Morche ta, mi iya, mitanu atore." Opening her eyes Pan felt a wave of cool air run over her face and screens blink to life with a soft shimmer. Beside her a glowing outline was formed and beginning to take shape, the shape of a human." Recognized... Stabilizing, welcome home Stigma." Relic's voice swept around her accompanied with the gentle presence of a hand on her shoulder. It was familiar, his voice and his touch. " It is nice to be back..to be here. Relic initiate all systems." With a burst of color the outline beside her formed into a human shape. It wasn't surprising what that shape looked like, except for the opposite coloring schemes. "Acknowledged. All systems are online, ready to go when you are Pan." On the outside Relic’s eyes burst to life, leaving a fierce blast of light and fading off into a glowing silver. "Stigma to Gale Base. All system are a go, Relic is ready for take off."

Looking to her left Pan smiled innocently at the figure beside her. "You know it is really odd how you look and sound like him in here. Do you think he would freak out at having a ghostly double?" Cheekily she grinned at Relic, gripping her mech's controls in her hands. Smirking he replied, " No, he would just think he's awesome enough to have something created in his image." A giggle escaped Pan as she nodded at the thought. "Yeah, you're right, he would." In the cockpit of Relic was one of the few places Pan loved to be, second only to being around Zane. Adjusting in her seat she opened her comm. line. "Relic and I are ready to go, how about you guys?"

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