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This is a role play taking place in the distant future about young men and women who are members of a special military unit known as Gale Zero, but also find the time to go to school between missions.

This is a mecha role play and a school role play put together, it will have elements from either genre.

This isn't much of an intro post, but it has a cool picture. All of the details about the role play will be touched upon in the following posts.


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Who likes rules? No one? I don't. But they have to be here to prevent total chaos from erupting, as glorious as that would be. Rules will be added, changed and removed as I see fit and at any time.

Basic Rules

- Gaia has it's own, standard rules. Follow them.
- This isn't going to be the most mild of role plays. If it were a movie, I'd probably rate it R, or close to it.
- Swearing is allowed, but keep it low. Swearing every other word is just lame.

Character/Mech Rules

- For your character appearance, don't use real life pictures. This is a work of fiction and I expect it to be treated as such.
- If you play as a Navigator, keep in mind that your character has had basic training, but they are not pilots and they are not fighters.
- Should you choose to play as a pilot, you may have an alternate appearance with your pilot suit, but this is not necessary.
- Should you choose to play as a pilot, you may choose the appearance of your character's mech freely, but be sure to read the Mech types, which will be in a later post. Be sure your mech fits the description of the mech type. Example, if the mech type looks like a Gundam, you may use any Gundam. If it looks like a Zoid, you may use any Zoid, etc. etc. etc.
- Remember that your Mech's arsenal MUST reflect the listed capabilities of the mech itself. Since Gale Zero is meant to be a special unit with special types of mech suits, exceptions MIGHT be made if you can give me a reason.
- Keep in mind; Your pilot may be good, but their mech is NOT invincible or exempt from taking damage in a fight.
- Give your character personality, life for god's sake. I don't want to see the "lone wolf" character that's all "Leave me alone." and goes on missions solo and s**t and has a name like "Dark". Gaia is full of that crap. I don't want any of it spilling into this role play.
- Unless you choose to play as a new addition to the unit, remember that the Gale Zeros have known each other for years at least. Make sure interactions/histories of characters reflect this, be they friendships, romantic flames, rivalries, etc. etc. The Gale Zero Unit are NOT meeting for the first time in this role play.

Story Rules

- I know where the story is going. While there will be intermissions, such as the Gales going to school before a mission or having time off, etc. etc., I will do my best to keep it running smooth.
- If you have an idea for a story element, great. BUT LET ME ******** KNOW AHEAD OF TIME BEFORE YOU SPRING SOMETHING ON US. I'm very reasonable, and I WILL take your ideas into consideration, especially good ones.
- I want there to be a kind of drama going on with characters, be it an internal conflict or guilt over something, a romantic rivalry/love triangle, a quest for vengeance, something. Make it up, have fun with it.
- This is a sci-fi story with space stations, giant robots, lazer guns and action missiles. Ridiculous s**t happens. Don't be afraid to go a bit over the top.
- In addition to everything, don't be afraid to add in humor, it's more than welcomed.
Mech Types


AU - Adaptable Units

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Images taken from Armored Core for reference

Adaptable Units are just that; Adaptable. They are the standard, most abundant and versatile of any kind of Mech and can be custom made for any type of combat situation. AU units can be either heavily armored, maybe for being a support unit and providing heavy fire or being sent in first, as it can take extensive amounts of fire while the backup units pick off enemies. They can also be lightly armored for a more speedy unit when tactics are more important than raw power. There are various part types to choose from, including leg types depending on the terrain you will be facing. Depending on the built of the AU, it may have the potential for limited flight. Most AUs have two primary weapons, to be held in the hands of the unit, unless it's arm parts are weapons themselves, and two secondary weapons, which are stored on their back. Some AUs can be much smaller than others, and sometimes than most other Mechs in general. The AU can use any type of weapon, but are not suited for close combat situations.

SO - Stealth Operations
(Variations: SOAU, SOOT, SOBU)

User Image

Images taken from Evangelion for reference

Stealth Operations units aren't as specific as the other units. While there are units built specifically for what their namesake suggests, the other Mech types might be equipped to handle stealth situations as well, such as a radar jammer, cloaking device, etc. etc. Stealth Operations units are lightly armored, but built to be quick and flexible, giving them an edge in close combat, but they are nothing to be scoffed at from a range either. Pure SO units are thin, lightly armored and agile, some are even capable of flight if they are built for it, though this is rare. They are equipped with a large knife for close combat, some may even use energy blades. They can also carry a single firearm, restricted to assault rifles, pulse rifles or sniper rifles most of the time. Every pure SO unit is equipped with a cloaking device, field dampener, radar disruptor and EMP emitters.

BU - Berserk Unit

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Images taken from Gundam series for reference

Berserk Units aren't necessarily for pilots who want to go "berserk" at all. A BU is just as fragile as any other kind of unit. They have moderate armoring most of the time and are extremely dangerous in either type of combat situation. They can use any type of weaponry and can even have weapons built into their body structures. Most BUs are equipped with a form of energy blade, or multiple, and most BUs are also capable of free flight and are the most abundantly used in the battles fought in space. When they receive a certain amount of damage, though, or a vital component is hit, almost all of the BU's remaining energy is diverted to a shielding that forms a sort of force field around the unit, protecting it from almost any kind of fire, and as it only lasts a limited time, the pilot has the option to flee or go into close combat to take out as many enemy units as possible before the BU shuts down, thus the name "Berserk". BUs are the, so far, most advanced form of mech and have potential for further developments into their combat abilities.

OT - Omni Terrain

User Image

Images taken from Zoids for reference

Omni Terrain units are quite unique among the other types of mechs. To fit any kind of terrain that may be needed, there are various types of OT units, all shaped like different kinds of animals, fit for whatever sort of terrain they are sent into to give them an advantage. Like the BUs, they are moderately armored most of the time, and can have various weapons built into their body structures. They can have mounted weapons of the pilot's choosing, but depending on the build of the OT, the weapons is subject to weight restrictions. So far, OT units are the only type of mech that have had units specially built for sea or underground missions.

Shared Equipment

All mechs are equipped with certain kinds of equipment.

Radar - Though limited to a certain, short radius, the radar can pick up traces of nearby units or enemies, distinguished by green and red blips for friendlies and enemies respectively.
Scanner - The scanners of the mech units can be advanced, depending on the mech type, but most have a basic scanning capability, allowing them to see things through surfaces. Perhaps if they need to locate a bomb, a person or to see if there is a baddie waiting around a corner.
Communications Relay - Or, radios. Equipment used to communicate with other units, be they friend or enemy. Their range is vast, but not unlimited. Pilots have special headpieces that allow them to communicate directly with their navigator via private frequency without interference and to prevent enemy forces from tapping into their network.
Navigator - There are two types of navigator; Live and Automated. Automated navigators are an AI component inserted into a unit's systems and operates the scanners, radars and relays. From what the AI gathers, it makes suggestions and guides the pilot, but they are prone to miscalculation. Live navigators are people who stay on base and communicate with their pilot directly. They are equipped on base with highly advanced software and monitors, giving them full scope of what's going on via satellite most of the time, as well as special radars and other detecting devices. Navigators also have the ability to remotely boot up or shut down the mech or systems of their respective pilot, and have special monitors that display what the pilot sees as well, plus a screen that displays the amount of damage the mech has taken and how much energy it has remaining, in case it needs to be relayed to the pilot when they are too busy fighting to notice.
Piloting Suit (Pilots only) - Standard for every mech pilot. Usually very tight against the wearer's body. Built out of a sturdy material designed to deflect gunfire, unless the shot is straight. Has multiple sensors throughout, if the wearer's heart stops beating, had two charges for automatic resuscitation. Also has a single adrenaline shot that will automatically disperse when needed.
UAV (Live navigators only) - Live navigators commonly send an auto-piloted UAV into the field with the unit they support. While they have the satellite cams to view the battlefield, a UAV provides a much closer look at the situations and field and can see things the satellite can not. UAVs are equipped with their own scanners and radars as well.

Weapon Types

Combat Knife - Close range. Reserved only for SO units most of the time. A large knife capable of penetrating nearly any type of armor, but the blade dulls quickly.
Energy Blade - Close range. Mainly used by BUs, but not limited to. An energy blade can take multiple forms, a beam sword, perhaps the blade of a scythe-like weapon or the blade of an axe, for example.
Assault Rifle - Close to long range. Your standard combat rifle and the most commonly used weapon of both United and Divided forces. They can be equipped with various types of rounds and have three rates of fire; semi-automatic, burst and full automatic. Two extra clips can be carried for this weapon by any unit.
Shotgun - Close to medium range. Most effective from close range. Fires a spreading shot that can be devastating depending on the range it is fired from. It is limited to ten shots with no reload.
Sniper Rifle - Long range. This high-powered long-range weapon is accurate, quiet and will pierce right through anything it hits. And maybe if there is something behind it as well. Only three shots can be carried by any unit for this weapon.
Missile Launcher - Medium to long range. This weapon is built to do the maximum amount of damage possible. Missile launchers can carry either multiple small missiles or one large missile. All missiles are capable of seeking, spreading fire or remote detonation.
Pulse Rifle - Close to long range. This weapon is similar to the assault rifles, except it fires pure energy and not bullets, which can be powerful, corrosive and cause more damage than a bullet, but it is powered by the power core of the mech itself that is firing it. It can be dangerous to use and can drain power very quickly if not used wisely.
Beam Cannon - Medium to Long range. Long range preferred. The beam cannon is the rarest and most destructive weapon available. It has it's own power source that's good for a few powerful shots, but it requires charge to be fired. The release of the energy, depending on the amount of charge, can be enough to knock an enemy unit down, or enough to level a city. This weapon is extremely dangerous and it to be used very, VERY wisely.

Character Types

Pilot - A pilot, as the name suggests, is one who pilots a mech. They can be specially trained for usage of certain mechs and equipment along with weapons, but in Gale Zero's case, trained for all-around usage of any type of mech or weaponry.

Navigator - A navigator, unless AI built into a mech, is a person who stays on base while the pilots go out into the field, as mentioned above before. Every pilot has their own navigator.

Other - Pretty much anything else you can think of. Nurses for the pilots, doctors, soldiers, leaders, etc. etc. etc. Perhaps a civilian brought on base for protection?

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Character skeletons will be here. If you choose to play as a pilot, there will also be a skeleton for your mech. Both will be required to be filled out. Send a reserve to me before ANYTHING.


(Insert a 400x100 image of your character here)
Screen Name:
Info: (A VERY brief telling of your character.)

Character Skeleton

Screen Name:
Codename: (Your choice)
Position: (This can include rank as well. Pilot, Student, Navigator, etc. etc.)
Personality Traits:
Bio: (Include how your character came to be in the position they are in, etc. etc. as well as potential relationships (be they good or bad) with other characters)

Mech Skeleton


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Full Character Thread


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Screen Name: Toxic Robotic
Name: Zane Grayson
Position: Test Pilot, Pilot, Student
Info: A truly gifted pilot and military brat who happens to hate the military, but loves to blow s**t up.

User Image
Screen Name: Lady Wang Yuanji
Name: Amelia "Amie" Muller
Position: Novice Pilot, Student
Info: A cheerful/shy pilot that loves to work hard and finish the job, even if it means destroying other mechs.

User Image
Screen Name: FemmeClassique
Name: Miranda Blaine
Position: Support Pilot, Student
Info: Once a sickly young girl, Miranda was given a second chance at life when her father, one of Gale Zero's founding scientist, found a way to improve her body through mechanical enhancements, effectively making her something a little more then just a human.

User Image
Screen Name: Juliet-in-Black
Name: Pandora Risingaurd
Position: Experimental Pilot, Student, Medic.
Info: A home schooled military brat with two scientists as parents. Recently allowed to go to public school (unknown why). Curious and clever, she's one tough cookie.

User Image
Screen Name: Symphony of Discord
Name: Alicia Von Karma
Position: Pilot, Student
Info: A no-nonsense ice queen who loves nothing more than putting people(and their mecha) in their place...through any means necessary.

User Image
Screen Name: Smilin Madman
Name: Kane Morgan
Position: Pilot, Technician, And Mechanic
Info: Gale Zero's once Golden boy, Kane is intelligent, kind heart, and strong. Unlike most who were either recruited or born into the military, Kane sought out and join on his own terms.

User Image
Screen Name: Wolf King of Night
Name: Cyprus Behemoth
Position: Pilot
Info: Cyprus, level headed, excellently marked soldier on the battlefield, and still somewhat mysterious to his allies. The perfect candidate for fighting the enemies that swarm the human's skies.


User Image
Screen Name: Herbert Pocket
Name: John Myers
Position: Navigator, Student
Info: John has a couple of years left of vocational school, which he pays his own way through - largely through odd jobs and his work as a navigator. (He's done minor jobs as a "freelance navigator" since he was 16.)

User Image
Screen Name: chibiazul
Name: Robin Victoria Saintclaire
Position: Navigator, Student
Info: Being quiet, she tends to be misinterpreted as rude with her ear buds in. However, she is very good at her work and being nice.

User Image
Screen Name: (OPEN ROLE)
Name: Emilie Anderson
Position: Navigator, student
Info: While Emilie its exceptionally gifted with intelligence and natural navigation and computer skills, she is intuitive, confident, and charming as well, and will follow her heart when its right.

User Image
Screen Name: Symphony of Discord
Name: Chris Alvane
Position: Navigator
Info: An ex-pilot turned navigator who prefers partying and "socializing" to performing his usual tasks

User Image
Screen Name: Unrelenting Melody
Name: Alexandra Walker
Position: Navigator, Student
Info: A self proclaimed guardian angel with a bad habit of flirting, Luckily she is intelligent too. She'll help you out while complimenting the lovely color of your eyes.


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Screen Name ::Karei_Doragon
Name ::Animus Drake
Position :: Mechanic, Engineer, Student
Info ::A transfer student brought in under classified pretinces, she is friendly, intelligent and believes if you can imagine it, you can build it.

User Image
Screen Name: Shats of Basson
Name: Ira Blackwood
Position: Master Sargeant of the United Forces, Shock Trooper, Teacher
Info: Ira is a turely battle harded veteran of the 301st Airborne Division and thus perfect for teaching the Pilots how to fight and survive when they are grounded in battle and training ground force soldiers among the base.

User Image
Screen Name: Seanna-Chan
Name: Erin Golbridth
Position: Cook // Mechanic // Civilian
Info: No family, no memories of them, a penchant for getting himself into trouble and one hell of a cook with a pinch of genius mechanic coming right up.

User Image
Screen Name: Candy and Formaldehyde
Name: Michelle Rae Dawn
Position: Lead Doctor
Info: A kind and caring woman who's happy demeanor is not to be mistaken for childishness. She is smart, a quick thinker, and, most importantly, she's the one patching people up.

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In the distant future, when the Earth has become nearly uninhabitable and scarred by a constant, raging war. Some odd years ago, in mankind's ever-continuing race to build better weapons than everyone else, a new weapon was developed; The Mech. Mechs, in the beginning, were very similar to tanks, though with 'legs' rather than treads, to give them more mobility options in rough terrain. After a while of developing, they were combat ready, and quite effective. As war evolved, however, as it always does, the mechs also evolved, refined and became the perfect weapons for what, over the years, became intergalactic warfare.

As humanity looked to the emptiness of space to build their new homes and colonies, habitable environments with artificial atmosphere, war followed, as it always does. Weapons became more advanced, suited to usage in space, as did the prized mech weapons of each army. The world was becoming too chaotic, however, and it was agreed by most nations to join forces to live in peace. The United was born.... Some, however, refused, viewing it was taking away their individuality and freedoms to forge beliefs with other nations, and they refused. They became known as the Divided, a term used for everyone who isn't a part of the United. The Divided, unlike the United, are not a single combined civilization or force, they are scattered and disorganized, but many extremist groups still have powerful military functions and weapons, including mechs, whether they were built or stolen from United forces, and the Divided become more of a threat every passing day.

As the war raged on and advanced, things appeared to be at a bit of a stalemate. United and Divided forces could neither overpower or effectively defend against the opposing sides, and battles, if not total massacres, were often inconclusive, as both sides would retreat once out of ammunition or power. The war had come to a stand still, the losses remained stagnant, too high, and the costs were becoming greater than the benefits. Something needed to happen. Something needed to tip the scale... And finally, United scientists and engineers found a way.

The plans for their new invention were set to be sent via convoy on Earth to a certain United base, Gale Base, but along the way, the convoy was ambushed by Divided forces. They left no survivors and stole the plans, leaving the United at a loss, and with a heavy weight on their shoulders. The Divided were now in possession of plans to build a new kind of weapon that could end the war... Or even the world, when in the hands of extremists like the Divided.

This is where the Gale Zero unit comes in.

Within the Gale Base, there are various units, numbered from 1 to 20. Gale 1 unit, Gale 2 unit, and so on. Each unit is composed of a certain number of individuals, numbering up to or past one hundred, trained in various areas of the military. Some are infantry, some drive tanks, some are mechanics, some are nurses, doctors, navigators, pilots for mechs or for fighters or even ships, along with commanding officers. Gale Zero unit, however, is a special unit to set apart from the rest.

The Gale Zero unit is made up of only the best and brightest the United has to offer, on Earth, anyways. The pilots, navigators and others are young, but sharp, being trained in all forms of mech piloting, not just one single type like most pilots, making them versatile, dangerous and invaluable to the United forces. Most of them attend the school that's located in the nearby city, as they want to further their education instead of just leading the military life all the time. They also live in the dormitories of the Gale Zero base, like the other Gale members do. Usually, the Gale Zero unit is called on in times of dire need. Which is often... Like this time.

They are soon to be called in for briefing on their next mission; Recovering the stolen plans.

Mission: 01 - Recovery
The Roleplay World

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The timeline in the roleplay is in the distant future, I can't say for sure how distant. Distant enough for laser rifles and space warfare in giant robots who can use beam swords.

There are various locations in the roleplay world, and the key locations will be listed here with details on them.

Gale Base

Gale Base is large and just outside of the last super city on Earth. It has various sections to it, and are as follows;
(Note: All area of the base labeled 'Zero' require special security clearance to enter)

Hangar - A general hangar for the Gale units, housing tanks, fighters, transports, weapons, mechs and so on.
Hangar Zero - On the floor above the general hangar is Hangar Zero, a private hangar for Gale Zero's mechs and equipment.
Navigation Room - The large room where navigators observe various screens to guide their corresponding pilot partner.
Navigation Room Zero - Like with the hangars, this navigation room is located the floor above the general navigation room and is reserved only for Gale Zero navigators. Their equipment is more advanced than standard navigators, but to maximize Gale Zero's performance, it has to be.
Mess Hall - Speaks for itself. The cafeteria/eatery of Gale Base.
Bathhouse - Not exactly a bath house, it is just called that. It is full of showers for those on Gale Base to cleanse themselves after a hard days work. One side is for the males, the other side is for the females, and they are divided by a wall.
Bathhouse Zero - A special co-ed bathhouse, this time, the level below the general bathhouse. It is much smaller, but much more luxurious. It has showers that are sectioned off, jacuzzi tubs and dimmer lighting for ideal relaxation.
Rec-Room Zero - Connected to Bathhouse Zero. A special recreation room for the members of Gale Zero, including a large television and a mech combat simulating machine, often treated as a game by the Zeros.
Dormitories - Rooms for those on Gale base. Gale Zero does not have a private section for this, but they aren't required to have room mates. Some of them still room with one another, however, such as their navigator, so they can be a bit closer with one another and be more in sync.
Gymnasium - A place where Gales can work out and exercise, isolated from the rest of the base. Again, Gale Zero does not have their private gym.
Offices - There are various offices throughout Gale Base, where paperwork and orders are filled out and issued.
Briefing Room - A special room that can seat hundreds of bodies, made for going over mission detail. Gale Zero also uses this room.
Training Grounds - Outside the base, farther from the city are the training grounds for all Gales. There are craters, charred patches of ground and damaged Earth all around them due to the training and combat simulations. All hands are trained here, not just pilots.
Medical Wing - speaks for itself.
Medical Wing Zero - Also speaks for itself. Much smaller than the general medical wing.

The City

Close to Gale Base is a large city full of civilians. It has everything a big city needs. Malls, shops, restaurants, clubs, apartments, businesses and so on. As well as it's share of crime. Some Gale Zero members attend a public school in the city.

(More to be added as the role play progresses)
Relationships and Pairings

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This post is reserved for posting character connections, such as rivalries, friendships, romantic flames and pilots/operators

Pilot/Navigator Pairings

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User Image
User Image
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'Cheshire' is a pilot as well as her own navigator.
User Image
Kane uses an AI Navigator of his own design.
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User Image


It is safe to assume that everyone in Gale Zero all care for one another, but sometimes even the best of friends can bump heads. The specific details between characters will be noted.

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User Image
Let's face it. Zane is rash, impulsive, reckless, a bit of an a*****e at times and can be very difficult to work with. Everyone knows that. Unfortunately for him, the ice queen of Gale Zero happens to hate all of those qualities. It stresses her to know that she can't be rid of him, his recklessness and piloting skill always besting her. Alicia dislikes Zane with a passion that could be described as burning. Meanwhile, Zane thinks she is positively delightful!


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User Image
While it is only natural for a pilot to get along well with their navigator, this is a bit of a different case. While some find Robin a cold, maybe even harsh girl at times, Pan sees deeper into her than that, and with her benevolent charms, she cracked Robin's shell and the two have a very sisterly bond, as Pan looks up to Robin, similar to a little sister and Robin looks out for Pan, similar to a big sister.


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It isn't entirely known why these two are uneasy around one another. There always appeared to be tension when one is in the presence of the other, yet there has never been any real conflict between the two. They've never fought, argued or anything of the like, yet for some reason, they just don't see eye-to-eye, which conflicts how well one would expect their personalities to mesh. Is something (or someone) standing between them...?


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User Image
Going along with the all-too-natural connection between a pilot and their navigator, Zane and Emilie share a special bond as well. With Zane's wild, erratic and reckless personality, Emilie finds a way to always know exactly how to keep him in line, maintaining a balance, allowing the two to mesh in perfect harmony. Without Emilie, Zane would probably go nuts and blow up the world and without Zane, Emilie would die of boredom. A yin and yang situation. It is sometimes speculated that the two have a bit more going on considering their flirty interactions and how perfect their chemistry is, but no one really knows for sure. If the two do have something more going on, they are quite good at keeping it quiet... Or are they?


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User Image
Science, both Pandora and Miranda know of what it can do. Science saved one of their lives and condemned the other. It is from this understanding that their bond, their friendship (camaraderie) has grown. Miranda’s father Roland told her about Pan’s altogether different experience with science and family and it is that past that brought her to seek out Pan. Both girls have a strange connection with each other and many times they can tell what is wrong with the other when no one else can. Not necessarily because of a friendship in the traditional sense, but perhaps because of an understanding and acceptance of each other.


User Image
User Image
Just.... Don't.

User Image
User Image
These two do not like each other. It doesn't need to go much further than that. But we will anyways. Kane and Zane are exact opposites of one another. Physical appearance between light and dark set aside, Zane is a rash, impulsive, spontaneous, obnoxious young man who is filled with energy and lives life like he's dying. Kane, on the opposite side, is calm, calculating, intelligent, disciplined and take into consideration what it is that matters to him. Their clashing personalities also set aside, Kane is in love with Emilie, who is Zane's navigator. He is jealous of him, to be certain, and looks down on him at the same time. Zane has no idea what he did to make Kane so cross with him all the time, but he dislikes him in return on the grounds that he thinks he is just a d**k.... And he doesn't like the way he looks at Emilie... Or the way Emilie looks at him...

User Image
User Image
Though the two just met, Animus and Sunshine appear to be getting along quite well. Girls will be girls, after all..


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User Image
Pan met Zane when they were both very young. They played together and saw one another as an escape to their (assumed) forced military lives and got close, only to be torn away from one another. Later, however, Pan was transferred into Gale Zero, and she found Zane again, best friends reunited, and they are closer than ever, only growing closer with each passing day. She holds an intense crush for him that she keeps secret, not wanting him to know. It is not secret that Zane has extremely strong feelings for Pan, he is kind to her to a fault, and when it came down to it he would save her over any of his other team mates in the field if the choice absolutely had to be made. Through all of this, though, it is unknown if Pan's feelings are one-sided or mutual.


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User Image
Kane is a determined young man who trained night and day to the best of his ability, bettering himself time and time again in order to get into the Gale Zero unit, all for the purpose of being with Emilie, who was already assigned to navigate White Rabbit. Still, through it all, he and Emilie share a 'relationship' in secret. While he cares ungodly amounts for her, there is something off about her....

Love Triangles

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User Image
User Image
This is a messy situation, to be certain. Workplace romances are discouraged for this very reason. Zane is caught in the middle of a tug-of-war between the emotions of Pan, his closest and childhood friend, and Emilie, his navigator and the one person he can always depend on to never let him down. Though he holds very strong feelings for both Emilie and Pan, with both of them knowing the kind of dude he is combined with how evenly he spreads his attention between them, it is difficult for them to tell if his feelings lean toward one or the other. Pan and Emilie do not like each other because of this shared feeling toward the White Rabbit, and it is common for them to get uncomfortable or moody around each other. None of the feelings of Pan, Zane or Emilie have been revealed to anyone else, all of them keeping it to themselves, but there is suspicion.

User Image
User Image

User Image
Now, this one is complicated. While Zane's feelings towards... Pretty much anyone remain a well-guarded secret that he keeps hidden away (though he is never approached directly about them, either), Kane and Emilie are a different story. You'd have to be an idiot to think that Zane didn't like Emilie at least a little bit, and Kane, Emilie's secret lover, is no idiot. He doesn't like Zane in the least bit, feeling jealousy and envy of all sorts for the white-haired-wonder's constant involvement and feelings concerning Emilie, feeling he should be in his place. While Emilie does care about Kane, in a way, and has entered a secret relationship with him, he remains unaware of where her true feelings lie......
Enemy Units / Gale Units

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User Image

A spot reserved for whatever else we might want to have put up here.

Gale Zero Music

Role Play Main Theme
Gale Zero Unit Theme
"We d-.... -ow man there are, but we *kssshhht* over the next few miles, we- ........ -be able to make it ba-....*kssshhhhht* IS THAT?! If you copy, send avail-.........-eady units, repeat, send availa-.........-dy units, they have BUs! Divided forces ar-.......*kshhhhhhhht*king heavy fire, send backup immedi-......-END BACKUP IMMEDIA- *Ksssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh*.........................."

User Image

Gale General Albert Cross

Cross sat in the briefing room, two other Gales of lower rank sitting with him, playing the final transmission from the recently ambushed convoy again and again, listening for anything he could. He was dead silent and his eyes were very focused, as if in a deep trance. The transmission cut out periodically, Cross assumed due to their communications relay being damaged at the beginning of the attack... Or maybe the Divided were getting clever and found a way to partially block their transmission.. It did, after all, take a bit of decoding to even receive the message as much as they did, and by the time they got it it was far too late. The convoy was attacked and odds were the Divided were in possession of the United's plans for a new weapon. This could have had catastrophic repercussions, and Cross' face reflected that this thought was swimming in his head. "Private.", He finally spoke.

"Sir?", One of the men asked, looking over at Cross.

"Is this all of the message that we've been able to decrypt?", Cross asked, putting his hands together in front of his face.

"Yes, sir. In fact, this is all of the message. The communications relay was failing them and the signal must have been horrible. When it cuts off at the end, though, I'm afraid.......", He explained, but stopped at the end.

"I'm afraid as well, private.", Cross sighed and closed his eyes for a good few moments before opening them and looking at the solider again. "Are the Zeros in?", He asked.

"Sir, to our understanding they are in school in the city.", The man said, "Should... I have them sent for, sir?", he asked after.

Cross thought for a moment and he said, "Yes. Yes, have them return to base as soon as possible. Relay the message to give the order. Thank you, private, that will be all.". He replayed the message yet again as the Gale he spoke to rushed out the door.
∞ Zane Grayson ∞

The White Rabbit (?)

User ImagePfft. School. What a waste of time. An entertaining waste of time, specifically. Like most students that attended school before college who were raised properly, Zane didn't learn anything he didn't already know in school. Because of that, he would often skip class and stay on base, or he would show up on school campus, skip class anyways and cavort about, half the time with girls from other classes, or his own class on occasion, which was rarer, as he wanted to avoid an unpleasant amount of awkwardness when he did decide to actually attend class. His grades, like the other Zeros remained in the higher percentage of his class, however, despite the fact that he only attended when he felt like it. It was often he'd get a reaming from his teammates about not showing up to class, how important school was, yadda yadda yadda, but he took no heed to what they said.

Today was a day like any other thus far. Zane had decided to go to school, but didn't go to class, hoping he could convince one of the other Zeros to play hookie with him, as he was bored as all hell that day. Instead, he found himself in one of the girl's bathrooms with Mina, a girl from another class, who he didn't really care to remember the name of because her name wasn't important to him. Giggles and gasps could be heard from behind the door of the bathroom before laughter, and finally Zane emerged from the bathroom with Mina, who was red in the face, both of them chuckling and disheveled.

"Why don't you come by my place tonight? Maybe we can go clubbing and.. You could spend the night..", Mina proposed, wrapping her arms around Zane's neck and pressing him to a wall behind him, next to the door to the bathroom.

Zane grinned but then put on a false look of regret, "Aw... Tonight... I can't, I have a mission after school lets out.". He didn't really have a mission. Not to his knowledge, anyways, but it was a scapegoat that he used pretty often. The other Zeros tried their best not to talk about their involvement with their unit to avoid unwanted attention from the other students, who would bombard them with questions about the action they'd seen, about their mechs, how to join and so on. Zane, however, didn't care who knew who or what he was. There was no sense in hiding it, especially since he was extremely proud to be a pilot. Plus, girls liked pilots. And Zane liked girls. And being a pilot. It all worked out very nicely.

Mina put on a pouty face and let out a whine. "Mean old military ruining our fun.", She said, while touching her nose to Zane's.

"Yeahhhh.", Zane said, and tried his best not to laugh maniacally when he did, "...Ahem. Yeah. But the Earth needs protecting, and I'm an avenger when no one else can be. I'm gonna have to take a rain check on that.". The young pilot was certainly cocky, which was not a secret, especially for his team mates, but he could back up every bit of his confidence, so he didn't often hear too many bitchings about his sense of pride.

"Ooh, my hero!", Mina said before a too-girly giggle. She bit her lip and looked up at Zane with a bit more affection than the pilot would have liked to have seen. "I've got to get back to class... My teacher is going to wonder why my bathroom break took so long..", She leaned forward to kiss Zane and she broke away from him slowly, dragging her fingers delicately across his cheek as she did so. "I'm holding you to that rain check, robo-boy. Call me!", She said over her shoulder.

Zane leaned his head back a bit when she went for the kiss, trying to avoid it, but didn't quite. "Duty calls for both of us, I guess?", He said in response to her comment about going back to class. When she turned around, he swatted her rear end, which caused her to giggle, and he said, "I've got your number, I'll put it in my phone right now.". He watched her round a corner before his eyes rolled and he rubbed off the number on his hand, which was written in pen. It was erased in only a few moments. He checked his phone for the time and smirked. Class would be letting out soon. He leaned against a wall and waited.
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The hangar burst into life. Warning lights began to blink as a siren let loose it's irritating, yet strangely commanding ruckus. Military personnel whizzed about, and the whole ordeal reminded her about how bees react to a hostile. The hive has been irritated. Watching the chaos unfold into semi-organized event of departure she was approached by a man. He was saying words, but she wasn't listening, or even really hearing what he had to say. All she knew is that she was cold. Her body still ached from being put into a cryogenic chamber so her body could remain in stasis for an indefinite amount of time. It was a brilliant idea that she designed and Genesis had installed in the chassis for just such an occasion as what happened. The best part about all of it, was that worked. That knowledge alone was good enough for her to include it into plans of the next one...

"Lieutenant Drake?" He asked a bit more tenderly. She hadn't been responding to anything he had said so far. She was just staring at the pilots, and hadn't even acknowledged his existence. It was actually a bit unnerving, given what little information about her temperament he was given. Above and beyond that was her rank and name. Most of the information about her that was transferred was classified. "Ma'am?"

He wasn't going to go away... "Yes." She quickly scanned for name and rank. It was only a momentary pause before she continued on formally. "Sergeant Beakman?" Not being able to help herself she tried to stand straight, but her legs were sore, and her body was freezing. She started to shiver, and noticeably. It was awfully uncomfortable, degrading and she was glad she wasn't a pilot anymore. Maybe it was a inappropriate time to think about it now, but how many people had she killed? Why does that matter now? She turned to face Genesis, her mech. The one that saved her life. His head, legs, and left arm were missing, the chest compartment was badly damaged and bloody, the right arm was mangled and the hand was missing three fingers out of the five. It pained her to see him in such shape. "And please, Miss would do just as well. I'm ... I'm not in charge of anyone or anything any more. Nor do I ever want to be again." Her voice was soft, but there was a bite to what she said. The last time she saw combat wasn't anything pretty and the conflict went on for what seemed many hopeless hours. She didn't know if there was any survivors from that or not, but given the fact the whole space station was blown up... Those particular thoughts she pushed out of her mind and continued to listen to Sergeant Beakman.

"Yes ma'am." He said with a pause. "I just wanted to let you know the nurses aren't going to be happy, you aren't supposed to be out of the sick-bay yet. They need to record your vitals again, and there's a current deployment going on. Not only that but the general wanted to keep you away from this area, until the psychologist gives him a full report. Due to the events going on they don't want you to put yourself in harms way and don't want you to have any sort of I guess, relapse?" Words were failing him at the moment. The look she was giving him was something indescribable. Pain, anger, sorrow, something had broken in her.

"I understand, I just wanted to see him again. You can leave us now, and I will be following you shortly. Just ... give me time, okay?" Time seemed to be a keyword. It was used a great deal since she got here. She saluted the young sergeant and he departed without any sort of protest. Apparently she had gone from bad-a** fighter pilot to fragile female doll within hours. She was a soldier, a fighter, and yet the loss got to her. Her eyes drifted around, watching people before she found them all to be rather boring. Turning around she reached up to touch the distorted metal of her mech. "I'm so sorry Genesis."
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...John "Dormouse" Myers...

"...and that is why a simple equation like the Pythagorean can be a navigator's most important tool." Professor Kent finally droned to the end of his lecture. "I'll see you all in a couple of days." John Myers added one final scribble of shading to the sketch of the student sitting next to him and threw his books in his bag with a sigh of relief. Throwing his bag over his shoulder, he managed to stride out of the room rather quickly, all the while looking somehow relaxed, as though he were not in any rush to get out. (This was a completely incorrect impression, as John found the class to be one of his dullest and could hardly wait to get out.)

John strode down the hall, popping in earbuds so that he might block out the grating noise of the student body with music. Or rather, he only popped in one earbud. His right ear was occupied by a small black device that curled around his ear - a small, portable radio that he had made himself. He usually used it to keep in contact with his pilot, though he sometimes got calls on it from military officials. For the moment, there was nothing to hear, but he kept it on in case of emergency.

It took a moment before John noticed a familiar face a little ways down the hall and nodded in acknowledgement. "Zane," John said softly, a small smile flashing briefly across his face. "Good to -" But he was interrupted by a crackling noise on his earpiece. He flinched at the sudden sound, but the static seemed to die down quickly and a voice came through.

"Base to Dormouse."

"Go ahead, Base."

"We have an emergency. All units to report back to base. Do you copy?"

"Copy, sir. White Rabbit will be with me. Over." John turned back to Zane, his face somehow more somber than it was already. (His natural, relaxed state seemed already more somber than was normal in a person, though he had no reason to look that way.) "We're being called back to base," he told Zane. "Sounds like it's serious."

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