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Gale General Albert Cross

Of course, Cross oversaw the navigators in Navigation Room Zero. He entered not long after the navigators did and he paced back and forth behind them as they were booting up and initializing links to their corresponding units. He watched over each of them for a moment, making sure himself that everything was in full working order.

After his inspection, he took his place in a large seat that sat above the rest, also equipped with a console that he could monitor the Zeros with. He also had communication with each of them. He opened the channel after placing a headset over his ears and he said, "All units, report your status.". After all of the Zeros confirmed they were started up and prepared for take-off, he nodded and said, "Navigators, when everything is green, your units have the all clear for launch. The mission coordinates are being uploaded to your systems now.".

After watching his monitor to ensure the information transfer was complete, he said, so everyone could hear him, "Cheshire. You will move in first, make sure your scanners and radar are set to their maximum range before you get too close. Reaper, Rabbit and Stigma, the three of you wait for Cheshire's orders to follow her before moving in. After that, Reaper will take the lead of the mission and you will follow his orders. Understood? Rabbit?". He singled out Zane, putting emphasis on the fact that he didn't want him rushing in like he was so prone to doing. "Rabbit, stop talking to Rooster and pay attention!", He could almost feel the boy's eyes roll.

It was often that Cross would issue a leader for the team while they were out on a mission. His personal communications relay to them only had enough range to each them just outside the hangar. After their initial orders they could usually handle it, along with their navigators. "If there are any survivors, or if the plans are still there, they will be in the wreckage of the convoy. Make sure you run a thorough scan of all of it, scan for life signs, anomalies or anything that might still have power running through it.", He concluded and lifted the microphone attached to the headset.

While the navigators and their pilots went to work, Cross opened another monitor in addition to the one used to oversee the missions and opened up some mail he'd received from one of the United space stations. He scratched his chin and focused intently on the words int he message, which informed all United bases that their scientist and engineer teams had a breakthrough when it came to the weapons load and overall load of any given mech unit along with a new type of armor. Though they made these advancements in space and had no idea how well they would hold up under the actual gravity of a planet, it worked very well in zero gravity and the low gravity of the colonies on other planets other than Earth. It also said that every United base would receive at least one prototype to test the advancements as well as the schematics to build off of if they find the designs to be plausible for Earth warfare.

Cross hummed and went through the messages, keeping silent, but his eyes drifted over to the monitor to oversee the mission from time to time. He was quite good at paying attention to multiple items at one time.
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∞ Infinity ∞

The White Rabbit (?)

User Image As a response, Zane looked over his shoulder at Ira again with a skeptical expression. He wanted him to guess how old he was? It was a trap. It had to be a trap. Still, Zane lived for traps. Springing them, walking into them... "Uh...", He started, "...Like... An adult.". That was about the best response that he would be getting from him. Suddenly...

- "RABBIT!" -

"Gee-zuss!", Zane said, jumping a bit from the sudden screaming before he payed attention to the order that Cross was issuing. His eyes rolled as he pulled a pack of gum out of a compartment next to him and put a strip into his mouth, looking ahead with bored eyes as Cross went on. He reached the pack over his shoulder to Ira without looking at him.

"Ugh.", He started, raising his hands and letting them fall limp against the seat when he heard that Kane would be leading the mission in the field. "I don't wanna take orders from that ********' martian...", He whined, his eyes looking up at the console above him. However, they were given the green to launch, so Zane nodded and said, to Emilie, "Gimmie a route, toots, I'm taking off.". He looked over his shoulder at Ira and he said with a grin, "Hold on, rock'em sock'em.".

Infinity detached itself from its station and it's feet touched to the ground below. A few workers were still standing in it's way, only to be met by Zane's voice booming over intercom, "GET THE CUSS OUT OF THE WAY!", which caused them to jump from the fright of it and run clear while Infinity stepped out.

"Flight units ready, boosters charged, Infinity, launching!", Zane said, pushing a few buttons and flipping a switch above him before grinning and gripping the main controls to the mech as the main screen showed the opening of the hangar, where they would exit. Slowly, he pressed his thumb into a button on the controls and with a roar accompanied by a strong rumble, Infinity had left the ground and was now suspended in the air. He slid the two controls forward slowly at first and they began moving, but he suddenly jerked them ahead and off they were, causing him to lean back in his seat from the sudden force of it. As Infinity flew by at it's incredibly high speed, if one payed very close attention, it may have looked at though it was holding it's middle finger up at Kane as it flew past...

A few short moments later, Infinity was out of the hangar and into the sky, the ride suddenly felt smooth. He stayed suspended high in the air for a good few moments and he released the controls to stretch and crack his knuckles above his head. He held onto the controls again and said, "Alright, gorgeous, where're we headed?", to Emilie, waiting for her instruction.
The Mission Destination

The destroyed convoy is located a few miles away from the city. It is in a barren area with several hills, no grass or vegetation with a good amount of sand and stone. There are various scrap metal parts and circuits strewn about, along with a lot of charred ground from explosions and gunfire, 'footprints' from enemy mechs and the flaming piles of junk metal that used to be the convoy and a few bi-pedal tanks. All around, along with the footprints are large mounds of soft dirt, as if something had been unearthed, which have streaks in the sand leading into or out of them.

When scanned for anomalies, nothing will be picked up. When scanned for life signs, a single, faint sign will emit under the wreckage of the convoy. The plans are missing.
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Miranda Blaine

                      Miranda ran a quick check of her link-up with Manticore as Cross spoke to the unit, once again signaling out Zane. The OT pilot shook her head, a small grin on her lips as she and Manticore took a few steps forwards. Everything was green and Rabbit was the first to launch. Once he was clear, Cheshire was up too 'bat.' Manticore eased into position as workers watched from where they had fled off too to avoid being trampled and squashed beneath Infinity's feet. Two pieces of metal separated from Manticore's side, holding aloft like wings, and the hum of machinery grew louder as the engines booted up for flight. Cheshire made a few last adjustments, including pulling up her updated Navigation information and locking in the location.

                      Wouldn't be a long flight...

                      "Alright boy," Miranda purred, patting the side of the seat. "All systems are green. Manticore launching in three, two, one..." The mech took off like a shot, zipping out of the Hangar Zero and into the air, hovering in spot for a moment before making a slight course correction. The excitement and adrenaline of take-off soon faded to a low simmer as base disappeared behind her. She was still linked up to Navigations so Cross could communicate with her if needed, but for the most part, she was alone. Just her and Manticore. It was just how she liked it.

                      Soon enough, girl and mech approached the location of the downed convoy, and Miranda boosted her scanners to their max. There were no immediate signs of anything... No anomalies and no signs of life.

                      Manticore landed on the ground amid the scraps of metals and sand, and turned it's head from side to side as Miranda scanned the scene with her eyes... She doubted there would be anything she could see that wouldn't be picked up on scanners, but it never hurt. Among the ruin, or rather, surrounding, were large mounds of what looked like freshly churned soil. Had something been dug up here? Miranda didn't like the dirt piles one bit... But she was getting no readings from them, she turned her focus on other things. There were a few destroyed mech's laying among the ruin of the Convoy, and, pressed into the sand, were signs of The Divided's own Mech's having been here. Flipping on her com-link with the other pilots on the mission, she began to speak;

                      "Cheshire, to Stigma, Reaper, and Rabbit. Everything looks clear. The Divided were definitely here earlier with a few of their mech's, but they're gone now... Feel free join me. There's no anomalies and other then a few basic emergency systems and back-up, all power is gone from the convoy. Looks like systems might have been wiped. There's no signs of any survi-" she stopped mid-sentence as a sudden blip appeared on her scan. "What the...?" She mumbled, and focused the scan on the location. "Oh! Tits! She exclaimed. "I've got a life sign. It's faint, barely evening registering and I've got my scanners on max. It's right under the bulk of the convoy." Manticore moved to the pile and she pulled loose debris from the top, careful to avoid any pieces that would cause the wreckage to collapse. "Yeah, I'm going to need some help moving this stuff if want to get whoever that is out from under there."

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Cyprus had gone through all the prepping of both himself and the mecha unit that gleamed brightly in Hangar 4. The engineers had done a excellent job of repairing the giant. All signs of the last amount of destruction was gone and only the memory existed. The pale blue eyes had stared at the unit for quite a bit of time as he dressed himself in a skin tight pilot suit.

Now every pilot had a attire for their own mecha, ranging from the normal skin tight, to a gel like substance encasing the pilot as a their defense against damage inside the cockpit. " Release energy amplifier. " The mech's voice recognition confirmed that the one speaking to it was the one codenamed Lancelot and begin to open up its chest. This is where the seat was located that Cyprus would stay in as fought. In desperate times though, the pieces that overlapped his station were adjusted and emitted a force field to make sure that the beam cannon installed in the chest piece wouldn't blow up Cyprus along with whatever target was being shot at.

Taking the helm that was given to him by a engineer, the pilot hid his face from the world and stepped into the dimly lit seat. A screen popped up as soon as he closed the entrance. Alexandra's pretty face cleared up from the fuzzy transmission, allowing the navigator to see the blue tinted helmet that she called a ally.

" Lets get this over with. " Cyprus pressed a few of the letters on the projected keyboard, granting access for the girl on the other side of the hangar walls to proceed with the start up program. Lightly tapping the side of the helmet, a slot in the back of it slipped up and then the chair leaned back slightly as a power line was brought up. The young man had gone through years of fine tuning with this machine so the chord wasn't anything that hurt anymore. This chord in fact, was what let Cy do his work to the most strength possible.

A jack like hole was located underneath the white hair on his head. From that point the tip of the insert would slid in, barely touching the sensors that had been looped together with the nervous system of his body. In a general sense, Cyprus could feel what this machine would be hit by. That is why he suffered the amount of damage he had int he last fight and no more. His body rejected the insert last time because of the panic passing through his cortex, allowing him the last minute of the destruction to be avoided.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Cyprus turned his head tot he monitor with Alex on it, " Whenever your ready. " Even before the connection was made, Lancelot's unit was powering up. The cape that had been put on the mech moved violently as the thrusters started up from both the front and back.

The Lost Prince
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Alexandra Walker

I couldn't let anything happen to you, You're too cute.

The entrance of General Cross only briefly caught her attention, Where before she had paid full attention to him, Now she was focused on the pilot she was working with. Speaking of that pilot... He sure seemed to be taking his sweet time, Perhaps she should say something? Encourage him to move faster? The others were already beginning to launch and He still didn't seem to be anywhere near his mech, It was rather concerning, Perhaps something was wrong? Her concern cleared up as her screen finally showed her the masked pilot she was working with, Seemed as though He had decided to get into the machine.

" Hey, glad you joined me, Mystery man. " She said with a slightly flirty tone, despite the seriousness of the mission and any other mission, She didn't feel as though she herself needed to keep sounding serious, so long as she was doing her job. Her eyes shifted to another part of the screen as a new box appeared, Time to get the Lost Prince into action. Quickly and swiftly going over her own keypad, She began to activate the Lost Prince for him. System by system the mech booted up for its pilot, Though things were moving smoothly with the start up, she paid close attention for any sort of alert telling her something was wrong... Of course the mechanics down in the hangar were damn good, didn't seem like there was any problem.

" Whenever you're ready. "
The pilot on the other end had said to her, a smile coming to her face as she looked back to his masked face on the monitor. " Oh, We're all set, baby. " Again with the flirtatious tone, but it was true, everything was set for Cyprus to launch and join the others on the mission. " Coordinates on your screen now. " She informed him, If she had done things right the exact location that had been sent to her console should now have been marked for him. " Ready to launch? " She asked him, what came next was mostly on his part so she could focus on getting the rest of her systems ready... Namely her UAV.

Briefly turning her attention away from him, She began work on preparing it for its own launch into the area with him. The UAV obviously required less attention to launch then a mech, So once it was ready to go she turned her attention back to Cyprus and waited for him to make the next move.
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" A enemy spared is a innocent civilian life lost. "

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" Already am. " Cyprus's insert plugged in and the world went by in a flash. Lost Prince shot out of the hangar like a rocket on steroids, barely allowing the hangar doors to open up just enough to let the massive mechanic construction through.

Once out in the wide open space of the sky, the Prince loosened up as if it was in its habitat. Cyprus closed his eyes to travel what he named, the warp, to see out of the mech's own glowing blue eyes. The wind blowing past the giant as he forced the thrusters to work at top speed so that the last of the squadron would arrive before anything happened. A twitch of a smile formed upon his lips as a ringing sound was caste out below his position.

On the HUD, several codenames came up to confirm where everyone else was and a unknown lifeform that was at that location. The Prince shot down towards the ground with a quick stop of the stabilizers above the thrusters. They reactivated again as he reached the preset height for when they should be on during flight. " I'll have to fix that later. " Cyprus came back into the cockpit for a moment to look at the monitors that held several different stats. One for each mech unit that was out in the field, and his own personal stats that Alexandra would be able to see.

Stopping three clocks away from the group, codename Lancelot, did a area survey using both his sensors and The Prince's warp feeling. Nothing. Just a few sand devils and one or two dunes. This place was very close to the city but nothing grew, as if the weather tortured this spot with harsh winds and no rain. Cyprus dropped to the sand covered earth, keeping the sensors on fine as he watched the other three pry open the wreckage. " Alex, can you see anything from your view? "

The Lost Prince
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Alexandra Walker

I couldn't let anything happen to you, You're too cute.

Cyprus soon gave his response to her earlier question, He was already moving, and quickly. Cyprus was capable of making his way there without any input on her part, This gave her time to focus on getting her UAV out and in the air to scan the mission field. Shifting her attention back to the screen showing the drone, It was ready to launch as well and with a simple press of a button it was off. Quickly setting in the coordinates for it, The machine shot off in the direction it was needed, From its screen she could even see the Lost Prince as it made its way to the field. Though the little drone wasn't going to keep up with the prince, Soon it was out of sight but it still wouldn't take long for her UAV to catch up.

Her eyes moved back to the screen with Cyprus' masked face and the status of his mech, His words had caused her a bit of worry as she looked over to make sure everything was okay.
" What happened? " She turned her eyes to look at his masked image, She couldn't currently see anything wrong with his systems, but that didn't rule out the possibility. Though her concern would seem to have to wait as the Pilot made his landing finally. She kept a close eye on the screen that showed what He was seeing, though it didn't seem like there was anything noticeable. Swapping to the satellite, She tried to get a better view of the surrounding areas, A smirk coming to her face as Cyprus asked if she could see anything.

" Satellite is showing nothing... UAV is arriving now... " She swapped to the UAV, While it was still high above the ground it gave her a much better idea of what was around then the satellite could. " I'm not seeing anything here either... Its currently looking clear. " She said, a hint of concern in her voice... It was highly possible that the enemies had gotten whatever they came for and were long gone by now. " Keep sharp though, I'll keep an eye on things. " There were no visible threats at the moment, but that didn't mean that they weren't there, somehow hiding from her sight. Maybe she should switch the scanner on and see if they had buried themselves in the sand or something... While that seemed highly unlikely, she was aware of how bad of an idea it'd be to rule anything out.
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Ίӷα "Ɍϕϕșțϵӷ" Ƀɭαȼҟѡѻѻȡ
"But I've a rendezvous with Death at midnight in some flaming town, when Spring trips north again this year, and I to my pledged word am true, I shall not fail that rendezvous.." - From Alan Seeger's Rendezvous with Death.

Location: Inside of Infinity

Ira had to turn his head as Cross yelled at Rabbit for still talking and not being focused. Oh it had been a trap, one he would certainly set off after this mission was over with and they were back at home. For now, Ira was back to mean old military hardass mode. He seemed unphased as they launched, rather used to the sudden rush of G's and other elements of going really fast and or high. His eyes going a mile a minute over the monitors, picking up any little details that he could from what he was seeing. He could clearly hear Cheshire reporting a finding, faint but it was there. Ira then chimed over the headset, this was of course to Zane. "Alright, Rabbit...Bring me to Cheshire's position and let me out...If anything, I can squeeze in and pull whoever is in there out without you guy's risking moving the metal around and it all falling ontop of them." He ordered, knowing that there would be a better chance if he went in there and did it himself. If he could have escaped the Divided's camp and get himself and his brother all the long way he did, he could surely get down into some wreckage and pull a poor b*****d out of there.

The Mechs were good but a little less personal then a human being going down and getting them. One had to take possible shock and the last thing this person would need to see is mechs ripping through metal to get at them. He was quite sure Zane would be pleased that Ira wasn't in the same space as he was, and would be more than glad to have him out and about on the ground. Besides, Ira wasn't much for sitting in a chair and barking orders at people. He was readying himself for when he hit the ground, looking over the monitors a few more times to make sure there was no enemy forces camped around the main wreckage of the convoy. Last thing he needed was a Divided sniper picking him off in the middle of a recovery mission with a bunch of kids for mech pilots. Would have looked amazing in the last report.
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Emilie watched after Zane longingly as he spoke to her with the fake smile that she could see through so well. He began to leave, he alone knew about the way she valued life - and he alone seemed to share her value for life with her...perhaps that was why they seemed to get along so well...either way she always hated to see him leave her in such a hurry - out to destroy the world and save it all at once. There was truly no one else like Zane in the entire galaxy or beyond it. Hr had a good heart and a fun, loving personality. He valued life and he made for sure he lived it to it's fullest...her heart ached as she thought of him going out into danger yet again like he so often did......

Either way, now navigating him, Emilie nodded,"I've uploaded the coordinates to you White Rabbit - You should be all set. It's not to far away." Emilie listened carefully as orders were distributed among the team. They all may have had their petty, weird, teenage problems but Emilie had to admit that when ush came to shove they really worked pretty well together.

Emilie waited and watched,"All systems ready, you are cleared for take off Rabbit. Take care and good luck, I'm here with you all the way." She said, her fingers flying like the wind over her keys as she constantly monitoring his mech's signs and readings, her blue eyes all seeing of what was on her screens at once.

Emilie held her breath as Cheshire reported that things were clear although it was clear the Divided had been there. "Everything looks so good so far, but just in case all your systems are fully functional and at optimum operating levels, your shields are looking good," Emilie said, reassuring her pilot that everything was in order. Her sharp blue eyes scanned over all her screens, she hated Zane being so disconnected from her while he was in his Mech and she was just back here on base.

Still Emilie watched over Zane, paying attention to the energy levels around them as well as her radar and what she could see from his Mech's point of view, watching over her precious and beloved Pilot like a guardian angel - she was ready to instruct him and protect him in any and every way she possibly could Emilie couldn't imagine her life without Zane in it and she would make sure she never had to.

Emilie silenced herself now - knowing that Zane needed all his wits and his senses about him - there wasn't anything saying that the Divided would't come back for a round two. Zane would need to concentrate and unless it was something vital or threatening Emilie made sure he could concentrate on the task at hand like he would need to, not that he wouldn't still joke around, but she still trusted him that he could be serious when he needed to be.

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...I couldn't handle loosing you.

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Ɠяιм Яαєρєя

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Once he was ready, Kane sat in the cockpit and strapped himself in. "Everything green. Grave Maker is gone in three, two, one," he said as the thrusters caused him to be pressed against the seat. Being the last one to launch, he was tailing the rest of the mechs. But as they reached cruising altitude, he went all out on the throttle until he reached Rabbit. There was no way he was going to let the kid show him up on his mission. Kane was in charge once Cheshire gave them the okay. As he flew, he was checking all system, everything looked good. "Navi, auto pilot." he said as he wanted to save power just in case things got heated.

Arriving last, Kane settled as he got reports from Cheshire, everything was good. Then the report of survivors came in. Sending his signal to all other mechs, he brought up a visual of everyone. He could see them within his helmet, but they saw the outside. "Cheshire, keep scanning, but keep on guard," he said as he moved Grave Maker next to Zane's Infinity. "Rabbit, drop Rooster. I want him on ground, Stigma, cover Rooster. Rabbit, you and I will uncover the wreckage. Navi highlight all pieces of wreckage that have the possibly to collapses." Suddenly, several pieces were highlighted on his display, flying over, he landed gently and began to pull the pieces that weren't lit up.

"Let's get this done quickly, I don't want any ******** ups," he said out loud, knowing that everyone could hear him. "I mean it, Rabbit." The only reason Kane singled out Zane was because he had the highest possibly not to listen to him and go off and do whatever the hell he wanted. I swear if he starts showing off, I am going to kick his a**, he thought as he waited for Zane to help him.

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The Screen of her watch shining with arm in the air, as the pink haired girl stood in front of the crimson giant. Standing at the ready dressed in her pink colored pilot suit, other hand on hip. The Massive Launching bay door opening behind her and the roaring winds blowing within as her long flowing hair sprang into the air. The Sirens began to ring and the red lights flashing all around as the mission began. Running towards the elevator she did, climbing on, looking up towards the ceiling lights as a maintenance crew flipped the switch. In seconds, it launched upward towards the upper level metal scaffolding. Coming to a stop , the girl to spring into action running down the metal walkway towards her Unit.

A Old man in a lab coat waiting at the open cockpit, giving her a thumbs up signaling that her Mecha is Ready for Action . Padding the man on the shoulder passing him, letting go, jumping into the cockpit. Entering within the spherical space, getting onto the seat. Strapping herself in, flipping on switches overhead as the cockpit closed. A Large Rotating Gear coming onto the panoramic screen, bringing her right arm outward. Pressing a button on her watch, a engraved dragons eye to glow green as a winged shield popped out from the side. Taking it hand, pressing down on the center as a key popped out from the bottom of the crest.

RX-78-5 Scarlet Fatale, Start-up Sequence Initiated!

Its pilot yelled, in a sweet yet strong feminine voice. Bringing the key forward, to take a deep breath. To yell out: " SCARLET FATALE IGNITE! " Ramming the key into the ignition slot, turning the key to began start up. The Gear in front of her began to spun wildly, as the eyes and the head cameras of began to glow a grand green. Its top head head camera glowing within with the letter "G" , with the Essence of Courage and brave heart. The screen in the cockpit reading:



Ultracompact Fusion Reactor - STABLE -
AMBAC - 100%




Her eyes opening widely, as the unit sprang to life. Feeling the psykic system kick in, the whole crimson mecha under control of her thoughts and mind. Placing her hands on the control sticks, with the sun bearing onto the crimson unit standing firm in the launch bay. Robotic arms to come down, attaching a light weapon load onto various hard points on the body. The Red and white shield onto the left forearm, the Hyper Pulse Rifle coming down attached to the " Icarus" Flight pack as it connected to the Hardpoint locking Itself in place.

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It was nice of the doctor to let her follow the other pilots out to the bay. Impressed at the physical prowess that Ira showed scaling Infinity she pointed it out as she watched,"Wow, look at him go." One by the one they had launched out of the hangar until it just seemed to be herself, the Doctor and Genesis. Sighing she looked over at her old friend, and made her way over to him. "I really didn't mean any offense when I called you a nurse. Honestly I would prefer a professional to look after me than a rookie." Her eyes didn't drift away from her friend as she approached the twisted metal that was once her companion in battle. "You know... It's really difficult to look at him. I mean, really really difficult. I was in there." She pointed up at the cockpit that rested within the mech's chest. It was still stained with blood from the initial attack. Genesis was of course far worse off than she was. If anything she suffered a few pinched nerves in her neck, bruised ribs, medium to minor lacerations and was warming up from stage one hypothermia. "I was sitting there in his chest. I was his heart, I made the pulse, I brought him to life and ... In the end he saved me." Her lips pursed together in both anger and contemplation.

Turning around, trying to get over the whole ordeal, knowing it would take time to heal and at the same time wanting to skip that process all together she shrugged and let her hands slap against her thighs. "Well, I'm ready for my check-up. Or, check-in. What ever it is you'd like to call it. Then after, since no one has really told me where everything is, mind showing me where I can take a shower? Or maybe a hot bath?" She chuckled. "I need one." Pivoting she was ready to move on and follow the doctor out to the sick bay, or infirmary, or what ever they liked to call it here.

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The Survivor

Among the wreckage, because of Cheshire's scan of the area, a very faint life sign was detected. Trapped under the destroyed remains of the convoy is a single survivor with one broken leg with exposed bone, a few broken ribs and several cuts and bleeding wounds all over his body. His clothing and armor are badly torn and ragged. He continuously whispers, "The ground... The ground...".

Combat Scenario

Under the Zeros, the ground begins to rumble and vibrate, as if a small earthquake was preparing to happen. The soft mounds of dirt began to flatted due to the vibrations, and out of them appeared claws, followed by the rest of a mole-shaped OT unit, surrounding the four Zeros that are in the mission area and another seemed to be appearing every few moments. They waste no time opening fire.

Enemy Unit

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M013 - XM18913 - OT Unit
Weapons: High-powered pulse cannon located at the front of the unit. Can also fire charged shots similar to a beam cannon.
Information: When scanned and researched by navigators, not much information will be found on this newer Divided unit. It is obvious that it is made for underground operations and is ideal for ambush. Beyond that, nothing would be found. The M013, however, is quick despite it's sloppy-looking build and can bury itself in a matter of moments, rendering it impervious to enemy fire, only to unearth itself in another area and open fire again. It's armor isn't too heavy, which would lead one to believe that they are meant to be expendable units that are put into the field to do as much damage as possible... Before something bigger comes along.
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∞ Infinity ∞

The White Rabbit (?)

User ImageWhen the coordinates were finally reached, Infinity was stopped a bit back by the others, as instructed. Zane kicked his feet up onto the front console and put one of his leg's over the other, his pinky twisting around in his nose for a moment as he waited for instructions, a look of boredom on his face. His attention was caught, however, with the quirking of an eyebrow and the shifting of eyes, at the word 'tits', as spoken by Miranda. She's picked up life signs. Zane instantly sprung to life and he said, "A survivor!".

Infinity rushed forward and joined Manticore in the field, rushing to the wreckage and kneeling down. "Right, right!", Zane said, in response to Ira telling him to let him down. "Keep your balance.", He commented as Infinity's chest opened for a moment, it's hand raising to allow Ira to step onto it before lowering him down to the destroyed convoy.

Infinity arose and his chest closed again. Zane took a few moments to look around the scarred Earth around them, the burning wreckage. The others couldn't see it, but his face showed a whole lot of anger, his hands tightly gripped the controls in front of him and his teeth gritted. "Sons of bitches....", He said, shaking his head.

Suddenly, however, the ground beneath him began to rumble and vibrate. Zane's eyes shifted back and forth skeptically, wondering what the hell was going on.

- Unstable terrain detected, recommended action:relocate -

Infinity looked down at it's feet, only to see the dirt shifting under it before flashing claws were exposed. "Whoa, s**t!", He shouted, rearing the controls back, causing Infinity to lift off from the ground as the large M013 exposed itself from the Earth. "We've got Divided!", He shouted over the open com channel to the other Zeros, "Someone get a reading on these things! Reaper, Stigma, protect Ira and the survivor!", he said, also taking hims place between the enemies, who were rapidly growing in number, and his comrades.

Infinity reached back and drew each of it's firearms, one in each hand, and began returning fire on the M013 units, who had begun peppering them with pulse shots. The mech knelt down and blocked the line of fire to Ira and the convoy as best it could. Zane pressed a button and spoke, "Hurry up, Rooster!", communicating with Ira, "But stay in cover until I can pick you up, these things are everywhere!". Finally, he spoke to Kane, "Well, fearless leader, what's your plan of action?!", he asked, keeping an eye on the damage Infinity was taking.

The M013 units were tricky. They'd take a hit and bury themselves, only to pop up again somewhere else. Zane was beginning to get frustrated. "What the hell are these things! Hold ******** still!", He said, concentrating fire on a single one with his assault rifle, the automatic fire bouncing off of the M013's armor before hitting a weaker spot under the main armor on it's top on the sides of it's firearm. It malfunctioned before exploding, causing the units around it to dive into the Earth and pop up again a few yards away.

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