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My, what big feet you have. . .

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Nimble Gatekeeper

Good. Micah likes that. O U O He usually likes manners.

If there were shenanigans or something going on and Jonathan couldn't go sleep with brother, Micah says Jonathan is free to slip into bed with and/or come find him, if he's home. He wouldn't mind, especially if Jonathan's scared. No need for that. talk2hand

Haha. And Micah will be uber happy about it. <3 "OMG, they're multiplying! I didn't know that could happen!" *promptly eats one with glee* Jonathan would get a hug/thank you if Micah found out it was him. I want to say that Micah would also pinch his cheek, but Micah's probably aware that's embarrassing/painful.
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Beloved Fatcat

Ahahaha, that would be cute.
I wish it could happen, though it probably wouldn't.
I see Nathan being the only real exception to his stand-off-ish-ness.
XDDD. What a word.
Maybe he'd get more comfortable with him after blood-sucking occurs, though.

Ahahaha. He'd have to catch him putting them away or something.
Jonathan doesn't seem like he'd ever point it out.
He'd be happy that Micah seems pleased, though.
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Beloved Fatcat

Should I link our profiles on the first page?
Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Nimble Gatekeeper

Clomp: YES. Make my stalking easier. <3

Haha. If that actually happens ( Jonathan becoming closer to him after blood drinking happens ) than Micah is totally right. Drinking Blood = Bonding Time.

Jonathan seems easy to please, but not in a bad way. <333 It's the simple pleasures. <3
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

I'll put them in the third post.
I'm going to do that quick,
then grab a shower and finish Jonathan's profile.

I will be interested to see if it did.
I actually kind of think it would.
It feels like it would be silly to get worked up
over a hug or something after that.

He is easy to please.
Just don't stare at him like he's a freak
and be nice to him & Nathan and he's good.
o u o
Being nice to Mallory is somewhat optional.
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

Okay, they're linked~!
Back soon. <3
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Invisible Conversationalist

XD Poor Mallory~ Nathan demands you be nice to everyone~ Not really demands, but you'd have some explaining to do if you weren't nice. I guess he believes in the mindset of 'You haven't done anything wrong to me yet, so lets keep it that way!'

In other news- THIS ILLNESS IS SUCK. I still feel like I've done nothing today and I'm deterrrrrrrrmined to get through Nathan's profile. -stares at it- It will happen.

. . .I really want apple sauce now too >>
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

Nathan is never kidding laid again.
Kidding, kidding.
Mallory can get going pretty good.
It's probably a good thing Nathan's there to wind her back.

D :
Frosty being sick makes me sad.
December Frost's avatar

Invisible Conversationalist

. . . Dude. He legit got all kinds of pouty in my head. I imagine he buys her flowers often. o__o I hope she likes flowers. Either that or he'd go pick them himself. Because that's just how he is. But he's pretty...logical and he'd sit there and let her rant and rave and then just try to talk whatever it is out.

I mean I can't imagine anyone else doing the same for him when he's like 'AMAWGAWSH IT'S FINALS WEEK SLEEP IS FOR THE DEAD'...

I didn't realize the pun there, but Ahahaa. I'm so funny without trying.

:c It makes me sad too. MAYBE I'LL TAKE SOME AWESOME DRUG COCKTAIL TONIGHT THAT'LL ACTUALLY MAKE ME SLEEP...instead of being wide awake until four and five in the morning.
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

Ahahaha, now I'm tempted to give her flower allergies.
But no. Of course, she likes flowers.
She likes tulips and carnations best,
She also thinks anniversaries are dumb,
and will be the one who never remembers them.
so don't make that fatal mistake.

And Nathaniel would show up with food and
refuse to leave him alone until he ate.
Or possibly make him cook with him for a little downtime,
depending on how steady he was that day.

It works for me~~~!
Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Nimble Gatekeeper

so don't make that fatal mistake.
Watch Micah make this mistake.

Acutally, if he actually were to do this, he'd get too excited and tell her like two weeks before it happened. "I'm throwing you a party, and you're not supposed to know about it, so please act surprised when you come back on your birthday."

Frost: D: Go get better! </3 *snuggles*

General: YES. Just his bio and relations and then all I need to do is make his post code ( which can wait. ) OTL I just finished his personality...
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

Jonathan's done~!
Except for relations,
which I intend to fill in when all profiles are done.
o u o

Ahahaha, if she knew about it ahead of time, it'd be okay.
But I'd be surprised if Nathan made that mistake/let Micah make that mistake.
They've been dating long enough for him to know better.

*goes to read updated personality*
Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Nimble Gatekeeper

Pft. Criticize you. Jonathan is adorable, and Micah loves him to death. I think he reminds him of his living self a little. Reading over the profile, I think if Micah knew everything ( which I doubt he does ) he'd want to take Jonathan, cuddle him, pet his hair ( ...that sounds strange, hair petting from MY character to YOURS ) and tell him he never has to be lonely again.

I also get the feeling that Micah occasionally makes "commissions" for Jonathan's knitting. "I'll pay you this much if you'll make me a scarf/hat/whatever." Micah does get really cold when he hasn't drunk anything ( starting with his fingers/toes/ears going numb. ) but he doesn't really need whatever he'll order. He's just giving Jonathan something to do when he's not cooking. I get the feeling Micah would go mad if he had NOTHING to do, so he thinks Jonathan would do the same and wants him to do stuff he likes. ._.

Haha. If Nathan told him Mallory hated surprise parties, I don't think Micah would believe him at first, then he'd go. "That...sounds like her..." and he'd pout and tell her even earlier than he would have anyway. XD
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

Beloved Fatcat

You can never go back, now, you know.

Also, I approve of any and all cuddles administered to Jonathan.
Poor kid needs as much love as he can get.

Ahahaha, Jonathan would be really happy to have Micah request something specific.
He'd work really hard to make it PERFECT.
But even worse than having nothing to do,
is being to shaky to really do anything effectively.

Ahahaha. "That. . . sounds like her."
That's made me laugh. <333333333


I meant to say
I read the personality updates
and they made me so happy.
Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Nimble Gatekeeper

Maybe, maybe not, but we'll see. Maybe I can manage to escape the dark dark world of hair pettery.

Haha. Micah is happy to dole out as much love as Jonathan is willing to take. If Jonathan would let him ( which I know he won't ) Micah would take him away to his bedroom when it's bedtime and cuddle him all night/day. *srsface*

Micah would pretend it's perfect even if it wasn't. *srsface* "I love the design! You're so wonderful at this. <3" as he snuggles the side of his face into it.

I'm glad that made you laugh. <3 Even though that wasn't what I was aiming for.

Haha. I can't wait to see if I can do it. O U O Now I have to finish his bio, which I will do...when I get back. <.< In an hour.

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