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My, what big feet you have. . .

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Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Punctual Rogue

Pft. You don't seem to understand Micah yet. XD You do not drag Micah around. talk2hand Micah does whatever he wants. Always. He might allow himself to be dragged around the first time or two to see how scared she is of the bush monsters, but after that. "You need to toughen up. Carry a baseball bat, that might help in the struggle for your life."

God forbid she wake him up during the day. God forbid.
Chihari the Kiwi's avatar

Shy Sweetheart

She can threaten him with curses.
Or evil potions.
Or her secret weapon.
"I'll tell Jonathan you were going to let me get eaten by the bush monsters!"

...Yeah, that wouldn't be something she'd attempt more than once.
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

December Frost's Husband

Shirtless Husband

But wouldn't Jonathan answer the door during the day,
therefore safeguarding Micah's sleep (luckily for her)?
Chihari the Kiwi's avatar

Shy Sweetheart

But what if he were out grocery shopping or something?

Would Jonathan actually scold him for potentially allowing her to be eaten by bush monsters?
Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Punctual Rogue

This was Micah's reaction to each of those threats:

"I'm dead. My soul lost. Curses don't effect me."

"You have to make me drink the potion first."

"..." *not sure how to respond to that one, but in his mind he's going. "Dammit."*

Would she KNOW about his Jonathan weakness? XD It's not like he prances around telling people "Hey! I'm platonically in love with this boy!"

Clomp: Maybe, but there's also the possibility that a nap has kidnapped dear Jon. <.<
December Frost's avatar

Invisible Conversationalist


I just have to do relations and a posting style and I'm set! <3333
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

December Frost's Husband

Shirtless Husband

Jonathan would ideally go grocery shopping during the cooler part of the day (early morning or evening) or when someone can go with him, depending on how much they needed.
He obviously can't drive, and even a short walk is an effort for him, so we don't want to add heat stroke on top of that.
Chances are high that Jonathan would be home during most of the day.

And he'd just stare at the bush monsters thing,
trying to figure out if she's serious or not.

ANd that's true~!
The nap monster does often get a hold of our dear Jonathan.
Chihari the Kiwi's avatar

Shy Sweetheart

". . ."

"I could dump it on you! You'd have boils for months!"

It would be more like a shot in the dark for her, since he seems to be close friends with Jonathan, and hope Jonathan will back her up.

Good job Frostie!
Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Punctual Rogue

Frost: *thumbs up* I can't wait to see what his relations say. XD

When I read grilling, I wondered how rare Micah would ask for. I'm conflicted with "Rare." because he's a vampire and "Well Done" because he's Jewish.

Kiwi: "Dump it on me and not only can I assure you that it wouldn't last a month or more, but that I'd wring my hair and clothes out on you."

*points at that* That feels better. That's more like what I wanted Micah to be. Mean.

Clompy: When you said shopping in the evening my mind went to Micah going. "Oh! I'll go with you! If you get tired, I promise I'll push you around in the wheelchair, and I'll go real fast." And when I imagined him saying this he was a bit too excited. Like he was going to an amusement park. XD;;;

Yes. The nap monster does. It also takes a hold of Micah quite often in the day, even if he tries to stay up and do term papers or whatever.
Chihari the Kiwi's avatar

Shy Sweetheart

I should probably get started on this profile, huh?

I think I'm going to have her live with an older brother or sister, since I don't like the idea of such a naiive child living alone. >.>

"W-Well, at least I know how to cure it!"
at this point, she doesn't realize he's a vampire.
When she does, she'll probably start putting anti-vampire wards in random places just to spite him. xD
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

December Frost's Husband

Shirtless Husband

XDDD. I'm also excited to see his relations~! o u o

XDDDD. That's adorable.
I think Micah and Jonathan would probably have fun grocery shopping together.
Well, so long as Micah can handle how specific and serious Jonathan can take something like
I don't know, which mozz. cheese to get or something.
This is srsbsnss. *srsface*

Well, I don't know if Micah would answer the door if it woke him up,
but Jonathan would, or at least try to. Ahahahaha, I don't know how
coherent he is when he first wakes up, though. >>

Don't forget blood type on your profile, chichi~! <333

Jonathan would probably assume he wanted it well done,
and since he's probably hovering everytime Nathan grills,
Micah better speak up if he wants it rare. >>
Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Punctual Rogue

Kiwi: "But until you cure it, it's going to be VERY uncomfortable."

Haha. And by anti-vampire wards you mean Stars of David and random Mezuzahs attached to doorframes, right? Because that's pretty much all that will keep Micah from going wherever he pleases.

Clomp: XD I think Micah can handle that. He'll probably find it adorable in some instances, and then in others get soaked up in it. "Which brand do you think is the best? Do you want shredded or not? And how much do you think you'll be using in the next week?"

Micah would answer the door, but he's a grouch master if he's dragged out of bed before he wants to get up.

The more I think, the more I think well done because his religion would kick him in the a** if he said rare, so...Jonathan is probably right. XD
Chihari the Kiwi's avatar

Shy Sweetheart

"And so will you, until it wears off!"
She's going to be determined not to lose this argument.

..."anti-vampire wards" sounds cooler. >.>
She'll probably try other spells that ward off demons, until she figures out that they don't work.

Can I give her some random blood type? : S

And Jezzie's always serious.
Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Punctual Rogue

*leans in close to her ear* "I don't so much care. I can definitely deal with a day or so of mild discomfort. <3"

Haha. It does sound cooler. And...yeah. Those aren't going to work. He's not a demon. XD He's just undead.

Yeah. The blood type doesn't really matter beyond Micah knowing who he wants to ask for a drink from when he has a taste.
CLOMP-a-saurus's avatar

December Frost's Husband

Shirtless Husband

Micah getting all serious about it is adorable.

Ahaha, I think I'd just not knock on that door during the day.
I wouldn't want to take my chances.

I suspected that was the conclusion you'd come to.
o u o

XDDD, chichi.
Give her whatever blood type you want.
I mean, I have reasoning behind my choices,
but there's no reason you can't pick randomly.

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