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December Frost's Husband

Shirtless Husband

This is a paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy planning thread for Frosty, faifai, chichi, and Clompy,
for an as-of-now untitled RP.
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December Frost's Husband

Shirtless Husband

onexonexone - frosty+faifai? - roomates + alien invasion

Characters (two per? Or unbalanced number per is fine):

1. controlling the dead/communication with the dead
What happens when the dead control you?

2. nullification/cleansing magic - m?

3. at least one female - tomboy?
dating nullification?

4. undead character

5. + 1?
Starts out as side character,
gradually becomes essential part of group?
(or, just, y'know, start with five people living together)

6. +newbie
Comes in later

PRE-ARC: for getting accustomed to character relations
anniversary of living together?
"homey" holiday

(sci-fi/paranormal/fantasy genre)
(TBE as needed/details are hammered out)
Four (five) roomates. One house. All gifted in some way.
Anything is fair game, from speaking and controlling the dead
to being undead youself.
Things have been changing. Something foul is afoot.
Restlessness among the dead has increased, and then suddenly, they (too?) start disappearing.
On top of this, between classes and wavering realtionships, the mood at the apartment has been tense.
Degree by degree, the situation worsens until it can no longer be ignored, and what assumptions have been made are thrown to the wind in a determination to investigate.
It's not a simple matter of dissatisfied spirits, or the presense of an exorscist in town, or a sudden push towards cleansing, etc, etc.
An alien invasion is occuring right under our noses.
Maybe it's because they're icorporoal beings, or because they have such complete power to strike at the mind, but only those of us who are different have noticed them.
So what do four (five) old friends with special abilities do with this information when going public would label them loonies?
Why, they create a super-team, of course.

Trapping/stealing spirits?
Control of body?
But what do they want?
Resources? food? Entertainment? Practice?

Aliens (all subject to change):
Alien creatures with three stages in life:
1. Children
Cute little fluffy cuddley things.
Short life spans, resiliant.
These creatures die and enter stage two
2. Bodyless
Techanically, in this stage, dead
(i.e., stage one is life, stage two is death, and stage three is (sort of) rebirth)
While stage ones are sweet and cuddley,
stage twos are pretty much the opposite
Stage two is the longest and most emotional stage
If enlightenment is reached, move on to stage three.
If not, eventually fade.
Second stage prepares for third stage
3. Possession
lifeform grows new form
slug-like creature
crawls into brain and steals the life of its host

Stage two and three what we care about,
as they're the ones trying to take us over
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December Frost's Husband

Shirtless Husband

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Invisible Conversationalist


I enjoy this~

ALSO~ Let it be known that I have not a care in the world which characters I pick up
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Eternal Bibliophile

Blab. Such a word. <.<

Yeah...I think I want to do the undead guy here...I'll fiddle with that idea...

SO WHO ELSE HAS IDEAS. I know you two have been talking. I want in on it. *srsface*
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Invisible Conversationalist


I was gone like...all day. D:

And I'll futz around and figure out what I want. I'm totally fine with playing our nullification fellow~ And I'll pick up one of the fresh meats too <3333 Ahaha~ Or that random extra side note character. I should make them crazy. YES I KNOW THIS IS AN EDIT. I'M JUST TOO LAZY TO MAKE A NEW POST 8D AHAHA

-snuggles Fai-
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Eternal Bibliophile

XD But you were talking all the same.

I love how ( according to Clomp ) you both suggested I be the third person at the same time. <.< <333

Mwahaha. Fresh meat. I hope my character's an a** to the fresh meat, or at least teases them relentlessly. *does not plan on making this a nice Twilight-like vampire at all* Although I will play with the idea of him not being Christan and wearing a cross as irony. ( some other religious symbol would affect him, if I did this. )

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December Frost's Husband

Shirtless Husband

*rolls through*


I'll talk to you tomorrow~!
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Invisible Conversationalist


; A; I love Fai and Clompyyyyyyyyy <3333
It was nearly the same time. o__o And we are secret twins~ IT'S A SECRET POWER BUT NOW FAI KNOWS...so it must be secret triplets <3

>>; I'm fine with that. My random idea for the side note/fresh meat is that he'll be way naive about the 'world' that they live in with all the ghosts and ghouls and wtfever is lurking around in corners. They'd just be all eager to do anything and get tangled up a bit. It makes me laugh to think of~

But I'll for sure take the nullification fellow 8D


Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Eternal Bibliophile

Fai likes to think she's good at RPing. :3

XD Secret Triplets. <3

My guy will probably have fun with that. "They're so much fun when they're eager. <3" He will mean to tease, but I doubt he'll mean to...harm fresh meat. It's no fun to drive them away. <.<

So, what I've got so far is that he's a "White Court Vampire" *is stealing from Dresden* meaning he has a human appearance, and somewhat oozes "charm" when he wants to. In life he was an orthodox Jew, meaning he can wear as many crosses as he wants, but flash a Star of David at him and he gets pissed...when he gets away from you. Sun will NOT kill him. It WILL irritate his skin like a sunburn/hives if he gets too much of it, and he will b***h about how much it hurts/itches. He needs HUMAN blood. Every. Day. He CAN drink animal blood, but will only satiate him for an hour or two and then he feels more hungry/thirsty than before. He does not need to kill who he drinks from, although he easily can if he forgets to be careful. He's faster, stronger, and somewhat impervious, but NEEDS to ask permission before entering a private residence, and can easily be killed/wounded by wood.

I will keep thinking. ._.

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Invisible Conversationalist

Fai had better be thinking that she's just awesome all the way around...including the RPing <3

You totally tolerate my shenanigans and you haven't even known me that long XD So hey, that makes you pretty amazing <3

8D I like that idea. So that can be either fresh meat or even the outside/fifth person. Whichever. I'm fine with whatever gaps need to be filled, honestly.

o__o This sounds good. I like that he'll have to have human blood every day instead of just every so often. It's a nice touch. I'm also fond of the Star instead of the Cross.

I did a roleplay once that was based off of the 'Masquerade' vampires and that's about the only interaction I've had with vampires roleplay wise. Which is funny to think because they're apparently SOOOO popular with Twilight...and that's when I came back around to roleplaying XD
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Eternal Bibliophile

XD What shenanigans? I don't notice anything about you that I wouldn't normally put up with...

Yeah. It could be either. ._. I'm sure I'll have more than one character too, just this will be the one I'll focus on first.

I figure that to him, having human blood will be like needing to eat. Yeah, he can go for DAYS without drinking, but do you want to be around someone who hasn't eaten in a couple days? No. <.< You don't. They're crabby, temperamental, and probably only thinking about food, which in his case, could be you. He will also die of it, if he doesn't drink for about a week give or take, same as humans and water.

The star thing isn't original. XD I've seen the concept before, and it really makes sense, I mean, seriously. If you didn't follow Christianity in life, why would becoming a vampire suddenly make you hail crosses? <.<

It's because you do literate RPing. Twilight is like the devil among us, and as a result, we seem to avoid vampires altogether for fear of bashing. /:
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Invisible Conversationalist

I...have no idea. I'm just making things up in my head. o__o Watch. I'll start trying to be annoying and you guys'll just end up like 'AHAHA. Frosty's so funny.' Not that I'd actually do that. >>;

I've been image diving because I have a general idea of what I'd like for the nullification whatchamacallit I have up my sleeve. <3 That's about all I have the brain power to do right now. XD

This is very true! o__o I'd have to wonder what his preferences were...or does all blood taste the same? Or does it even matter? I mean...food is food, right?

To show you how much my brain is working, I just sat here for a long while and went 'THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE'. Which it does, but I don't know why it hadn't clicked with me before now. This is probably a sign that I should be faceplanting a pillow soon even if I'm not tired.

GIMME REAL SCARY VAMPIRES ANY DAY <3 Twilight was actually being taught on my campus when I was still there. I weep for the future.
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December Frost's Husband

Shirtless Husband

Blab is a wonderful word.
o u o

Okay, so Frosty's also interested in either the optional side character or fresh meat?
XDDD. I'll pick up the girl, then.
*has actually already picked pictures for both roles*
And then faifai can decide whether or not she wants to pick up a second character later.
Because, really, either way is fine.

Both of what you guys have so far sounds good.
o u o
Do we want to do some kind of profiles, or can we just wing it?
I'm okay with either way. <333

Ahahaha, you guys.
You're both awesome.

There is apparently a class where I went to school where Twilight was in the syllabus one year.
But it was an Adolescent Lit class. For teachers. The year I took it, we had to read Harry Potter.
Picking popular fiction for part of the books is kind of the point. XDDD.

Okay, so if I have dead-boy and the girl.
I was thinking about making them half-siblings,
but Frosty and I just decided to make dead-speaky boy and nullification-boy siblings,
so I guess I'm not going to do that. XDDDD

For the guy, I was thinking someone who was very controlled.
Probably gentle and with very subdued emotional reactions.
I see him being an early riser, and the type to get up and make breakfast while everyone else is still abed.
I'm pretty sure he's going to like to cook, too.
As for his abilities - controlling and speaking to the dead mostly appliest to spirits and the like.
No corpses for me, mmkaythx.
So it's more a spiritual ability than physical ability, I guess?

For the girl, I was thinking I'd make a tomboy/athletic type.
She'd be below average intelligence, but not exactly dumb.
Guliable, straight-forward, honest, enthusiastic, loyal, protective.
I'm thinking about making her a lapsed Catholic.
o u o
And her ability will probably be telekinesis with emphasis in some area,
and possibly very very mild telepathy - in the sense she'd pick up surface/projected thoughts
only when around someone who is highly stressed or emotional.
Mage Fai D Flourite's avatar

Eternal Bibliophile

Clomp: "dead-speaky boy and nullification-boy" I laughed real hard at that for some reason. <.<

Aww. No corpses. D: ...Actually, I'm thinking both me and my character are pretty darn happy with that. <.<

When you talk about the girl, I picture the type of girl who charges into everything without thinking. At all, and believes in everything she believes in to a fault. ._.

Frost: I doubt that'll happen, and if it does, I'll know it's on purpose. <.<

As for his preferences, I think it's not so much preference, but a "taste" type of thing. Sort of like. "I have a taste for chocolate today." instead, for him it'll be, "I'm really craving A blood today." At which point everyone in the room who has A type blood should move away from him.

What also makes sense to me is that he can't survive on blood alone, and actually needs human food too. Because, honestly, you can't survive on blood. You need fats and vitamins and whatnot to keep your body in good condition. ( That, and the thought of someone who doesn't know him well coming out of their room to see a vampire at the table eating a bowl of cereal like it's the most natural thing in the world amuses the hell out of me. )

Both: Great. <3 I'll continue with what I have for vampire boy, whom I should start to name, or he's going to get angry at me. I don't know about you two, but I will need a profile for him, much in the same way I needed a profile for Basil, because dammit, I need a place to store all the information about his species. XD

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