Welcome to Awesomania! I'll be your guide. My title and name is King Awesomolocity, though Awesome / Awesomo is perfectly fine.

"Doing things changes things. Not doing things leaves things exactly as they were."
- Dr. Gregory House

"Keep moving forward!"
- Cornelius Robinson

Here's a little bit of background information on me:

  • I've been on Gaia since 2009.
  • I'm 18 years old (as of September 26th, 2013)
  • I love to read. (Harry Potter is my favorite book AND movie series)
  • Psych is my favorite T.V. show
  • Ion Television is my favorite channel.
  • I love learning, and learning about coding, specifically. (So much to learn)
  • I know ASL, because my mom is deaf. (Koda Love<3)
  • I have many different hobbies. (Juggling, unicycle riding, juggling while riding a unicycle, solving the Rubik's Cube)
  • I love the Gaia community (Specifically the Gaia Aquarium Forum)
  • I REALLY LOVE the 10,000,000 community.
  • I believe that everyone should be able to listen to music that they enjoy. Music is one thing that almost everyone can enjoy, experience, and relate to, and there is music for everyone, so everyone who wants to should listen to it.
  • I've been told that everyone has a novel in them, but the challenge is to write it. I encourage you to write your own.
  • I intend to write a trilogy and get it published
  • I play Minecraft a lot.
  • I'm currently re-doing my profile.
  • I love conversations. Comment me (preferable), or PM me and just talk to me.
  • Even better would be to go here and talk to people.
  • I also like to answer questions.
  • I'm currently becoming a slightly better vender / exchanger / hoarder. :3
  • I hope to some day to be the richest man on the planet. (Or at least on Gaia)
  • Once I finish my Main Quests, I will donate heavily to charity on Gaia.

Now, that's about all there is that I can think of to put here. Though, there is plenty to learn so talk to me if you wish to know.
I have aquarium tools:
Click here to see them

Now, I hope you enjoy your stay...if you're still here. o.o
(My Queen):
This guy is the best, most amazing boyfriend any person could ever ask for. And I want you all to know that I love him. <3.


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Awesome's Awesome Journal

Awesome's Awesome Journal

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The Handsome Mr-X

Report | 09/26/2017 3:03 am

The Handsome Mr-X

Happy Birthday!

Report | 09/23/2017 12:12 pm


Happy 22nd birthday. You are missed.

Report | 01/23/2017 9:58 am


Happy Handwriting Day heart
wicked delights

Report | 09/20/2016 8:43 pm

wicked delights

Yooo hooo Mr. King Awesome where are you? Miss you crying
Darth Daddicus

Report | 01/19/2015 1:52 pm

Darth Daddicus

Thank you for the Martin Luther King Day commemorative codes.

Report | 09/26/2014 9:56 pm


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-Technicolored Unicorns-

Report | 09/26/2014 6:44 pm

-Technicolored Unicorns-

Happy Birthday!
Serene Snowbelle824

Report | 09/26/2014 6:13 pm

Serene Snowbelle824

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blaugh Dropping by to Say Happy Birthday! Hope it's been a great day for you!! blaugh
Poopoo Pikachu

Report | 09/17/2014 1:38 pm

Poopoo Pikachu

Ohh haha. xD I like doing that too, I am mostly a lurker unless I feel like debating.
Poopoo Pikachu

Report | 09/14/2014 4:43 pm

Poopoo Pikachu

Oh gosh, that thread. >_>;; How is it still alive!? lol


Keep Moving Forward!
- Lewis "Cornelius" Robinson

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