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So... Pegacorns.
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i was picking my laptop off my bed and there was a bobby pin stuck to it and like, my comp. attracts metal but only in this one spot and it's never done this before and it doesn't have magnets to keep it shut or whatever, and it's never been magnetic. and paper clips and s**t stick to it to it too but only in this one spot. but my screen it self does nothing unusual.

what does this meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaannnn?
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cat_stare One more thing.......To the artist who created Midnight Reprisal.......Not only do you clearly deserve endless swarms of huggles for this, you plucked the idea from my signature image, didn't you? cat_whee cat_xd cat_4laugh cat_rofl cat_ninja heart
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zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Anything new to report?

Adding to to this.
in Glitch Fixes does the Events fall under that?
Because you guys broke it.
So now that there wont be anymore updates can we get that fixed too?
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Please don't go, I want you to stay..

I've been wanting to ask this for quite awhile now, but always got intimidated by these ask the admin things, heh..
Anyway.. Are there any plans to release the rest of the Sweet Lace lolita set from Durem Depot in mint? I know that the miniature hat was released in a RIG in mint.. But not the rest of the set.
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f o r e v e r||||||
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INFECTOR! scream
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Oh! Also! I guess this is for Sisky (?)

I sent in a Gaia blog entry last month and haven't heard anything back from you guys.

It's for My Gaia NPC Story Contest
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And I hope advance chance is amazing. I bought a lot with Gaia cash sweatdrop
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"I am" poses crashing towns.

I'm aware that the new big deal is Towns 2, but I was wondering if this is going to be fix, if it hasn't already?

It's been fixed before? Now as of recently, people have been abusing it.
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Hello ATA!! Just a few things! Happy April Fool's Days! Great job on the Easter event!! biggrin

1. Melon pan item!! heart

2. Is it possible i we could get a Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus sponsorship. I wouldn't mind if it was a mini sponsor and we got the Camp Half-Blood t-shirt/Camp Jupiter shirts! emotion_kirakira

3. I want to know the artist who did the Detective Conan reference item, Child Prodigy! I seriously want to thank them for that. And wondering if we could maybe get a Kaitou KID reference item someday maybe.
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Any way to exclude diedrich from the Easter Event next year?

I'm hoping there's a manga after the event is over where Diedrich is killed off. emotion_kirakira

Misquote.. Sigh.
Edited in the proper quote.
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Hi ATA! My questions are:

1. Selling an item in the MP requires password, but selling an item back doesn't require one. How come?
2. Can I still recover an item after I sold it back accidentally? I came back from hiatus and was naive to the new ways of selling an item to MP. Instead of that, I stupidly sold the item back to the store thinking it was the MP. I was so shocked after I clicked the sell button. It was an Alzbeta doll worth 7M, lost to the void. Can I get the item back? I'm willing to return the sell-back amount. Thanks.
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Can we please have the option to get notifications via text or something when our aquarium tanks are glowing? I do not have the time to sit around and wait for my tank to glow, and even when I do have the time, it is never when my tanks are glowing. I am often not online (and can't be) when my tank is glowing 9 out of 10 times. With a notification, I would at least be able to bump my tank thread via my iPod with GotG.
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Hey. Representing E-Corp here.

Awesome event. We are very pleased.

Any way to exclude diedrich from the Easter Event next year?

You can include waffles and Ultra Satan if you want.

Can't say I've started planning next year's events just yet. Still have to finish making this year's the best yet.
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@ Zero Omega

We spoke last time there was an Ask the Admin Time, you said for me to shoot you a pm about my issue. How come you have not read or responded to this important pm?


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