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every week i ask and im bypassed.
Is it possible to come up with some sort of solution for fish that are in barrett tank to be DELETED at the push of a button, rather than to have us live out its miserable life in the tank we dont want to junk up with these less quality fish? I know alot of us have to put these barrett fish in to RID them out of barrett, but a delete option WOULD be a great idea.

I certainly hope u will answer this request! I have fish there from 4 years ago.....

Send in a ticket to http://www.gaiaonline.com/help and describe the issue, our staff should be able to help you from there.

zero, let me ask u this... everyone in gaia aquarium that has barret fish they do NOT want to use in thier tanks .. should flood the gaia help and send ticket? Seriously?? I thought u ppl were here to help.

There's only so much we can do in the middle of ATA, to be honest, not having used the Aquarium feature too much after it's initial release, I can't really give you any sort of good advice because my memory of the feature and the specifics of it are fuzzy. However, I know that our staff at the Help Center can remove fish from your inventory and replace them with their appropriate drops if the fish are supposed to be dead.

no, they arent dead.. they just being held indefinite in the barret tank.. i just hate junking my tank to rid them, but until another solution all of gaia aquarium that has barrett fish has to deal with it.. thanks.
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zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Anything new to report?

Adding to to this.
Glitch Fixes does the Events fall under that?
Because you guys broke it.
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it would be awesome for fishing and towns mainly but yeah its a needed thing XD it would give a sence or realism to gaia having the clock showing all the time XD

Iagree and have made notes to myself to make the same suggestion. *[ img ]me buried in a pile of notes[ /img ]*
blahh these admins havent even responded saying its possible or not or we will look into doing this noo they are ignoring me x.x eveyone that posted on the same page as me got a response but no not me x.x

I responded a few minutes ago, say I'd see what I could do. I do like the idea. I could at least make you a widget if nothing else.
i never got a notice saying i was responded to or anything x.x

Well, now you have. smile
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Do u ever make a new item just because of some users suggestion?
And if so how do i suggest stuff?
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"I am" poses crashing towns.

I'm aware that the new big deal is Towns 2, but I was wondering if this is going to be fix, if it hasn't already?

It's been fixed before? Now as of recently, people have been abusing it.

Thought we fixed this a while back, I'll check on it again. There shouldn't be any crashing problems even though we're working on Towns 2.

Will there be a staff alert when this is will be fixed like last time?
fairy pastry
Can we please have the option to get notifications via text or something when our aquarium tanks are glowing? I do not have the time to sit around and wait for my tank to glow, and even when I do have the time, it is never when my tanks are glowing. I am often not online (and can't be) when my tank is glowing 9 out of 10 times. With a notification, I would at least be able to bump my tank thread via my iPod with GotG.

Booty Grab was designed as a game where glowing tanks show up as a surprise rare event, much like the Easter eggs in this year's Easter event. What we didn't anticipate was how users helped each other in finding out glowing tanks. When we designed the gold payout, we expect each Gaian to be playing Booty Grab a set number of times a day, while the number of games played is much, much higher, and we needed to make adjustments in the gold payout because of that, otherwise the feature would be imbalanced and cause high inflation in the economy. Long story short, if we do anything more to alert about glowing tanks, we would have to lower the gold payout event more, and I'm worried that it wouldn't be welcomed by anyone.
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Not sure if it has been asked before...

Is there a chance of a revamp for gift boxes in the near future?
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Hey Sisky, thanks for doing the contest in the Easter forum, it was a lot of fun. Will we be seeing one for every event?
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Uncle Kenny
Where is the Easter Bunny's holiday spirit?...

and will there be a zOMG Easter event this year?

His spirit is being funneled into wanting to destroy everything that's cute.

No, we don't have any plans for upcoming zOMG events.
Would you be willing to redo one of the old zOMG Easter events, like the ones with chocolate eggs or strawberry chocolate eggs?

We can't do any kind of zOMG event, old or new, as explained here.
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Just running through the thread to say hi smile

Hi Margaree! Hope you are having a great evening! biggrin

*Passes a water bottle and a towel.*
*Passes same to Sisky.*
*Passes same to Lanzer, still blushing violently.*
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*raises hand*
Just one major issue/question:

1. It's been past 14 days and I've still not yet have any Gaia admin/staff contact me re ticket # 5630-10311369 , which was submitted Feb 22 2013.
Any ETA on when I may get all my deactivated accounts reactivated?

I have not received anything other than the routine 'bot acknowledgement of the ticket in my email.

I'd been attempting to participate in the 10th anniversary event when I realized all my accounts were deactivated as I forgot to log in every 6 months, and they were deactivated before the new five year policy was put into place. Am sad as I'm most active as exchanger/trader and most of my stock are there.

To Date I have PM'ed Omega Zero, but not have heard anything either, as well as spoken with ZakuMent who suggested I should PM a mod/staff or resend the ticket.

If you sent me the PM then I probably just haven't gotten to it yet, I'll be getting to some additional PMs this week.

Yep, I figured admins were all insanely busy what with RL Easter and event, so waited until near end to ask. I just wondered if there's someone else or another procedure SOP whatever so the pressure's not all on you, since you are obviously rather overloaded/working hard.
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Do u enjoy answering question? heart
Serene Rainstorm
Hello ATA!! Just a few things! Happy April Fool's Days! Great job on the Easter event!! biggrin

1. Melon pan item!! heart

2. Is it possible i we could get a Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus sponsorship. I wouldn't mind if it was a mini sponsor and we got the Camp Half-Blood t-shirt/Camp Jupiter shirts! emotion_kirakira

3. I want to know the artist who did the Detective Conan reference item, Child Prodigy! I seriously want to thank them for that. And wondering if we could maybe get a Kaitou KID reference item someday maybe.

I still stand by Serene Rainstorm's request, here, could Admin Panzer respond back or Admin Lanzer, whichever arrives first?
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OMFG Shushu
Corinth Maxwell
cat_stare *looks around for the post he made a few minutes ago which somehow mysteriously vanished* Well, then......someone's sense of humor died today. cat_evil

Dude be happy the gave your post a thought.
They are just completely ignoring mines.

cat_neutral Umm......I think it might be because yours is somewhat sort of kind of slightly vague. cat_sweatdrop
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Uncle Kenny
Where is the Easter Bunny's holiday spirit?...

and will there be a zOMG Easter event this year?

His spirit is being funneled into wanting to destroy everything that's cute.

No, we don't have any plans for upcoming zOMG events.

AWWWW The Easter Bunny needs love! that's all he needs! crying

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