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Aye dude
Can you add me biggrin

And Why is the [CENSORED] thing aloud it is very annoying smile

It's not allowed.
~King Awesome

How come they do it? and i have another question. My profile resets and add all the topics and things i dont want again. i find this annoying and a waist of time. i have it a way i like it but everyday i have to change it sad
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Uncle Kenny
Yeata Zi
Hey. Representing E-Corp here.

Awesome event. We are very pleased.

Any way to exclude diedrich from the Easter Event next year?

You can include waffles and Ultra Satan if you want.

Can't say I've started planning next year's events just yet. Still have to finish making this year's the best yet.
Oh, fiiiine.

Just for the record: E-Corp wants Diedrich OUT of Easter.

Really can't stress how great this event has been, though.
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User Image

Some people can outsmart me...

Why did the Pegasus fluff have to die?

But I have yet to meet someone who can outsmart the bullet.
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Zero Omega
well before i lurk... this is for brony king.

brony king- when are you gonna get yourself a pony plushie?

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

;D you know you want one.

and uh... i feel terrible for that pegacorn fluff. it died. crying

*lurks now*


You kill murder in cold blood fluffs all the time. talk2hand

so... which pony is your favorite. *not judging* and you know you wanna hug rainbow dash. which you may ALL YOU WANT. biggrin

but!!! my deaths are painless. with rings!!! the fluffs never feel it happening. not a slow slooooow death like eb has done. zomg deaths are more humane..... *thinks about it* neutral
Make pegacorn an equip item.
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Any plans on zOMG events anytime soon? c:
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Ren Orenji Doragon
TEAM SEXY BULGE! emotion_awesome

Hi AtA!

Just dropping in to support my team of choice for the Event. XD


How about that Orange Lizardman, eh? o;

swarf SDPlus?

Marshall SDPlus?



Edit: oh, and one of my friends insists that you guys were inspired by some art I posted in the E-Corp thread for the redesign of EB's sprite... Please tell me this isn't true. >>;;

Marshall? o3o

Hi ren o3o

SDplus O. Renji o3o



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The pegacorn item is adorable and I would love to have it as a item before the Easter bunny turned it into a ghost. Are you planning to make a pegacorn item or construct one out of Alchemy?
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This probably gets asked all the time, but it's my first time actually making it to one of these in time, so I'll ask anyway.

Do you guys still pay attention to petitions in the site feedback? Is site feedback important?

Dumb questions I know, it's just something I've been curious about even though I'm more or less a lurker these days. Thank you for your time!
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Hi, I just have a question concerning the Pegacorn Fluff. Was it a joke when the Easter Bunny crushed my fluff and went on a rant about destroying cuteness or a one-in a million chance to get something really valuable? (I'm still sitting on my couch with my mouth agape........ gonk .......and still upset...........)
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Corinth Maxwell
Hello everyone!

The Easter event took a surprising turn and the anti-cute gained the final lead! It's surprising how many mecha Easter Bunny fans are out there. rofl

Happy April Fool's day too, how many of you had been checking out the various April Fools jokes out there? Which one is your favorite? (beside Gaia's of course wink

Yeah, it's so surprising, that most people (including me) have doubts that you actually expected the Easter Bunny to win. cat_xp

Anyway...... cat_whee
Regarding this post from last week's ATA......has the idea to place the same 2% tax (or perhaps a somewhat higher cut, since most people using the trade feature only do so to circumvent the marketplace tax in the first place) on trades ever been tossed around at the office?

Thanks for the post! I haven't heard of a discussion of a 2% tax on trades, though it is an interesting idea. For now, we have no plans to implement such a system. It would require a bunch of dev work and would probably make a whole bunch of Gaians angry. Still, it is a unique approach to a gold sink, so thanks for thinking of new ways to help remove excess gold from the economy! biggrin

cat_ninja Well, you know me......always thinking of ways to make the ├╝ber-rich elite of Gaia even more irate. cat_cool cat_whee cat_xd cat_rofl cat_twisted emotion_dealwithit
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my question for you guys is why did you guys send me the mystery friend thing on the event page and made the evil bunny take it away ;w;?

The Easter Bunny is unpredictably cruel toward fluffy, cute things. We tried to give you something happy and nice but he would have no part of it.
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I won part of Sisky's contest...but I only got some of the prizes it said I would. Is the rest going to come later?

You were given the Bunny Slippers and 500 Gaia cash. I'm not sure what you are missing! biggrin
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Uncle Kenny
April Fools item: The pegacorn item is adorable. Any plans on making it an actual item after the event ends?

It'll be more than what it appears currently but you won't find out more for a couple months. Sit tight, we have awesome things planned this Summer.
*waits impatiently*
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Hope you all had a happy holiday weekend and such!

@ Zero....finally finished the improv vids! Good stuff! I missed AtA last week. So, did you post a new link for the new video yet?

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