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you were hacked? is that what you are inferring? I got hacked in my mule awhile ago and I apparently filed it our wrong. Things happen. :/ I just stoped caring. If Gaia doesn't fix the little problems, there's no reason to be upset about it. It's just a game and all. A game I would love to fix but none of the admins or mods take my word. All I can do is file abuse.
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Zero Omega

you never answered my question ..or pmd me back...i cant even find any pms from you in my inbox anymore

Just shoot me another PM about it.
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Hey Sisky, thanks for doing the contest in the Easter forum, it was a lot of fun. Will we be seeing one for every event?

Probably! I am all about the contests, and I like giving things away! I do need to have a contest to dress the CEO's avatar, and we still need to name the Disgruntled Contest Ferret mascot of contest hating! biggrin

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kitten tea
googles is pretty good. Got my dad and a friend with it!!!
It's called google nose, go check it out. :3

Happy Easter/1st of April!

i was just going through the forum and had to tell you i love your avi

Thank you. :3 I like yours a lot too, it's really smexy and your achievement titles go well with it!

thanks ^^
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Hello everyone! Two questions today for you!

2. It's something I noticed recently, in my inventory when I go to change my avatar. You use to be able to drag and move around the windows the pop up with the item poses, you can no longer do that. Is this a known issue? It's kinda a pain if you want to have more than one items poses open, yet the overlap each other because you can't move them anymore.

mine still works, maybe its a browser problem?

I'm using google chrome so idk :/
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OMFG Shushu
zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Anything new to report?

Adding to to this.
Glitch Fixes does the Events fall under that?

If it makes you guys feel better.
I took that bit out
Uncle Kenny
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Uncle Kenny
I have data for everything related to the event.
Alrighty. ^w^ So you could tell me my egg counts, then. XD

All you have to do to find that information is look on the main event page. Your stats are in the upper right corner.
I know. razz

That's not quite what I meant... Oh never mind. xd
Phantom Anon
Will Gaia ever release a tentative calendar with the dates for events and such?

Narumi really wanted to build that feature, and I think it's a great feature too. We'll keep you informed if we start working on it.

Thank you for joining us on ATA today, good luck collecting the rest of the Easter eggs and we'll see you all next Monday! biggrin

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