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so when is the alchemy update going to happen and will there be any more long term evolving items or are you guys just going to stick with rapid ei's?
I woould like to know who the mutal friends are when I click potential friends on My Gaia page.
Is this not possible anymore?

              Even though there was a petition made a while ago, the new baby brought up the question.

              Gaia and pregnancy items? I understand the men of GaiaOnline have the "Fatty" item, but that wouldn't be appropriate for a pregnant belly. Could you guys look over the older pregnancy item petition thread and maybe look into these items?
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I had asked many ATA's ago if you guys were ever planning on updating or re-doing the World Map in the World Tab because it's missing shops and things like Zomg because it seems like it was sort of forgotten. I do not know if I ever got a response because at the time I didn't know how to check for responses and I don't remember which ATA that was.
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Gaia what will happen with the soul of the fluff?
its still in are special slots in invo. so?
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Thanks for the contest! May we please have them more often? 4laugh I really liked it. When's the next one?
Uesugi Ankit
Just wanted to remind you of the PM you asked me to send to you last week, in case you forgot about it/didn't get the chance to take a look at it. ninja

Give me a Pegacorn Fluff! crying

And Happy Easter! smile

Happy Easter! I'll work on it as soon as I take a break from the current project. Thanks for the PM!
Hello lovely Gaia Staff and Admins,

I wanted to ask about the implementation of the new guild systems. What can you tell us about its current progress?
Is there any assistance that the community can provide your team with at this time or any time in the near future?
King Awesomolocity

Also, has anyone noticed my april fools shenanigans? emotion_awesome
~King Awesome

you put that annoying man dancing around with the mic? stare
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i actually want that easter egg painted fluff as an item. or a friend. cute fluff friends!!!!! whee
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Hello there admins biggrin

Ummmm so about those pegacorns sweatdrop I would like one so gift me please and thank you.

And I hope the advanced chance for April is amazing. Final line was kind of disappointing 3nodding

Any hints would be great.
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Hello! I wanted to ask, will there every be a gaia dating sim RIG again? Those Love Charms were so much fun. emotion_awesome
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Aye dude
Can you add me biggrin

And Why is the Gaiahq.com thing aloud it is very annoying smile

Actually, it is NOT allowed - it is a gold selling site (which is against our ToS!) and the accounts spamming that URL need to be reported so we can take care of them!
but they just make more can you just set up a ban for 24 hours if they post the sites name? like auto ban? because i have seen these on other sites.
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Prince Wesker
@ Zero Omega

We spoke last time there was an Ask the Admin Time, you said for me to shoot you a pm about my issue. How come you have not read or responded to this important pm?


Because I've been busy, just give me some time to get to it.
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Why am I unable to delete the OutBox PM's that my old friend no longer use Gaia as she turned PM disabled.

It is annoying to see it sitting there unable to delete.User Image

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