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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

Considering I was at my friend's New Year's Eve party during that special AtA and I missed last week thanks to a tech rehearsal for a play I am involved in, I want to say: I hope everyone had a very lovely holiday season!

I cannot wait to see what is in store for the 10th Anniversary! heart

Rocky Horror items, yes? emotion_kirakira

Hide your face so the world will never find you.

I see that tiny font! You can't fool me, you Magenta-loving Gaian you!

Hope you had a great holiday season too, and that you have an awesome 2013! biggrin
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hello thar


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Hi Gaia staff!

No real question from me, but I am excited about Gaia's 10 year anniversary coming up. We need to have a huge party!
Ooo pretty avi ^_^

No questions here right now
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Sweet Angel Mary
Can we get a chinese themed gold shop update?

Will tomorrow's MCs be epic?

It's my birthday tomorrow, do I get anything good from the devs?

Every MC is epic, so will the next one. blaugh

Happy birthday!

you actually quoted me today eek
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Zero Omega
Complicated Personalities
Alright so a solution was posted on my ticket for my banned account and I replied with a comment on it stating something I didn't post in the report that I just found out about a month ago (the report was made sometime early in october last year). Will the mod who's dealing with the report be notified about that comment or do I have to message them directly? How do I go about this procedure?

When you reply to a ticket we get it sent back to our systems and it goes back into the queue of the person that last worked on it. No need to notify them or anything.

Awesome. That'll save me the trouble of doing it myself since I have no idea who the person that posted the solution was. LOL. Thank you for your answer. c:
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sure its caps but it shows how much I am loving these changes

also first time in ATA woohoo

one thing i wanted to bring up is the extra 'vampire' title in the achievements

the right box now has two vampire options, I'd suggest renaming the Battle Hard one to Dhampire which of course means a half breed
it would be great for Zhivago cosplays etc
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I don't normally like to prod and poke on this issue...though I was just a bit curious...any rumblings deep at Gaia HQ about those mod apps? Just hoping mine hasn't been forgotten.
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So how is that facial hair err I mean praying mantis item coming? Pesky Persona 4 Golden distracting me from Gaia... and mantises.

I do believe you had it right the first time. wink
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James Tall
Why are you guys changing everything to suck? Towns 2, Rally, VH. All of the new stuff sucks, and I am pretty sure if you took a poll mostly everyone would agree with this. Not trying to be rude, but this is how I feel. :/
from what I understood some of the old things were so buggy that they became a risk...

The new stuff is 100x buggier and looks crappy. :T
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I'm really excited for the site's 10th anniversary and to see the awesome contests and giveaways you guys come up with! 4laugh
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Question: How do/did you chose you ad provider?
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Do you mean problems with cataclysms? Can you point me to a bug report and I'll take a look? We had some issues but they should mostly be gone at this point.

Mirastella Crowley
As always: Please let there be mismatched shoes. sweatdrop
...And: Will there be a fix on the Herald of Chaos deteriorating moving-jigsaw puzzles? It seems like the overlapping business is too complicated to handle at times. Other problems like the disappearing victory portals may also be part of this as well...
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Erogenous Jones
And now to business wink

I was wondering how some of the bug-fixes for HoC are coming along...
Specifically the Specials Glitch which see's players not receive Essence for kills made by Specials, Damage Auras and a few other means.

Not sure if you've been responded to or not... but this was fixed with today's update a few hours ago.

Guys, seriously... if there is a thread or a post around here that you don't like... leave it be. Spreading hate and trolling people has no place in this community. Certain people may have been in the wrong, but when you troll or hate on them you get in the wrong too. Don't prolong it or add to it; let it go. If it is blatant trolling, a misplaced thread or anything that violates the ToS, report it and move along. Don't feed the trolls and don't add to the hatred. This is a nice, clean and happy community. Please, don't dirty it.

I am Gavyn the Mighty and I approve of this message.

Yeah...I just found Pan's note.... redface
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good after noon! I have a question concerning the ignore list.

in case if the person that you ignored for example, meet in places such as towns for example and you already added that person to the ignore list, will it be possible for that person whom you put on ignored can't chat with you? just wondering because in my opinion in possibly some cases the jerk will probably keep bullying and that isn't a good thing when you are in the same area in towns for example.

thanks and have a good day.
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I have a question about Autocash, why is it when I get my Autocash it takes 1 GC away?

Thanks for the post! I'm not sure why this is happening for you. If you could pm me with more details, I'll look into it! biggrin

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