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IRL Gekko

- Potions: Can you provide us with an option to try on potions? Thread about this can be found here.
It is definitely something we can look into.
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Salty Phantom

can we get more dinosaur items like the vials? emotion_kirakira
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Hello everyone!

Welcome to this week's ATA! We're getting closer to our 10th anniversary and I'm excited for the upcoming event! Anyone excited about the anniversary also?

I am indeed! smile
I wasn't here 10 years ago, or even five for that matter, but after a few years on Gaia, it's become a part of my daily routine and many of the people here have become like old familiar friends.

I'm really looking forward to an Event that should be something memorable indeed! smile
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So, how about that facial hair? emotion_awesome
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Hey Admins, i wanted to know if you'd be working on the app any time soon. It really needs some major improvements and thought i'd address it with you guys smile
Hi AtA!

Just pretty much dropping in to say hello! biggrin I often forget about this. ^^;;
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Just here to say thanks for the updates to HoC both last week and today. They are quite nice. Keep up the awesome work.

I don't have any specific HoC questions this week; but, I will be lurking to see the answers to other questions.

Guys, seriously... if there is a thread or a post around here that you don't like... leave it be. Spreading hate and trolling people has no place in this community. Certain people may have been in the wrong, but when you troll or hate on them you get in the wrong too. Don't prolong it or add to it; let it go. If it is blatant trolling, a misplaced thread or anything that violates the ToS, report it and move along. Don't feed the trolls and don't add to the hatred. This is a nice, clean and happy community. Please, don't dirty it.

I am Gavyn the Mighty and I approve of this message.
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Mashed Potato Jones

I'm here to lurk...and lurk I shall! I might have a question in a bit...depends on how I feel about asking it.

Maybe you could ask a question about lurking! ninja

Perhaps I could...though lurking comes naturally to me. How have you been Sisky? Had a good week since last AtA?
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Why have you guys made it so the [ Quote ] button becomes unavailable when a topic is closed? emo

I was so happy back when you made it so the Quote button would stay even though you couldn't actually post...it made it so much easier for me to maintain AskED...and now it's gone again... crying
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O.G. Gaian

i have had a ticket open for nearly three weeks for a re activation of an acct, can someone tell me why it is taking so long to release my acct?
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- Enchanted Trunks/Magical Giftboxes: When we claim these, can there be an option added that allows us to click a link that takes us back to what we were doing instead of to our inventory?

When the popup opens, and you click the "Recieve item" button, you can rightclick -> open in new tab.
Just a work around. Not a fix. Would like to see a fix.
~King Awesome
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1. Are there going to be any exchangeable value for the driftwood.. @ the Fishing Exchange

2. Can we have the "lite" fishes that are in the Fishing Exchange have some gold drop value ( please) .. maybe something like 75% of real value .

thank you for the Thread/and/convenience of communication with the staff.

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So, how about that facial hair? emotion_awesome

Oh facial hair! I hear some people really want more facial hair equips! eek
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Just popping by to say hey! yum_puddi

Also, thank you for the new ignore list and forum voting system changes.
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i have had a ticket open for nearly three weeks for a re activation of an acct, can someone tell me why it is taking so long to release my acct?

PM me with your ticket ID, I'll take a look at it.

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