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A very quick question, will we be seeing any updates in the future on the Gaia app? (I-Phone or Android) like improved dressing rooms, games etc?

Also has Gaia considered making an app for X-Box live?

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Hey guys.

So, with the update to Firefox 18, Daily Chance is now broken on both Firefox and Chrome (24). What happens is the DC reward now pops up as it used to instead of redirecting to a new page, and with this popup displays a message reading "error parsing daily chance AJAX errored".

I did post a thread in BR&TS and was summarily dismissed by a developer for this issue being the result of using Adblock Plus. I've tested on several of my accounts with Gaia both Whitelisted and ABP disabled entirely and I'm still encountering the problem. Other members have reported having this problem as well and the issue is long-standing on Chrome.

The only way I've found to get around the error is to click the cart before the page has loaded, thus forcing the reward cart to open a new page and grant correctly. I would appreciate if this issue were looked at as it is a pervasive error and members have reported it as such.
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Yeah, it should be better.

Awesome thanks for that.

Now something more personal if I may

Does Nax still work at gaia, and how did she do on that last CA open, I didnt see her in the results (big table tennis fan/player)
I'm looking forward to the anniversary. Didn't know thee was going to be an event. surprised Also, Waffles companion item, Waffles for everybody! pirate

1) Alchemy. I heard before it wouldn't be getting the planned major overhauls before the end of last year. Got any rough time table on it now? Is it being worked on already?

2) What is the resize ratio of the Crosstitch template avatars to our actual avatars at normal size? For example, in the dressing room I know the avatar is shown at 200%/2x times our normal avatar size. I'd like to know what it is for them templates so I can check what images would look like at normal size to tell if any details are too tiny.

3) More puzzle pics plox? ;D
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Mashed Potato Jones

I don't normally like to prod and poke on this issue...though I was just a bit curious...any rumblings deep at Gaia HQ about those mod apps? Just hoping mine hasn't been forgotten.

We're hoping to start up another round shortly, so if your app is within the number we select then we'll get back to you.
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Erogenous Jones
And now to business wink

I was wondering how some of the bug-fixes for HoC are coming along...
Specifically the Specials Glitch which see's players not receive Essence for kills made by Specials, Damage Auras and a few other means.

Did you read his update for today? heart

Unfortunately, after I posted my questions... sweatdrop

Heads back to find and edit OP wink
A Random Act of Terror

I'm not seeing a problem...

What's wrong with auto-password fillers?

those are against the rules.


unless Gaia wants to provide a formal list of what is and what isn't allowed for using Gaia and using the Vend.
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And, I couldn't edit my previous post to include something I forgot to say, is there a reason that I'm not allowed to edit my post in ATA?

Anyways... I was going to say:

Also, any update to inventory arranger? Being looked at? Something?
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I would like a Wererat potion in skintyte, in black, brownish and gray colours. like the looks of Warhammer Skaven. beasty as it gets. would make it easier and fun to have that, not buy a half dozen items to just get the basic body looks done right. how about a 300 to 500 gold potion, one gulp, SQUEAK, skaven like wererat (or generally wererat that just look like them skaven if you dont got the licenses for warhammer stuff). perhaps even a "sewer invasion" scenario from a newly "discovered" under level under teh sewers of barton. in zomg. eyes should be red. and make them feral, not cute.
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Why have you guys made it so the [ Quote ] button becomes unavailable when a topic is closed? emo

I was so happy back when you made it so the Quote button would stay even though you couldn't actually post...it made it so much easier for me to maintain AskED...and now it's gone again... crying
this this so much this.
I'd really like it is the quote reply buttons were still there, but whited out. You can click them, and it shows you a quoted new reply post, but you can't submit the post, just like before.
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Any word on a Philosophy forum?
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little bunnies
I'm really excited for the site's 10th anniversary and to see the awesome contests and giveaways you guys come up with! 4laugh

Oh you KNOW I have some contests planned. Big contests. Big prizes. And.... some secret stuff I found in a hidden box! That is all I can say for now. ninja
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MLP Sponsorship? PLEASE?!!!
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Oh I do have a question, will there ever be more holiday events on zomg??

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